Inside the Official Launch of The Endeavour Pavilion at ANMM

Date Posted: 26/02/2018 11:24:05 AM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

Recently we celebrated the official launch of the Endeavour Pavilion venue space at the Australian National Maritime Museum. 

The guest list was made up of our lovely corporate clients and event agency staff. The weather was perfect for the day and our smiling waitstaff served refreshing cocktails and summery canapes.

The Endeavour Pavilion is the perfect harbour-side venue  with stunning views, beautiful decor and the best atmosphere for cocktail parties, launch events, weddings and corporate lunches. With capacity for 200 for Dinners and 300 for Cocktails, there's plenty of space for everyone.

But don't just take our word for it...

Check out some of our best images from the official launch for some inspiration for your next event at the Endeavour Pavilion.






















See more images of The Endeavour Pavilion here.

Interested in hosting your next event at the Endeavour Pavilion? Get more information or book now by clicking below.


New Laissez-Faire Summer Menus to Make Your Mouth Water!

Date Posted: 23/10/2017 12:06:15 PM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

We have recently updated our Plated​ and Canape​ menus and can't wait to share them with you.

To download these mouth-watering menus, just click on the images and fill in your details on the next page.

Get some inspiration for your next corporate or private Spring or Summer event with these delicious options!

Read below to see our favourite dishes from these fantastic menus.

Plated and Drinks MenuCanape and Drinks Summer Menu 
















Enjoy a delicious selection of meats , vegetarian and vegan options with the Plated menu.

Choose from 7 delectable entrees and mains and 6 perfect desserts in this package. Tea, coffee and chocolates are served after your meal.

The Plated menu also gives you the option to add some impressive sides to your meal. You can order sides for the entire table or individually. 

Don't forget the drinks! The Plated menu includes a fine selection of wines, beers and soft drinks  as well as seasonally inspired cocktails.

Here's a few of our favourite dishes from this menu to get your tastebuds tingling:

  • Yuzu and soy marinated black cod with chilli, apple and green papaya salad with ponzu cream
  • Mille feuille of roasted tomato, asparagus and baba ganoush, onion jus
  • Braised duck maryland, soba noodles, sauteed bok choy and ginger
  • Roasted lemon thyme snapper fillet, smashed, creamed green peas, green apple salad and dill bouillon
  • Sun blushed tomato and goats cheese totolo with roasted puree, frisee salad and basil oil
  • Char grilled fig and espresso pannacotta, almond tuile
  • Handmade short crust pastry filled with passion fruit curd and finished off with a burnt Italian meringue
  • Tonka vanilla bean brulee with a raspberry ripple and burnt caramel crumbs

This menu is perfect for a wedding, launch party, corporate end of year party or anything else you can imagine! The Plated menu is a great way to feed a small or large amount of people efficiently and impress every one of them.

There's something for everyone on this menu, meaning your next dinner event is sorted. Just choose your favourites from the menu and let us take care of the rest.

Download the Plated menu here.


Delectable or Substantial: you choose! 

 Delectable canapes are smaller, bite-sized morsels of goodness for your guests to enjoy while they walk around and mingle in the event space.    Substantial canapes are served in rice bowls and are a great way to ensure your cocktail party guests don't go home hungry.

We love experimenting with new flavour combinations  and that's why we have SO MANY canapes to offer. They are delicious and perfect for a cocktail function.

The Canape menu can also be paired with our wine and beverage packages, as well as cocktail of course!

Here's a few of our most popular canapes from the menu:

  • Kingfish, compressed watermelon and pickled ginger (GF)
  • Chicken ballotine with truffle mushrooms and parmesan crisp
  • Roasted grapes with thyme, fresh ricotta and grilled ciabatta (V)
  • Moroccan spiced lamb and fetta sausage rolls with tzatziki dip
  • Crisp glazed prok belly bao with hot sauce, shredded cucumber, coriander and crackle
  • Mushroom, truffle and parmesan arancini ball (V)
  • Confit duck, watermelon and radish salad, balsamic dressing (LF, GF)
  • Seared prawns, lemon and parsley skordillia, saffron sauce (GF)
  • Large herb and parmesan crumbed lamb cutlet, tomato chutney
  • PLUS loads of desserts and treats!

Select your favourite for you next cocktail party and your guests will never forget the great food and fantastic service.

Download the Canape menu here.

Food Stations to Die For - Spring and Summer Catering Inspiration!

Date Posted: 18/10/2017 3:09:46 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Today we want to share with you two of our favourite and most delicious food station set ups for any event. We recently shared these on our Facebook page - check it out for more great food photos whether you're feeling hungry or need some inspiration for your next event. 

First up:   Cognac and Chocolate

If this isn't a match made in heaven, we don't know what is! These two flavours compliment each other in ways we can't describe and  it's a great way to treat your guests to something they might not get to taste very often. Handmade gourmet chocolate treats will have guests rushing to this food station every few minutes! Make sure to keep this one topped up at the cocktail or garden party ;)

cognac and chocolate 2  

cognac and chocolate 3 

cognac and chocolate 

Equally as delicious:   Cheese. Meat. Fruit.

Whoever doesn't love this combo is kidding themselves. Having a fresh range of fruit produce accompanied by some beautifully aged cheese and bite sized cured meat portions is a great addition to any event. Perfect for cocktail parties or Spring celebrations - this platter not only tastes great, all the colours and flavours make it a great conversation starter and photo op!

 cheese fruit meat 3 

cheese fruit meat 4 

cheese fruit meat 2 


You can find more food station inspiration on our     Facebook page!

Melbourne Cup Catering RECIPE: The Canape that Stops a Nation!

Date Posted: 6/10/2017 12:34:42 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Melbourne Cup Catering: Giddy Up!

melbourne cup canapes2The Melbourne Cup is just about the only day of the year where it is universally acceptable across Australia to host a party during the working day. It truly is the race that stops the nation. But, more importantly, it is the race that gives everyone the opportunity to host or attend a party!

For some people, it is all about getting tickets to the best party in town. For others, it is about taking the opportunity to host an exclusive event for their top clients and staff. For the rest of us, it can often simply be about throwing a few bets down and heading to the boardroom to drink champagne and nibble on some cheese and crackers.

Whatever you prefer, we’re here to help you celebrate Melbourne Cup in style! Whether you are planning an exclusive event or organising an office party with pizazz, check out our hottest canape of the season.

The Canape That Stops a Nation...

These Spicy Lobster Bao Will Blow Your Mind!


  • 6 fresh or frozen Chinese buns (a.k.a. gua bao, folded buns, or steamed sandwiches)
  • 1 stick 250 grams unsalted butter, cut into several pieces
  • ¼ cup Sriracha
  • ½ teaspoon red chilli flakes
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt, plus more for seasoning
  • 400 grams cooked lobster meat (from two lobsters), chopped into bite-size chunks (2 cups)
  • 1 generous tablespoon fresh lemon juice 


1. Right before you serve, arrange the buns on a plate, cover them with damp paper towels, and microwave, flipping once, about 1 minute.

2. Melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium-low heat and stir in the Sriracha, chilli flakes, and ½ teaspoon salt.

3. Reduce the heat to low, add the lobster, and stir occasionally just until the lobster is hot all the way through, 1 to 2 minutes.

4. Take the pot off the heat and stir in the lemon juice, scallions, and cilantro. Season to taste with more salt and lemon juice. Cover to keep it warm.

5. Remove the buns from the parchment and put them on a plate. Use a slotted spoon to transfer the lobster meat to the bao buns, spoon on as much of the sauce as you'd like, and eat.

New Catering Ideas: Presentation, Garnishes, Food Stations

Date Posted: 6/10/2017 12:29:00 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Catering Ideas

Thanks to a social-media-hungry public and the rise of foodie culture, today's caterers need to be constantly feeding the imagination of event guests with new, original, and—above all—delicious cuisine.

From the latest trends in wedding and corporate catering to functional tips for food displays and specialty menus, food has become a sophisticated medium and an integral element to an event’s theme, brand message, or identity.

catering canapes

Here are the most up-to-date trends in catering, ideas for unique food presentations, and tips and strategies from food festivals and tastings. Find catering ideas for breakfast and brunch, lunch, dinner, canapes, cocktails, and more.

Pastries and coffee and deli sandwiches, chips, and a cookie aren't the most exciting breakfast and lunch options for meeting breaks. Depending on the location, hotels and restaurants are putting a spin on the typical meeting break fare with food and drink offerings that are locally inspired or locally sourced.

From Chicago-themed candy and snack displays and staples of Puerto Rico to inventive hot beverages inspired by Park City slopes, here's a look at how certain venues are elevating meeting break menus.

Ideas and Trends Shaping Today's Catering Industry

Here are some great catering ideas and trends that stood out at the fifth annual Art of Catering Food Conference—presented by Catersource and the International Caterers Association.


1. Catering to special diets is the new norm. Having a single vegetarian alternative to your meat-focused main dish no longer meets the needs of attendees. Vegan, gluten-free, organically grown, and nut-free are more common diets than ever. Planners and caterers need to be aware of all allergies and diets when crafting the menu.

 2. The right garnish can take your dishes to the next level. It’s not just what you put on the canapes, but also how you display it, and where you source your garnish ideas from. When serving fish for example, remove and bake the skin, add some salt, and serve it as a skin chip to complement the main dish. With beef, why not utilise the red wine and leftover mushrooms to create a red hibiscus wine sauce with dehydrated mushroom chips. Other popular garnish ideas include edible flowers—the latest craze—as well as charred lemons and limes and carrot ribbon chips.

3. Reinvent ways to present canapes and small plates. We at LFC recommend getting creative with canapes and small plates. Take bruschetta, for instance, and create tomato shells filled with parmesan mousse and garnish with balsamic glaze and basil crystals. It's the same combination of flavours as the traditional presentation, but with a new spin.

4. Stations are becoming more interactive. “When we do these [Iberico ham] stations, guests come up to us, and we have stories to tell them about how the hams are fed and the ingredients in the dishes. It makes people happy when you interact with them.”

Beyond the chef interaction, LFC chef Florent gets guests involved with a station offering three options—pimento cheese, smoked cheddar and jalapeño, and creamy corn—for the classic Southern side dish to accompany a carving station of chicken, pork, or beef.

Tips For Hosting A Successful Gala Dinner

Date Posted: 26/09/2017 12:01:26 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Tips For Hosting A Successful Gala Dinner

If your organisation is trying to gain support for a cause, a gala dinner may be one of the best ways to reach your goal. There is a lot that must go into hosting a successful gala, including time, organisation, and planning. If you have never hosted a gala before, you are probably wondering how to get started. Fortunately, by following a few simple tips, you can be well on your way to hosting the ultimate gala that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.


What is your event's purpose?

When you first get started organising your gala, you need to thoroughly define the event's purpose. This purpose should include everything from what you hope to achieve to how you will meet your goals. If you don't have a defined purpose for your event, then the way you plan the event will be extremely difficult. After all, it is your event's purpose that everything should be centered around.

Create a budget

The next step to planning a gala is to create a budget. Your budget, in fact, will affect almost every aspect of your event. It will determine how much you can spend on catering, seating, entertainment, and more. There is much involved in hosting a gala, and you need to make sure you allow money for all aspects. The most common expenses will include those related to:

  • Venue costs
  • Audiovisual equipment and support
  • Entertainment
  • Advertising
  • Food and beverage
  • Seating furniture
  • Props/Decor
  • Prizes to be auctioned

You may find that a lot of the items mentioned above can be donated but you need to make sure you have enough money to cover them in the event that donations do not come through.


Are you going to fundraise?

Many galas are used for fundraising. If your gala is going to be used for this purpose, you will want to find other fundraising tactics to incorporate into the gala itself. For example, sure your gala may help fundraise on a per plate basis, but you can also sell raffle tickets, have a live or silent auction, sell sponsorships, and more. No matter the type of fundraising that you want to incorporate, make sure they are relevant to your gala's theme. For example, if you want to sell raffle tickets for a gala themed around animal safety, then the raffles should be for items such as pet supplies.

Choose a theme and venue

Ideally, you will want to choose your theme when you define the purpose for your gala. Now, you will want to pick a venue. The most important aspect to look for in any venue is that it allows your guests to socialise and network. An inviting atmosphere is, of course, important, but an impressive one is even more pertinent because it gets everyone in a good mood and promotes an environment of friendliness and joy. The theme and venue that you opt for will set the entire tone for the event, so make sure you choose wisely. Laissez-faire has several venue options to choose from, with the three of the most popular being the Australian National Maritime Museum, Harbour 220, and The Venue Alexandria.

The Australian National Maritime Museum provides breathtaking views of the Darling Harbour and gives you and your guests inspiring glimpses of the city skyline. The Venue Alexandria is another unique venue that features a large warehouse space and provides lots of 5-star amenities. If you're wanting to host an exclusive and intimate gala, Harbour 220 is your best venue option.


Make sure you have the right AV support

When it comes to audiovisual, you need not only the right equipment but the right support as well. The ultimate goal should be to provide your gala guests with a magical experience, and with the right AV support, you can accomplish this goal. Your AV support is also of the utmost importance because they will be involved in setting up various gala activities and entertainment, including dance floors and more.


Choose between food and beverage options

Lastly, your gala will never be complete unless you choose the right food and beverage option. Fortunately, you will have several menu options to choose from. From a tailored platter to a plated menu, the theme and purpose of your gala will help determine which menu is best for your event.

Contact Laissez-faire today to learn more about venue and menu options.

Darling Harbour: Home of Sydney's best Venues

Date Posted: 15/06/2017 4:59:15 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

How To Choose Between These Three Great Venues In Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is THE place for your next corporate or private event. Whether you’re looking for charm, style or a trendy spot, we have a range of venues that would suit many types of events.

The only hard part is choosing between these three great venues.

Chinese Gardens

Update:  this venue is no longer available. 

Have you ever imagined your own secret garden? A place to escape; to breathe deeply and feel the sun on your face. Darling Harbour’s Chinese Garden of Friendship is that place. Much more than just a city garden, the walled Chinese Garden respectfully recreates the philosophy and harmony of a traditional Chinese garden with waterfalls, lakes, exotic plants, pavilions and hidden pathways.

Individual pavilions make a stunning space for a wedding or utilise the whole ground for a one of a kind cocktail party.

This is the venue for you if:

  • You are looking for a unique and enchanting experience for your guests.
  • You want a central venue that doesn’t feel like it’s right in the city.

chinese gardens 4

Australian National Maritime Museum

With views of Darling Harbour and the glittering city skyline, an event at the Australian National Maritime Museum will intrigue and delight. Located at the edge of one of the world’s most beautiful harbours, the museum stands out as a spectacular architectural icon with a distinctive maritime flavour. On shore, or on the water aboard one of the museum's vessels, your conference, meeting, product launch, team building event, dinner, cocktails or Christmas party will be an event to remember in a stunning waterfront location.

This is the venue for you if:

  • You are looking for a venue with stunning views.
  • You want a professional setting with an exclusive feeling for your event.

see more images of the ANMM here

Yots Cafe

Overlooking the picturesque Sydney Harbour and city skyline, Yots is an enchanting venue offering open-air dining. Yots is fun, slick, affordable and easy to swing by to have lunch, or a snack. The relaxing atmosphere and the impeccable service keeps our customers coming back. The bar license allows Yots to provide a unique experience at the Australian National Maritime Museum. An Asian influence menu brings a contemporary dining experience whilst incorporating sustainability into everyday operations. Yots is an excellent location for almost any occasion.

At Yots right now: Escape from Pompeii: The Untold Roman Rescue until 30th August 2017. See the menu here.

This is the venue for you if:

  • You want a relaxed, cafe atmosphere for your event.
  • You want a central venue where you can meet up and move around the city easily. 

Yots Cocktail 6

Have you seen our instagram? We post beautiful catering/food/venue related pics for your enjoyment :)



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EOFY Catering Offers

Date Posted: 12/06/2017 5:11:00 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

End of Financial Year Deal


Yes, it’s that time of the year again and its brrrr cold, chilly and the skies are looking as grey as they ever have…

For those of us not jetting away to the sunnier continents for some well-deserved fun in the sun, we have put together some great ideas so you can bring the fun to you and not have to venture out in this winter madness.

For an all-inclusive package of just $89.00 we will bring you a warming, delicious cocktail party with no fuss, no umbrellas and no cleaning afterwards.


Tailored canapé menu (6 bites + 1 substantial canape per guest)

Blanc beverage package 3 hours

Professional wait staff and function supervisor

A dedicated Event Planner to coordinate and assist with the finer details of your event

Package is based on a minimum number of 60 guest

Valid – 1st June 2017 through to the 31st of July 2017.


Contact us today to get more information on this deal or book your event today!

Family Day at Centennial Parklands

Date Posted: 1/04/2017 2:11:00 PM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

Corporate Family Carnival at Centennial Parklands

We recently had the exciting and monumental challenge of hosting a corporate family day at Centennial Parklands, the logistical planning of organising an event for over 4000 guests proved that we stand behind our quality and consistency of our product, our clients gave us glowing reviews and the abundance, quality and sheer variety of food ensured that EVERY single guest left our event absolutely satiated.


Imagine if you can, a carnival style atmosphere with themed stations providing international flavours and delicious morsels to taste. We cleverly positioned a variety of ten different food stations covering a multitude of cuisines.


Our street style Barcelona paella bars were a smash, with both a traditional Catalan Paella that had the crowd’s tummies rumbling as we started the sofrito to ensure an authentic and delicious dish, alongside a more Valencia “beach” style vegetable paella. We spent days preparing the fresh artichokes and the product was absolutely mouth-watering.

Complimenting the Spanish cuisine, we also had traditional Napoli style pizza bars, producing crisp based, piping hot pizzas with fresh mozzarella and a simple selection of truly classic favourites.


Clearly the new trend in food and making a huge hit at our events, we have harnessed the Ottolenghi bug and gone all Tripoli with our Lebanese bars, fresh pitta, piping hot, homemade falafels, lamb kofta, hummus, tabouli and yoghurt dips. We dressed the tables with beautiful glazed earthenware, luscious pomegranates and lemons on the branch, which we felt really tied the station together, it smelt great and looked chic!


And if we couldn’t make it any more Moorish… we finished the event with Spanish style donuts. Try conjuring up a selection of vanilla glazed, salted chocolate chip cookie, caramel popcorn, Malteser and the time honoured “Nutella" and then try saying NO... Couldn’t do it right???


Perfect Warm Weather Venue: The Island

Date Posted: 6/02/2017 12:26:22 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

The Island:  Floating Beach Bar on Sydney Harbour

Sydney does not lack stunning beaches, but the exclusivity that defines some of its finest beach party destinations means bookings are expensive and hard to come by in our beautiful city.

So, the team of Julian Tobias and Adam Abrams saw an opportunity and built a beach-themed venue that offers that exclusivity and 5-star service without the hassle. The result is The Island. It is a 350 square metre floating bar that can be positioned nearly anywhere on Sydney Harbour. The floating bar is pushed into place by a tugboat for weekend beach clubs and other events.


The Island brings a dose of European beach club culture designed to suit Sydney’s diverse locale. The floating party venue operates every weekend during the summer season. The patrons are shuttled to and from The Island by private water taxis out of Double Bay Wharf. The private taxis can accommodate up to 50 persons for the duration of the event.

Weekend events can also be arranged for corporate events, product launches, seminars and others. It’s also perfect for group parties looking to have fun away from the busy clubs on the mainland.

Islandwill williams willwho 370

The venue also has a fully retractable roof and side covers to ensure complete coverage during wet weather. It also has the ability to be a very unique open air space. The Island has fantastic cocktail waitresses, a fully staffed bar and kitchen and some of Sydney’s best DJs have performed on The Island.

The Island has been in operation and providing unique, 5-star fun for 5 years now and they are willing to take on any event. The superb Island team has seen just about every type of party anyone can imagine, be it weddings, proposals or bachelor parties.

Islandti_kai_atmosphere (2054)

Some specifications and features of the floating beach bar include:

  • 350 square metres of space
  • Fully licensed and serviced cocktail bar
  • Sea pool in the harbour
  • State of the art sound system & DJ equipment
  • Fully extendable roof for shelter from sun or rain
  • Side covers to protect from wind & cooler temperatures
  • The Island’s private water taxis at your service
  • Ability to position anywhere on Sydney Harbour

Check out some more information about this venue here

Click below to access The Island catering menu:


Gather your friends, grab your favourite cocktail and watch the sun set over Sydney Harbour.

Easy Corporate Lunches

Date Posted: 27/01/2017 12:54:14 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

On-the-go Lunch Boxes for Working Lunches and Active Lifestyles

Lunch boxes aren’t just for school kids, workers need them too! If you’ve been to any long conference days, packing a lunch and some snacks can help the day go a little bit faster. What’s even better is if the conference hosts have lunches prepared for attendees.


No one wants to attend a long, drawn out conference or training day. If you’re trying to organise one, you need to create an environment where attendees feel like they’re not wasting their time and getting useful information and participating in meaningful discussion. Don’t let your attendees go hungry and don’t let a boring lunch ruin everyone’s focus. Aim for delicious food that will match the creativity and quality of your conference.

Pre-prepared lunch boxes can be handed out to conference and training day attendees. It’s an organised and delicious way to give everyone a little break. They won’t have to worry about leaving the office to find food or make their own, and you won’t have to worry about people getting restless.



Mini burgers and icy cold beer #laissezfairecatering #events #party #catering #burger #laissez_faire_catering

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Lunch boxes usually contain a healthy sandwich or roll, a piece of fruit, nuts and other snacks that are great for filling you up. Coffee and other drinks could also be served during lunch, or you could set up a self-serve station where attendees can make their own coffee and have a chat before getting back to business.

Here are a few ideas to take lunch boxes to the next level:

Go Chinese

The Australian palate is changing and Chinese food is becoming a very popular on-the-go lunch option. It’s easy and simple to prepare and is suited for mass consumption. You can have savoury rice, beef, vegetables, pork, chicken and noodles dishes. These will be guaranteed to be delicious and fill you up!

Mediterranean Lunch



Sweet apart to spring at Inglis stables tonight #venues #event #wedding #inglisstables #laissezfaire

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Mediterranean dishes are good for a single-portion, low maintenance and popular lunch. You can include grilled meats, tabbouleh, hummus, falafel, a Greek salad with eggplant and tzatziki, wraps and roasted nuts.

Skip the Chips

Some consider a bag of potato chips and other junk food a side dish. Skip the bag of chips if you want to keep your lunches healthy. Instead, include a good serving of pasta salad, fresh fruit, roasted potatoes and wedges or tasty cheese and crackers.

Spice up the Sandwiches



Lunch #sandwiches #events #laissez_faire_catering #catering #food

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Even plain roast beef sandwiches can be made into a hearty lunch with some caramelised onion jam, different lettuces and whole granary bread. You can also opt for a peri-peri chicken sandwich, a slow roasted pulled pork sandwich or a honey glazed champagne ham sandwich with cheddar cheese, tomato and lettuce. It’s simple but classy.

It’s all about “on the go” and “easy to eat” these days, so why not try this at your next conference, meeting or training day.

If you want to check out our delicious on-the-go lunches, click the on the banner below.


Summer BBQ Planning

Date Posted: 28/11/2016 1:42:57 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

How To Cater A Great Summer BBQ Party

A summer barbecue is one of life’s simple pleasures. In addition to showcasing fresh and seasonal food, it allows everybody to enjoy the great outdoors while mingling with good friends and family. What could be better than having a great summer BBQ party?

Planning your BBQ party doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you have everything planned out. Follow our tips and you won’t have to rush for supplies at the last minute just to replenish your spread. For a BBQ, you need to prepare recipes that are delicious but simple to execute and cook as well as drinks that can be made in big, easy batches. After all, a BBQ party should be about enjoying delicious grilled food, enjoying great company and getting plenty of sunshine.

Below are our top tips to cater for a great summer BBQ party.

Prepare your grill

Preparing and cleaning your grill is the first thing that you’ll need to do. Do this a few days before the event. To clean the grill, let it heat up for 10 minutes (gas) or 20 minutes (charcoal). Once the grill is heated, use a brass wire brush to scrape any charred gunk off the grate. Give it a good scrape and make sure that no gunk is left. Coat the grill with canola or peanut oil and let it set. Now, your grill is ready.

Set the stage

Since it’s a summer BBQ, everything should be casual and relaxed. Let your guests know that they can wear t-shirts and shorts; there’s no need to impress anyone with an expensive ensemble. Set your table outside with colourful place mats, table cloths and informal dinnerware. The plates should be big enough to fit sandwiches, grilled meats, salads and other extras.

Laissez Faire BBQ set up

Do not blow your budget on expensive meats

You don’t need to break the bank and serve fancy meats, steaks, chicken or fish. Instead of serving porterhouse, go for inexpensive skirt or flank steaks or flavourful chicken legs and thighs. For fish, go for darker, grill-friendly fish like bluefish or mackerel.

Let your guests know what’s on the menu

Use a blackboard to showcase what will be served during the party. This way, your guests will know what food to expect. But if you want to surprise them, ditch the blackboard and let your guest be surprised at the good spread you’re providing.

Drinks, drinks, drinks!

Fill your cooler with ice and stock it with plenty of drinks so that they are nice and cold by the time your guests arrive. Remember to frequently replenish the ice supply all throughout the event. Beer, soda, juices, summer cocktails and fruity wines should be available for your guest to enjoy. Summer favourites are lemonade, sangria, beer and iced tea. Freshly cut fruits and vegetable are good appetisers. Keep them in the fridge until your guests arrive.


Cocktails already! ...The long weekend is already underway. Serving- Strawberry Caipiroska's #cocktails #summer #strawberries #love #amazing #awesome

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Make extra but not too much

When you plan out your portions, make sure to grill enough for leftovers. To reheat meat properly, sprinkle with water or BBQ sauce, wrap it in foil and cook over indirect heat for about 5 minutes. If you have some leftover roast pork, toss it into the slow cooker and add some BBQ sauce. BBQs are the perfect opportunity to cook some great meat that will last well after the party.


BBQ anyone #events #bbq #privateevent #laissez_faire_catering

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Set the party mood with the right music

Prepare your summer playlist before the event. Having the right music will keep your party guests in a great mood all afternoon and evening. As long as the music makes everyone smile, it should do the job.

Keep it simple

There’s no need to overdo the decorations when hosting a BBQ. Just set up a few lights or candles and some blankets to supplement seating.

Check out our BBQ menu for some ideas to get you started. Click on the banner below to get access:


Wedding Case Study: Thursday Country Garden

Date Posted: 27/01/2015 4:30:42 PM
Posted By: Craig B

The Brief:

Provide a unique garden wedding guests wouldn’t soon forget.

The Couple:

Denneya and Chris. An interior designer and architect. This couple exudes style and know exactly what they want. Guests had travelled from interstate and New Zealand to be part of this spectacular Thursday wedding.

The Venue:

Denneya’s parent’s country home.

The ceremony was held in the garden adjoining the pool house, under a canopy of ancient trees.

Note: click on any of the image to view  full size versions.



The reception was held in a clear marquee dripping in greenery and gold centrepieces.


The tables were adorned in antique gold candle sticks and holders along with delicate vases with pops of colour.


Even the bar – an old horse shed, was themed with florals cascading from the roof.

The Stylist:

She Designs Events – Sheree

A mix of vintage and bohemian. The clear marquee and surrounding gardens were styled to the nines.


Touches of white, gold and pink were dotted throughout the space.

A chandelier hanging over the purpose built dance floor made for a romantic setting as the sun went down.

The Menu:

When guests arrived to the ceremony, they were welcomed with homemade pink lemonade served in beautiful ornate urns.

After the ceremony, the couple chose delectable canapés for guests to enjoy in the garden. Once they moved into the dining marquee, guests were served with an alternate entrée and main. The couple knew their guests would be up and about after the meal, so dessert share platters were sent to the tables and to the dance floor.


  • Mini bruschetta of mozzarella, prosciutto and rocket pesto
  • Saffron, manchego and fontina arancini with herb aioli
  • Peking duck and shallot pancakes with plum sauce
  • Lamb shank, pearl barley and stout mini pie


  • Teriyaki wagyu beef barrelled on smeared edamame and dressed herbs
  • Flamed king prawns, asparagus, sliced kumato, baby sorrel and basil vinaigrette


  • Herb crusted grass fed beef fillet, potato puree, butter beans, roasted root vegetables with rich masala jus
  • Atlantic salmon, mint and caper crushed potatoes, charred buttered asparagus with lemon hollandaise


  • Lime meringue pies
  • Chocolate mousse tartlets with raspberry and crushed honeycomb
  • Pink chocolate Macaroon
  • Red velvet wedding cake


Wonderful Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception Special

Date Posted: 4/11/2014 12:50:37 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Wonderful Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception Special

A wedding is a special occasion that needs thorough planning. Absolutely everything needs to be well thought out from flowers, to venues, to food and reception. Yes, the reception! A spectacular wedding and reception will still be remembered by all of your guests ten, twenty or even fifty years later. So how do you make your wedding reception special? Well, we have some great tips for you.

#1 Vary your food station themes

If you have the space in your venue, you may want to vary your food stations to give your guests lots of different options. That is, if you are open to the unconventional themes we have featured below. (These food stations are also great for other events, not just weddings).

Anti-Pasto station

This anti-pasto food station is a fun addition to your unconventional wedding event.

Anti-pasto station

Cheese Station

A cheese station on the other hand is a sumptuous way to draw your guests to the buffet tables!


Mini slide Station

This burger station pictured below looks wonderful and your guests will love helping themselves to these awesome, bite-size treats.


Oyster station

If you're looking for an exotic taste, this oyster food station looks appealing. It sure is one way to treat your guests to a new experience.


Seafood station

This seafood station looks delicious! Make sure to keep this one stocked since it's sure to be a hit among your guests.

Seafood station

#2 Awe guests with well presented miniature food options

These tiny food samples will surely make your guests appreciate everything on your menu and will prove the adage, "size doesn't matter". As one of the hottest trends in catering today, miniaturized food portions are being requested left and right! Check out these sample miniature foods.

Ravioli and artichoke

This little taster also features salsa verde. Its presentation alone is one way to make your reception special.


Atlantic Salmon cube

This seared and blackened Atlantic salmon cube looks like perfection on a platter and on your reception menu.

Atlantic Salmon cube


This shortbread miniature food option is topped with buffalo mozarella and dried tomato. Your guests will definitely be complimenting the chef for this one!


Steak and Chips

Steak and Chips with Bearnaise Sauce- this canapé is super cute!


#3 Include fun activities and games

Fun activities and games are ways to break the ice amongst your guests and also a fun way to make your wedding memorable. We have a few sample activities you can try below.

Mini question booklet

Add some pens with this booklet at every table and ask questions your guests can answer. You can ask for wedding advice, possible names for future children and other suggestions for the new life you will be leading. You'll have fun reading these after the event.

wedding booklets

Over-sized board games

You can set these up indoors or outdoors. Prepare oversized boardgames and have your guests have a go at it. Take a look at giant Connect Four and Jenga!


Image credit: Lawson Photography


Image credit: Young Hearts Photography

#4 Make your guests feel extra special

Make guest and family photos part of the decor

Using your guests and family photos can make them feel special. You can use old ones and use them to spark conversation and relive some old happy memories. By doing this, you have integrated your friends into your own special day with a trip down the memory lane.


Image Credit: Rochelle Mort Photography

Make your day memorable for everyone

So instead of getting the generic souvenirs most weddings give out today, have a think about your guests tastes instead. For example, you may like to create an Instagram hashtag for your reception and ask your guests to tag photos of you. This makes a lasting memory of the day.

Wedding memo

Have handwritten notes in each place card

Or instead of place cards, you can hand out your personal notes to your guests. This adds a personal touch to your wedding and makes your guest think that you are thinking about everything on this special day, down to the minute details.


Include DJ song request in RSVP Cards

This is a really fun way to get your guests to hit the dance floor. Make sure you take note of their requested songs, update your DJ and let them play at your reception party. Again, this will make your guests feel that they are really a part of this big day instead of just guests.


Image credit:

#5 Have enticing desserts

Don't underestimate desserts, they are a big deal at most events. Keep your guests interested in your menu by serving interesting desserts and they will recall your wedding food forever. A dessert buffet is another great idea too. Here's our take:

These splended parfaits

We've noted that serving desserts in glasses, especially wine glasses, elevates their attractiveness to a whole new level. These two parfaits pictured below will definitely give you cravings! The first one is a honey and berry parfait in a rich blueberry syrup...

Honey Berry parfait 

...and this second one is a perfect ensemble.


Chocolates and Cognac

If you don't think this is amazing then maybe we can't advise you! But this is a perfect combination to one memorable wedding.

Beat this

Little Riccota

This baked ricotta may be small in serving but it packs a great taste that will make your guests happily surprised on your big day. The ingredients are lemon, thyme as well as zucchini.


Mini Tarts

Serve your guest a variety of these meringue desserts and it will surely make their day. The pictured tarts below are one of a kind lemon tarts and salted caramel chocolate tarts.

Mini tarts

Bride and Groom cupcake

Isn't this awesome? This cupcake could be a good alternative to a wedding cake, all you need to do is make use of your creativity.


#6 Make the Flowers special

Your flower arrangements don't need to be expensive, they should be special to you. You can add or request the flower that is significant to you as groom and bride. Maybe you could choose the same flowers as were in the bouquet you gave your bride on a date or anniversary. Just make everything relevant and tell your guests the lovely story. Here are some simple yet elegant flower ideas for your reception.


Wedding flowers 

Hanging florals

#7 Use lights to your advantage

You can use lights to play up the drama at your wedding reception. Here are some photos of how you can use the power of lighting to your advantage.

Make it warm and inviting with fairy lights...


Make it romantic...


Make it unique...

masion jars lighting

After seeing all this inspiration, it's very possible to have the great wedding you want, perfect in its own way. These ideas can be your starting point... 



Don't forget to check out our Wedding Dinner options by clicking the banner below.


Laissez-faire at One Fine Day Wedding Fair

Date Posted: 26/08/2014 5:21:16 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Laissez-faire is excited to be attending the One Fine Day wedding fair on September 5 & 6. 


One Fine Day is a wonderful event, featuring a hand-picked collection of wedding vendors and suppliers.

At Laissez we have more than 25 years of experience offering premium event catering, with beautifully crafted settings, mouth-watering menus and amazing venues. We're proud of the weddings we've been involved in - take a look at some of the romantic moments captured in our wedding showcase. We understand you want the very best on your special day.

Mouth watering wedding menus

We are committed to sourcing the best ingredients available, working with local suppliers, artisan cheese producers and quality local fruit & vegetable growers to create inspiring, seasonal driven menus that bring the best produce to your table.

Come and meet us at One Fine Day - we'd love to create wedding magic with you.

It's on September 5 & 6 - you can purchase One Fine Day tickets here.


Don't forget to check out our Wedding Packages pdf: 


Laissez-faire gets creative with seaweed at unique conference

Date Posted: 4/07/2014 2:33:37 PM
Posted By: Moira Saunders

Last month Laissez-faire and Australian Technology Park (ATP) hosted a very unique conference – all about seaweed.

The Congress of the International Society for Applied Phycology was on site to showcase seaweed and algae and all its applications. The event ran over four days and included a welcome soiree in the atrium that Laissez-faire was asked to design an exclusive oceanic themed menu for.

Head chef Clinton Brown and his team put their thinking caps on and came up with a delicious and creative cocktail menu that included different types of marine produce.

The savoury canapés included native angais oyster with mermaid’s necklace & green apple foam, waygu, wakame and Asahi pie, salt & pepper ulva calamari, fresh lime and pickled Hana Tsumomata and Moreton Bay Bug tails with spicy Sichuan chili oil.

Seaweed-conference-blog (3)Seaweed-conference-blog (6)

The dessert got even more creative with surprisingly delicious seaweed macrons and fig & walnut duileasc chocolate truffles to top off the evening.

Seaweed-conference-blog (1)Seaweed-conference-blog (2)

Laissez-faire partners with Gold Soiree dinner for a good cause

Date Posted: 4/07/2014 11:10:50 AM
Posted By: Moira Saunders

Gold soiree dinnerGold Soiree canapes

The inaugural Gold Soiree at Mercedes Tynan was a beautiful evening. Laissez-faire partnered and supported the event that catered to over 250 guests. 

A special menu was designed by our head chef Clinton Brown and was enjoyed by all. 

The Gold Soiree aimed to raise $50,000 for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation to fund an education study for patients who have suffered from cancer.

Due to the fantastic generosity of all guests, this event raised an amazing $80,000, which will make an incredible difference to children like Maria, whose story was heard on the evening, and many more like her.

“On behalf of the 78,000 patients, and their families, who pass through the Hospital's doors each year, thank you for your outstanding support of the Gold Soiree at Mercedes Tynan, and of Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.” Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation CEO Leanne Warner said.

Unique in every sense - new space to open at the Maritime Museum

Date Posted: 4/11/2013 2:12:56 PM
Posted By: Craig B
900072_LF_maritime museum 12.10.11_rasha photography.jpg900043_LF_maritime museum 12.10.11_rasha photography.jpg900010_LF_maritime museum 12.10.11_rasha photography.jpg


On 02 April 2014, the Australian National Maritime Museum will gain an exciting new event space available until the end of October 2014 as a specialty event venue.
The venue has a capacity to seat up to 300 guests, has a harbour side location, water views, a separate entrance (to that of the main museum) and has high curved ceilings; unique to the Australian National Maritime Museum. It will be the perfect Darling Harbour event venue suitable to conferences, product launches, award dinners, trade shows and weddings. Invite your guests to enjoy pre-dinner drinks on the water promenade of the museum and take in the stunning views of the city.

Waterside entrance
In-house audio system
Lectern and microphone
Ceiling-mounted data projector

Dinner     250
Cocktails                                400
Theatre                                   400

Interested to hire this unique city venue? Enquire now

International Fleet Review - Laissez-faire caterers exclusively for the Navy and the Maritime Museum

Date Posted: 17/10/2013 9:21:36 AM
Posted By: Ian-Michael Farkas

Laissez-faire Catering has hosted the biggest week yet in its history! 

Having won the tender to cater for the Navy, we set up the entire food and beverages operation of the catering services at Garden Island during the International Fleet Review that saw thousands of sailors and VIP's turn up to the Navy facilities and millions of people that flocked to Sydney to see spectacle. The Navy alone had more than 3,000 guests  over 3 days coming through.  We also happen to be the exclusive caterer and retail operator at the Australian Maritime Museum, which saw it highest attendance over a weekend with over 15,000 visitors, most refreshing and eating at our restaurant, cafe, kiosk and pop-up stores. 

Members of the Royal Australian Band perform to crowds at the tall ships International Fleet Review open day held at Darling Harbour, Sydney. Tall ships from around the globe welcomed aboard visitors during the Tall Ship open day held at the Australian National Maritime Museum during the Royal Australian Navy International Fleet Review.

Thousands of VIP’s gathered over 3 days to celebrate The International Fleet Review. After winning the tender to cater at these events today our chefs created enough food to sink a battle ship. Our day started with 2000 muffins, 3000 croissants, 2000 lamingtons and 4000 fruit skewers! Gallons of coffee juice and water were also available. We offered lunch for 650 Naval VIP’s and thousands of fish and chip packs for the spectators!

We like to share a few images of the day and hope to see be ready for the upcoming another 100 years, right? ;) 

Thank you to all the staff and the team to make this event so wonderful and seamless to our clients!  we broke a record of catering for over 15,000 people over one weekend. 


Another day in Paradise - City 2 Surf

Date Posted: 12/08/2013 9:18:01 AM
Posted By: Ian-Michael Farkas

Every year we come to Bondi Beach to cater at multiple corporate marquees and this year was no different, looking after over 1,300 runners and families.

Feeling really good about our donation to support over 500 of the Children's Hospital of Westmead runners in their fundraising initiative. The weather was amazing the council really did an exceptional job and all supplier lift their game and were up to the task since 5am in the morning until 4pm! 

To all 85.000 runners and over 2000 workers on the day congratulations on a massive day!.


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