Zero Waste Corporate Event Catering in Sydney

Date Posted: 13/03/2019 7:00:00 AM
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Sustainable Catering Sydney

If your organisation is interested in going "green," one of the major ways in which you can reduce waste is by improving upon your corporate events. Not only can you work with a caterer that prioritizes sustainability, but there are many small changes you can make throughout your event planning.

Here's everything you need to know about "zero waste" catering and sustainable corporate events.

Organising a Zero Waste Corporate Event in Sydney

Your zero waste event can become a selling point in and of itself, but you'll need support. If your catering service isn't dedicated to sustainability, you can't actually guarantee that food and supplies aren't going to be wasted. Planning is also incredibly important: the better you plan the event, the less likely you are to have unnecessary waste.

Thus, the first step is to find your "zero waste" partner. From there, you can work together to make sure the event is sustainable from the ground up.

Creating a Zero Waste Corporate Event in Sydney with Laissez-faire

"Laissez-Faire Catering is committed to taking the sustainable path in a largely environmentally-unfriendly industry. We consistently implement new methods of reducing waste, attend workshops highlighting eco-friendly practices, and form partnerships with like-minded businesses to decrease our carbon footprint."

- Laissez-Faire

Laissez-faire works hard to ensure that each corporate event is sustainable. There are a few things that Laissez-Faire catering is able to do to promote this type of event:

  • Use local, seasonal produce, which produces little to no waste. Local, seasonal produce is far more sustainable, as it costs less in energy to both grow and to ship. Further, accessibility makes it possible for the caterer to get exactly the amount of seasonal produce they need. 
  • Use recyclable packaged products and recyclable glasses, dinnerware, and other similar items. When possible, only reusable items should be used. If disposable items need to be used, they should be the type that can be easily recycled. 
  • Work with environmentally-friendly, local suppliers. It isn't just enough to focus on sustainability yourself: you need to align yourself with other businesses that share these goals. By doing this, you can encourage the community to become greener as well. 
  • Source wines from sustainable, eco-conscious local farms, rather than shipping them internationally. Additionally, spirits, beer, and other beverages can be purchased locally. Eco-friendly wines and spirits are produced in a way that protects and conserves the environment. 
  • Use expert measures of food storing, measuring, and predicting, to reduce the amount of food waste. Expertise is the easiest way for a corporate event planner to purchase exactly what they need. Corporate planners need to be able to predict exactly what resources you need. 

Of course, your caterer isn't solely responsible for creating your zero waste event: there are also some ways your company can promote reduced waste, as well. While your caterer will take care of the food and the supplies, you will usually be taking care of decor, travel arrangements, and the venue. 

Creating a More Sustainable Sydney Event

Your caterer only controls your food and associated products; there are other ways you can improve your event. Here are a few tips to improve the sustainability goals of your next corporate function:

  • Create a compost for any unused ingredients and uneaten food. 
  • Avoid using bottled water; use refill stations and biodegradable cups instead.
  • Take a look at all the sources of your products, to make sure they're sustainable and free trade. 
  • Try to use digital documents rather than printing tickets and other essential paperwork.
  • Add recycle bins around the property so employees are more likely to recycle.
  • Consider environmentally-friendly transportation for guests, such as encouraging carpooling.
  • Think about environmentally-friendly, biodegradable decorations, such as sustainable cut flowers.

These are only a few of the methods that you can use to improve your sustainability. Once you start your company's green initiatives, you'll be able to find new and interesting ways to contribute to the environment. You can also ask your employees for suggestions.  

If you can reduce the amount that your company is growing away for each event, you can both help the environment and potentially reduce the costs for your business. To get started, you can contact the experts at Laissez-Faire.

Catering and Sustainability for Sydney Conferences and Corporate Events

Date Posted: 11/03/2019 6:00:00 AM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

Have you ever been to a huge event and wondered how caterers and organisers are able to manage such an organisational feat? Or how do they do it while being sustainable?

Large events can range from personal celebrations to corporate parties to promotional events. Overall, there are 10 million meetings and events held annually all over the world. 

Big events need to cover factors like the venue, catering, entertainment, theming and audiovisual. Each of these aspects will have a budget allocation and the priorities will be determined by the focus or the aim of the event.

With the start of the year is always a busy time for events, countless parties have been booked, corporate events discussed and catering menus planned out to the smallest ingredient.

Managing a Sustainable Corporate Event in Sydney

Managing big events requires lots of staff and manpower. For everything to be successful, the groundwork must be laid out during planning stages. Caterers and suppliers must be sourced and briefed about the event well ahead of time.

All events are different and the way they are managed depends largely on the type of event and the purpose. For example, some events may not require entertainment while others rely on live music or a showcase of some kind.

Venues should be taken into consideration as soon as you know how many guests to expect. For our list of venues suitable for large events, check this out - Laissez Faire venues.

 Sustainable Catering Menu

For large events, a great deal of pressure lies on us, the catering service. But long guest lists shouldn’t scare caterers into sacrificing the quality and taste of the food they plan to serve.

Here are a few tips to make catering for a large party of guests a little easier:

  • Use seasonal produce
  • Serve foods that can be easily replenished and easily accessed by guests
  • Ask your caterer to map everything out in the floorplan. Carefully consider kitchen locations and guest flow
  • When dealing with large events Laissez-faire's strategy is to divide the space into different areas with separate kitchens, bars and staff. This allows us to create small events within a large event and will enhance the guest experience by improving service enormously

Weddings and other lavish parties are all about the right food and the right cocktails. Extra-large corporate events (with thousands of guests) are not usually seated since guests are interested in mingling and networking. This type of event will need a different strategy to cater and would require foods that can be eaten easily anywhere while guests socialise.

Catering and Staffing

Another trick to the success of large venue catering is how organisers staff the party. To ensure smooth sailing, the ratio of service personnel to the number of guests should be observed. As a standard, here’s our guideline ratio for various staff to guests:

  • 1 bartender for every 50-75 guests
  • 1 wait staff for every 10 guests at sit-down lunches and dinners 
  • 1 wait staff for every 30 guests at cocktail events
  • 1 wait staff for every 40 guests at conference events
  • 1 security guard for every 75-100 guests
  • 1 function coordinator for every 200 guests

This of course all depends on the type of event you are holding. Change the ratios to suit your event.

Sustainable Catering in Sydney for Large Events

Big events should be aware of sustainable catering. Countries all over the world, including Australia, are trying to build and establish sustainability as a way for life. Big industries like catering should lead by example as a frontrunner in the sustainability practice.

At Laissez, our Foodified policy aims to “take actions to prevent degradations of our natural systems, while supporting the repair and recovery of those systems.” Catering policies such as this can help to change the way large and sustainable events are organised. By making use of composting strategies, minimising use of plastics and use of seasonal and local ingredients in the menu, the catering industry can turn over a new leaf in sustainable practice.

Featured Sydney Venues for Your Next Corporate Event

The Venue Alexandria


Urban Winery Sydney

How Catering is Changing

Date Posted: 5/03/2019 11:05:29 PM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

Catering Sydney

The world of catering and food is constantly evolving and adapting in a variety of dramatic and exciting ways. 2019 brings with it some surprising new trends, which can be used to make your next event truly stand out. Here are a few of the trends that we've found most interesting, both in food itself and in the presentation of it. 

Use Unique and Inspired Plating Techniques

From sauces on painter's palettes to literal buckets of fresh treats, plating techniques are becoming whimsical and dramatic. Rather than using traditional plates and platters, you can think about the types of plating that would best match your cuisine.

If you're going for a luxe look, consider marble slabs. If you're trying to make your event reminiscent of a tropical getaway, serve appetizers in seashells. You can get truly creative about your presentation depending on the theme you're using for your event. With food, presentation is often just as important as the actual ingredients. 

Pair Savory Foods With Fresh, Bright Flavors

2019 is all about mixing comforting standards with bright pops of flavor, such as adding a zest of citrus to a creamy pasta, or pairing fresh fruits with dark, bitter chocolates. For added effect, seasonal produce and more exotic flavors can be used, differentiating foods season by season.

Farm-to-table remains exceptionally popular, which both continually refreshes menus while supporting the local community. If you want to explore new flavors for your next catering event, consider checking with your caterer regarding the items that are presently available in your area.

Create Complete Tablescapes  Rather Than Place Settings

  Rather than thinking of each meal or course as something individual, instead consider the entire service as a single entity. Creative tablescapes  bring together meals, especially when they're shared plates like charcuterie. You can dress up the entire table in an organic, themed design, to really make every element of the service pull together. 

When you create a complete tablescape  rather than individual place settings, you can create larger, more dramatic staging. Not only do you free yourself to be more creative, but you also create something that's an interactive, whole table experience for your guests.

Add Shared Dining to the Menu

Family-style, shared dining platters are intimate, exciting, and fun. And they don't have to be relegated to wine-and-cheese plates. Shared appetizers and even main courses van encourage people to interact with each other, especially at friendly, social events. Not only does this provide some entertainment for them, but they can discuss as well as enjoy the food.

Small plate, tapas experiences are perfect for shared dining. Everyone can enjoy a little bit of everything, rather than having to commit to a single meal. This also means they'll experience more of the delicious food options... and they're more likely to find something they like, if they have a picky palette.

Get  Into the Materials When Building Your Design

Wood, marble, slate, and other brilliant materials  can be used to make a meal really pop. Using different materials for utensils, platters, and plates is a great way to offset the design of your food and really elevate it to another level. Unique types of material are a topic of discussion, and can draw your guest's eye to the decor.

Apart from that, different materials really impart different experiences when it comes to food. Wooden serving boards are often paired with cheese, meats, and earthy flavors, letting everyone take their food from a communal platter. Meanwhile, cold marble is often used to accent desserts, ice creams, and other cold foods, as they keep the food chilled. 

Put  an Emphasis on the Sweet

Finally, every meal should have a sweet surprise at the end. Classic desserts are coming back, but with modern plating and techniques. The last course of the meal is absolutely going to be the thing that they remember most. And since not everyone likes sweets, some more savory desserts can be tested out.

Dessert platters and chocolate plates are becoming an interesting and often discussed replacement for wine and cheese plates. An assortment of chocolates gives everyone the option of choosing the type of chocolate they like most. Pair it with a lovely chocolate fondue and you'll have a menu that is as delicious and fulfilling as it is interactive.

At Laissez-faire Catering, we're not only at the forefront of these trends—we're creating new ones all the time.  Laissez-faire Catering, based in Alexandria Sydney, is right in the middle of it all: events, food, experiences. If you're looking for a caterer in Sydney dedicated to trying new things, bringing that WOW factor, and introducing your taste buds to something new, give us a call about your next event:  (02) 9209 4810.

Three Top Tips for a Fantastic Party in Sydney

Date Posted: 22/02/2019 7:00:00 AM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

private party 

I’ve been to lots and lots of parties. Upwards of 100 a year for twenty or more years. And I reckon these three things are the difference between a good party and a smashing one to remember!

I know there is the catering and the grog (Leave that to us!) and the invitations and everything else that goes on, but these three things I have noticed over and over again.

Turn the lights down...

We’re not at the shops. The aim of the game is to have relaxed guests in an intimate setting regardless of the size of your party. Dimmed lighting allows your guests to let their hair out and not feel like a rabbits trapped in the headlights. People feel sexier and are more likely to dance in dimmed lighting. Lower the lights, turn on your lamps or use everyone’s favourite beauty makeover – candles.

Using Candles in Private Party

Add some spin...

The hands down easiest thing you can do to help you organize and execute a rocking party is using a theme. Whilst elaborate themes are great fun, simple inspiration like a colour, glitter or something significant to you really helps give your planning some focus. A theme ties together your decisions on decorations, food, drink and outfits. Ultimately the party starts way before the event.

Party Theme

Play some tunes…

Six Pink songs in a row is not a playlist! You might love her, I might even like her, but there is an art to making a playlist. It is one of the first things to start when planning, not one of the last. And you’ll need two lists – one for the beginning of the party as people arrive and whilst they are eating, and one to get your dance floor rolling. Start by collecting songs on Spotify or iTunes or whatever you’re going to use. Whenever you hear a song that you love or know is great dance floor hit, add it to the list (shazam is great for this). Once you start it gets easier and easier, and as your list grows you’ll be able to sort the songs into ‘get the party started’ and ‘rock out the dance floor’. 


And one last thing...

RELAX! I know it’s easier said than done, but your people are coming to celebrate with you, not torture you. They love you and are excited to be invited. It can be stressful being in the spotlight, so I suggest spreading the load. We love awesome parties and would love to help.

Private Party Catering Sydney

We have loads of ideas that will compliment yours a bunch of wonderful professionals that will serve the most amazing cocktails and delicious food and will even take the rubbish out at the end of the night.

Zero Waste Corporate Events: How We Organise a Sustainable Event

Date Posted: 21/02/2019 7:00:00 AM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

Laissez-Faire Catering is committed to taking the sustainable path in a largely environmentally-unfriendly industry. We consistently implement new methods of reducing waste, attend workshops highlighting eco friendly practices, and form partnerships with like-minded businesses to decrease our carbon footprint.

Embracing Local Products to Reduce Event Waste

  • Laissez-Faire Catering uses sustainable, organic, pesticide-free and antibiotic-free ingredients and products from farms in Berry, Richmond, Erina and urban farms right here in Sydney.
  •  We source our wines from vineyards that practice organic and sustainable farming, and suggest sourcing beer, spirits, and specialty beverages from local vendors. 


Avoiding Waste  for Corporate Events

The average wedding or large event produces 400-600lbs of garbage!

  • Laissez-faire Catering reduces our impact by utilizing reusable service wares when possible and compostable products when applicable.
  • We are committed to composting and recycling both in our own venues and off-site.
  • We avoid plastic water bottles (in favor of good old Sydney tap, or glass and aluminum), and avoid all single-use and non-recyclable plastics.
  • We use strict food measuring, inventorying, and storing techniques to avoid food waste.

Avoiding Food Waste

Engaging in Community Responsibility

Laissez-faire Catering is committed to supporting our local neighbourhoods and communities.

Laissez-faire Catering reduces food waste and supports the community by partnering with OzHarvest. OzHarvest is Australia's leading food rescue charity. We collect quality surplus food, distribute it to people in need and divert food waste from landfill.

Laissez-faire Catering reduces food waste and supports the community by partnering with OzHarvest 

Learn more about our sustainable practices here.

If you have a specific question about how we can run your event sustainably,  contact us or give us a call on   (02) 9209 4810.

What's Hot: Where Most Events Are Happening in Sydney Right Now

Date Posted: 20/02/2019 10:08:27 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Have you checked out these spectacular Sydney venues...

The Urban Winery Sydney

 Urban Winery Industry Night 030518-102

The multifunctional space of The Urban Winery Sydney allows you to create a truly unique event that’s sure to engage all the senses. Featuring a fully functional winery, cellar door and wine bar and event space, Urban Winery Sydney can cater for up to 250 guests standing and 180 seated.

Your guests can dine amongst the wine barrels in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, however they’ll feel as though they have been transported to the vineyards of regional NSW.

This innovative fusion of realms makes for an ideal meeting place whether it’s a private dinner, client function, birthday party, team night, hens night, engagement party or wedding.

Get in touch with Beata - - to tailor a package to meet your needs.

State Library of NSW 


The Library has venues to accommodate 10 to 500 people, available for seminars and conferences, corporate and government events, product and book launches.

We are also excited to launch 3 new spaces in 2019. Book a site visit today by contacting

The Mitchell Galleries

 The Mitchell Galleries located on Level 1 of the Mitchell wing offer a rare quality of simple splendour and warm hospitality. Cocktail parties and presentations are accommodated and enhanced by the classical surroundings of Australian craftsmanship along with the current exhibitions.

The Dixson Room

The Dixson Room is located on the ground floor of the Mitchell wing and offers an elegant historic setting with views across the Domain and to Woolloomooloo. This is a warm and spacious room with high ceilings and original oil paintings adorning the walls; it is ideal for conferences, luncheons, dinners and cocktail parties. Often used for sit-down meetings and weddings for up to 120 people.

What are you waiting for?  Contact us about these event spaces for your next Sydney event.

3 Reasons to Host your Next Event Harbourside

Date Posted: 13/02/2019 3:08:36 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez


Tired of the same old boardroom or facility? Host your next corporate event in style right on the harbour. Take advantage of Sydney’s natural beauty and the stunning harbour view as you host your guests at your next corporate outing. The Australian National Maritime Museum is a natural match for corporate events of all types.

Popular Corporate Events Celebrated at the Harbour

Laizzez-faire Catering has hosted many events at the stunning harbourside venue at the Australian National Maritime Museum. A few of our most recent corporate events and occasions include:

Fresh Product Launches: Introduce clients and prospects to your latest products - or show off your newest product line to your own sales team and investors. Either way, the stunning harbourside setting makes a lasting impression and ensures your new line gets a great start.  

Milestone Celebrations: An employee with years of service, your founding partners or even customers who have been with you for a number of years; any of these events is worth celebrating in style. The  Sydney Harbour  Function  Centre is the ideal location for a corporate milestone; the stunning views and delightful setting will delight your guests and truly offer a one of a kind experience for your invitees. 

Year End Celebrations: Your brand has accomplished a lot this year - now it is time to bask in your success for a bit. From the high performing salesperson to the support staff that is always there when you need them, a harbourside function is the perfect way to celebrate. 

Board Meetings: You could use the same conference room, but heading to the harbour  allows you to provide your leadership team with an outstanding experience at a stunning venue. You'll be able to relax and enjoy the view, then get down to business. Harbourside  corporate events allow you to make a lasting impression and create a memorable experience for your team. 

Conferences: Hold your next conference, training session or trade event at the harbour.  Leave the catering and planning to us -- you'll be able to focus on running your business and working with your speakers and guests -- we'll take care of the rest. 

Tips for Harbourside  Event Planning

Sydney harbour is a one of a kind destination for corporate events, so spaces book up fast. Begin planning and scheduling your event well in advance so you can secure the dates you want most. Any time you plan a corporate meeting or event, you have to focus on two things; you need to plan and execute a successful event and still run your own business at the same time. You also only plan one or two business events per year and will need to learn everything on the go. Working with a corporate caterer and event planner allows you to create a stunning harbourside event for your business, without taking time away from your other responsibilities. 

Consider taking advantage of the stunning ambience at the harbourside and plan a themed evening that your guests will never forget. Consider trying a themed gathering that matches the locale; maritime  decorations and themed drinks can elevate a simple affair to something memorable. Guests will love attending your event -- and the harbour makes the perfect backdrop for photos and shareable videos. Choose a hashtag in advance for your event and encourage guests to use it on social media. User generated content can help increase brand awareness and acts as social proof that your business is active and thriving. 

Plan a Harbourside Event Today

We make it easier than ever to plan and run a successful corporate event right beside Sydney Harbour; from the menu and drinks to themeing, decorations and more, you'll love being able  to hand the details over to our expert team. Our clients get the peace of mind that comes from knowing their event is running perfectly - -and can actually relax and enjoy their own party. Contact us to learn more about hosting a harbourside  corporate event and make the most of your next meeting or occasion. 

Want a Harbourside venue? Consider the Australian National Maritime Museum   for your next corporate event.  Contact us to make an enquiry about holding your event at this venue.

YOTS Cafe: Your New Go-To Sydney Harbourside Cafe

Date Posted: 6/02/2019 11:59:23 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

If you're on the lookout for a new top cafe spot right on  Darling Harbour in Sydney, look no further than YOTS Cafe!

The possibilities are endless at YOTS Cafe, right next to the Australian National Maritime Museum and picturesque views. 

Laissez-faire Catering have hosted luncheons, office parties, corporate coffee breaks, cocktail parties and more at YOTS. It's one of our personal favourite spots to cater (and to sit and enjoy a coffee).

Check out some of these delicious photos from YOTS on the Sydney Harbour. Thanks to all of our cafe visitors, we hope you're having a great Summer at YOTS.

Darling Harbour YOTS Cafe - Picture Perfect






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Want to host your next event at YOTS on Darling Harbour? 

Get in touch today and we'll plan the perfect harbourside event at YOTS.

Have some time to peruse the menu? Download it below before you visit.

Download our YOTS Cafe Menu

yots cafe sydney harbour

Top 5 Corporate Celebration Ideas

Date Posted: 23/01/2019 12:00:00 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

corporate event ideas 

Are you in charge of planning your corporate celebrations? Or are you looking for new ways to bring your company's employees together? A corporate celebration is really an excuse to help your employees connect on both a professional and personal level, extending your company culture and making it clear that you value them. Here are a few of the top corporate celebration ideas, in addition to what makes them special -- and what venues may be the best option

Product Launch

Launch parties are used to build both internal and external hype for a new product. Usually a product launch involves a fairly detailed presentation, which may require a large stage and audio/visual equipment. Following the product launch, guests may eat, relax, and discuss the product that is to come. Product launches are usually planned well in advance and often have members of the press in attendance.

As the eyes of both clients and customers are upon the organization, a product launch is generally a more formal event. Consequently, it's usually held at a formal venue. Product launches should be held in a large area, such as an official conference room, ballroom, or event center. Ideally, many people will be at a product launch, including those who have been instrumental in the product's creation. The Prince Henry Centre, The National Art School, and the University of Sydney may all be good choices.

Milestone Celebration

A milestone celebration is an excellent way for an organization to celebrate its accomplishments, while also generating excitement and buzz moving forward. Milestone celebrations are frequently used as a way to anchor the organization, looking back at what has been completed so far while also covering what still needs to be completed moving forward.

A milestone celebration can be as formal or informal as desired. A small milestone celebration might be celebrated in the company's old cafeteria, while other milestone celebrations may be held in restaurants, museums, or other event spaces. Depending on the number of individuals involved, a milestone celebration can be an intimate gathering or a large, company-wide event. The Venue, La Porte Space, Bangarra, and the Freedom Hub could all be good options. 

End of Year Celebration

An end of the year celebration is really meant to celebrate the hard work that employees offered the company over the year, while also rewarding them with great food and a relaxing time. Food is of the utmost importance, as many of the employees will appreciate foods (and potential bonuses or profit-sharing) more than anything else. An end of the year celebration often involves an assortment of canapes, a meal, and -- of course -- champagne.

Many end of year celebrations are brought to the office, if the office has a large enough event space. If it does not, however, an event space, ballroom, or other large event center may be ideal. End of year celebrations are often done with the entire company in mind, which makes a particularly large space important. Other considerations with an end of year celebration include how drinks will be provided and what entertainment will be available, as guests are likely to stay practically all night. Sone good venues include The National Art School, Roundhouse, or the White Bay Cruise Terminal.

Corporate Awards Night

If you want to motivate your employees, consider a corporate awards night. A corporate awards night serves the dual purpose of showing employees that they have been recognized and showing other employees which values your company wants to emphasize. By giving employees awards of recognition, you can boost their morale and make sure they serve as an example to others.

Corporate awards nights can and should be rather formal, as the formality of the awards ceremony only adds to the feeling of recognition and inspiration. A corporate awards night can be held at a large venue, such as the Urban Winery, The University of Sydney, or the National Art School. It's important that employees have a stage on which they can give a small speech and be recognized. 

Post-Conference Celebration

After a conference, a less formal celebration may be desired to encourage employees to relax. A conference can be an extremely taxing event, and it's important that employees know that their contributions were valued and that the company does want them to have a solid work-life balance.

Post-conference celebrations will often be at a smaller and more intimate location, such as the Coogee Surf Club, The Venue, or the Studio Hub. Primarily, you will want to facilitate inter-employee interactions, so they can easily talk and unwind. 

Are You Ready to Start Planning?

Plan your next corporate event - contact the expert chefs at Laissez-faire  today. Through Laissez-faire, you can get expert opinions regarding your menu and your venue -- the two things that make your corporate events special and memorable.

Why Event Themes are So Important for Corporate Events

Date Posted: 21/01/2019 5:32:00 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

 theme party

When planning a corporate event, one of the first things you should think about is having a strong theme. A theme is optional for many personal events, but for a corporate event it's really a necessity. Here are some of the reasons why a corporate event can benefit from a theme.

Event Themes Offer a First Impression of the Event to Employees

Many corporate events can sound generic, such as awards ceremonies, or holiday parties. When employees are told that such an event is happening, they may not be able to get really excited about it: after all, they don't know what to expect. Having a theme gives employees something to latch onto and get excited about, offering a positive first impression.

Event Planners Can Use Event Themes for Decor and Design

Planning an event from scratch is very hard. An event theme gives an event planner information about what type of decor they should invest in. Certain themes lend themselves very well to specific colors, patterns, and decorations. All of this ultimately simplifies the process of planning. 

This is especially true of more common event themes, such as a "beach side or tropical vacation," as there are many examples of these themes that you can look at in design magazines, scrapbooks, and online. 

Event Caterers Can Design Menus Around an Event Theme

An event theme gives your caterer a jumping off point when designing your event's menu. Of all things in a corporate event, the food is arguably the most important. Food is what most people are going to remember the most. 

Your caterer can get creative about matching your food to a theme, potentially based on geography, appearance, ingredients, or season. An arrangement of exciting and unique food will not only emphasize your theme, but also give employees something to talk about both during and after the event.

Event Themes Are Memorable Compared to Events Without Themes

An exciting and whimsical theme event is going to be more memorable than an event without theme, as there's more to distinguish it. A generic corporate event just doesn't have a lot to remember, whereas a themed event can have unique activities, food, and design -- all of which will keep people talking about the event for years to come.

In the future, employees will be more likely to attend corporate events and enjoy them, as they already know that the event is likely to be engaging and fun. Corporate events that are non-mandatory can easily have attendance issues, while making corporate events completely mandatory often strips them of their fun. 

Event Themes Let Employees Work Together

theme party butterflies

Deciding upon an event theme doesn't have to be the responsibility of the event planner alone. Rather, an event planner can have employees work together to decide on themes and add elements to the theme. This taps into the creativity of employees while also giving them a certain amount of ownership and engagement in the party. The more they engage with the party, the more likely they are to get a party that they enjoy.

Event Themes Can Be Used for Any Type of Corporate Event

A theme is an easy way to plan virtually any type of corporate event. It doesn't matter what type of event it is: a theme can be applied. Moreover, you can choose how much you want to apply the theme. Some events can be heavily themed, with costumes and events, while other themes can be a very light theme that involves only catering and decor. 

Event Themes Let Employees Get Creative and Involved

In addition to letting employees make decisions about a theme, employees can also get creative and involved in other ways. You can host contests that are related to the themes, have employees dress in costume, or have employees participate in making decor. This gives employees some time to connect with the theme of the event, while also giving them some fun things to do together.

Planning and engaging with a corporate event is an excellent team-building exercise, regardless of the type of event. If you're interested in helping employees work better together, having them participate in the planning of a corporate event can have some major advantages. In addition to this, it does reduce the amount of planning that the event planner has to do on their own.

All-in-all, an event theme essentially creates a framework for a corporate event. Meanwhile, employees are able to decide how much they want to get involved with the theme, as well as adding their own input to the event itself. If you want a memorable, exciting corporate event, you need a memorable, exciting theme. You can get started now by discussing your corporate event and your needs with Laissez-Faire.

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Planning a Wedding: How to Organise Your Wedding Catering

Date Posted: 14/01/2019 5:06:03 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

 wedding day

Is there anything more important or more complex than wedding catering? Not only do you need to create a memorable and exciting spread, but you also need to balance your budget along with determining how many guests will be involved. Taking the planning step-by-step is the only way to make sure that your guests get fed while your sanity remains intact.

Start With the Pre-Planning

Before you begin looking into the numbers, you should have a rough idea of how you want your wedding to be catered. How many guests are you interested in serving? What kind of meals do you envision? Are you going to be having a lunch wedding or a dinner wedding? Are you going to have appetisers and canapes? What about the drinks and drink service?

Most people only have a general idea of what they want before they contract with a caterer. It's after they discuss their goals with their caterer that they can narrow down what they really want.

Connect With a Caterer

It's important to talk to a caterer as early as possible, as if you don't talk to a caterer you won't know what's available or feasible in your area. Your caterer knows everything about per head pricing, seasonal ingredients, and the best ways to make your ideas come true. Further, many caterers prefer to work with specific venues, or need to be booked well in advance; connecting with them early on is the best way to make sure you get everything you need.

Give Your Caterer Some Examples

One of the best ways to get exactly what you want from a caterer is to give them examples of what you want. You can send them images of food that you find particularly appealing, a list of your favourite ingredients, or examples from local restaurants that you really enjoy. When it comes to desserts like cakes, sometimes it can be helpful to bring an example of something that you loved, and let the caterer know about any changes to your example that you would enjoy. 

Finalise Your Guest List

Your caterer is going to need to have a very exact guest list to be able to complete the catering. And that means that you're going to need to finalise your guest list before you can be aware of the full budget. Finalise your guest list as early as possible with a little bit of wiggle room, with the idea that there may be some changes that come closer to the date.

Get Back the RSVPs

Your wedding RSVPs should have given you information about dietary restrictions, in addition to which meals your guests are most interested in. This information will need to be forwarded to your caterer. Often, when sending RSVPs, the choice of a couple of proteins and a vegetarian meal are often offered: as an example, a chicken, beef, or salad plate. This tells the caterer exactly what they are going to need to prepare and for whom.

Decide on the Final Menu

Once you get your RSVPs back, you should know which entrees are going to be served for lunch or dinner. However, you're still going to need to work towards figuring out things such as canapes. Your caterer will be able to produce a full menu for you at this time, and you can work with your caterer to determine what you are most happy with.

Usually, your caterer is going to give you examples of different types of food that they might prepare, and you'll be able to select the ones that taste best to you. These may be based on the season, the general theme of your wedding, and your own personal tastes. 

Finalise Everything as Early as Possible

Nothing related to catering should be left to the last minute, as it requires a lot of preplanning. Changing an appetiser just before an event may seem easy enough, but in fact it could change everything, from introducing scheduling issues to altering the total cost of your catered event.

Once you know which food items you want prepared, you should finalise everything with the caterer. From there, they can begin doing things such as scheduling their labour, planning how the food will be cooked, and making purchases in advance. 

Organising wedding catering may feel overwhelming, but there's a lot that the caterer can take care of for you. Contacting a catering as early as possible is the best way to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. To get started with your planning now, contact Laissez-faire.

10 Wedding Proposal Ideas for the New Year

Date Posted: 2/01/2019 2:12:00 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

wedding proposal 

Planning a wedding proposal is a major undertaking and might include some sleepless nights. For some, it’s just a spur of the moment decision that feels right.

The New Year is a time for new beginnings and starting with a clean slate and what better way to start it off than by taking your relationship to the next level. Below are 10 New Year’s proposal ideas that you can do.

  1. A Surprise Message
  2. Flower Trails
  3. Party For Two
  4. A Ski Lift Marriage Proposal
  5. Make A New Year’s Resolution
  6. On The Stroke Of Midnight
  7. A Treasure Hunt
  8. Media
  9. Scoot Around Town
  10. A Ring And A Box of Chocolates

A Surprise Message

You can spell out your marriage proposal in a place your partner would never expect. Letter fridge magnets, a printed canvas in your bedroom when your significant other wakes up or getting up early to slip a fake newspaper page into a real newspaper with your personal message of love.

Flower Trails


Create a path of flower petals that leads to the engagement ring. It can be from the front door to the bedroom or somewhere nice. Try to spell out “Will You Marry Me?” using those flower petals.

Party For Two

If you want to skip the noise and the chaos, you can choose a great restaurant for this intimate and private night. Splurge on the best champagne and the best dinner at the best dining place in town. Be creative, you can put the ring on top of the dessert, hide it in any food that will be served, or you can simply open the ring box and propose!

If you don’t like getting out, you can light a fire and watch your favorite movies while snuggling, and when the clock strikes midnight or whenever the moment’s right – pop the question.

A Ski Lift Marriage Proposal

Write down the phrases in the snow. Be sure that you and your partner can read and see it as you go up the ski lift if you decide to go on a ski adventure.

Make A New Year’s Resolution

If ever you need to bring out the topic of making a New Year’s resolution, ask what your friends and families resolutions are. And when it’s your turn, tell them the expected answers like losing weight, starting a diet, stop smoking and then say out of the blue “Oh, and get _______ to marry me of course”. That will surely floor people, especially your partner.

On The Stroke Of Midnight


One of the most romantic ways to get engaged is also one of the most simple. Take the opportunity to propose to your loved one as the bells and the fireworks ring out at midnight in welcoming the New Year. The key to the success of this proposal is the right venue. Pick a special spot, it can be the place of your first date or first kiss or a scenic location. A busy and loud setting with lots of people may not be the best place for a quiet and romantic proposal, but if you enjoy people and the festivities, such a place is perfect for you.

A Treasure Hunt

Send your unsuspecting partner on a treasure hunt that ends with your proposal. You can start with a clue at home or at work (it can be a text message, email or a handwritten message) that leads to a tour of your favorite spots all over town and at the last, most romantic stop before midnight, you can ask your partner for their hand.

Propose on Air

Call a radio station, make sure your partner also listens when you make the proposal on air over the radio.

Scoot Around Town

Rent a Vespa, it can be a vintage or a modern one and then invite your soon-to-be fiancé for a ride around town. Just think of “Roman Holiday” when you do this and remind him or her to be safe by wearing a helmet. Hand over the helmet with the ring box already in it and propose right there. After that, you can zip around town and celebrate the New Year.

A Ring And A Box of Chocolates

Buy a box of your partner’s favorite chocolates and replace one chocolate with the engagement ring. When your partner opens up the box and sees the ring, get down on one knee and propose.

Happy new year and good luck with your wedding proposal!

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect New Year's Celebration in Sydney

Date Posted: 22/12/2018 1:57:00 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

One of the best places to celebrate New Year’s is Sydney, Australia and if you happen to be in Sydney then it’s your lucky day because there are so many places to go to close out 2018. Follow these plans below to experience the best New Year's celebration in Sydney.

  1. Host a Great Party at Home
  2. Find a Great Place to Stay
  3. Rent a Venue
  4. Find the Perfect Spot
  5. Food and Drinks

Host a Great Party at Home 

If you’re a local, throw an intimate and fun gathering of friends and family at home. Going out on New Year’s Eve can be too much for some and commuting can be an issue, but an at home get-together can inspire your creativity without causing too much stress.

Find a Great Place to Stay


If you’re a tourist, you need to find a good place to stay in Sydney. If you can, find a place near Sydney harbor - you’ll have a great view of the fireworks and you’ll be right in the middle of all the celebrations. Private and public transportation is always available after the fireworks are done, so there will be less stress if you find a place nearby. Find a place that is 10-20 minutes walk from the harbor.

Rent a Venue

If you’re hosting a big party, you can go all out by renting a private space or venue. Since it’s a big party, you need to send out invitations right away! Make the event a dress up, or a black tie event to really celebrate 2019 in style.

Find the Perfect Spot

Royal Botanical Gardens Cottage and City

After you have checked in to your hotel you have to remember that the Sydney harbor will become full of people, about 1 million of them. So, try to arrive a day or a few days before and in the morning of New Year’s Eve, find a good spot at the Botanical Gardens or the Opera House.

Food and Drinks

No party is complete without food and drink! If you’re hosting, go for a trusted catering service that will provide the best food, drinks and service. Laissez-faire offers a huge range of mouth-watering menus for your New Year’s Eve party. Menus include:

And more!  Check out all of our menus here.

The food type and presentation will also depend on the theme of your New Year’s Eve party. It can be:

  • Standing cocktails and canapes
  • Sit down banquet dinners
  • Shared platters of fresh and delicious foods
  • Cocktail and food station setups
  • Plus coffee and sweets after the meal

Have a  fun  New Year's celebration in Sydney!

One of Our Best Corporate Events This Year: McGrath Awards 2018 at Fox Studios Australia

Date Posted: 12/12/2018 10:20:05 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Before 2018 ends, let's look back at our best events of the year!

Earlier this year,  AV1, McGrath Estate Agents and yours truly came together to put on a grand awards night at Fox Studios for the lovely and talented McGrath staff. Over 120 Laissez-faire staff were involved on the awards night and we looked after the food and beverages for just under 1,000 guests!

McGrath Awards 2018 from AV1 on Vimeo.

Catering for Corporate Awards Nights in Sydney

What was on the menu for the awards night?

Canapes on arrival, served with French Champagne & all other beverage options

- Poppyseed lavosh, charred corn, avocado, grapefruit, pinenuts, chervil (v,gf)

- Lamb shoulder croquettes, sumac, chervil, black garlic (gf)

- Grilled Australian prawns, tahini yoghurt, toasted sesame, preserved lemon (gf)

- Sourdough bread rolls with organic butter to the tables


- Salad of smoked freshwater trout, jaqueline potato, dill and horseradish

- Wagyu beef teriyaki, sesame cucumber salad, daikon, lemon salt

- Veg: Marinated Buffalo mozzarella, peas, broad beans, mint and oven dried cherry tomatoes (gf/v)


- Hay-smoked Galston chicken breast, corn, confit garlic, spinach, cherry tomato, rosemary veloute (gf)

- Junee Lamb slow cooked, potato fondant, Persian fetta, pomegranate molasses jus (gf)

- Veg:  Moroccan spiced eggplant and chickpea parcel, spiced beans, lemon dressing (v)

Dessert Canapes, served in the pre-dinner area

- Chocolate fountain centre of table   + strawberries + marshmallows

- Cake pops - Mini cupcakes

- Wagon wheels

- Mini Lemon meringue tart

- Mini Strawberry tart

- Mini chocolate raspberry tart

- Chocolate Mouse

- Brûlée

Client: McGrath Estate Agents

Event Production & Video: AV1

Catering: Laissez-faire Catering


For more information about planning an unforgettable event, contact the experts at Laissez-Faire

How to Organise Corporate Catering in Sydney City

Date Posted: 11/12/2018 1:43:48 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

With a thriving culinary scene and fantastic seasonal produce, Sydney City is rapidly becoming one of the best places in the world to organise a catered event. Whether planning a simple corporate lunch or an extensive corporate conference, the basics of organising corporate catering will remain the same.

How to Organise Catering for a Corporate Meeting in Sydney

  • Begin with a thorough schedule. When will the meeting occur? When will you send out invites and receive a final headcount? Having a schedule will help you manage the project more precisely.
  • Brainstorm ideas for the catering. Apart from a lunch or dinner, you will also want to consider corporate drinks and snacks. Is there a type of cuisine you want to feature?
  • Lock down the details. You'll need to know basic information such as how long the meeting is intended to be, what time it is going to be, and what the general plans will be.
  • Contact a caterer. If you don't have a specific venue in mind, you may want to contact a caterer first -- as they may have some ideas regarding the right location. Otherwise, contacting a venue and a caterer should be done as early as possible.


Finding a Venue and Caterer in Sydney

Often, a caterer should be chosen early in the process of organising a corporate event. Caterers will be able to work with you to make suggestions regarding the types of food seasonally available and the ones that are best-suited to your event.

Before you contact a venue and a caterer, you should know:

  • How many employees will be attending?
  • How large is the budget for this corporate event?
  • Is there a venue that's already desired?
  • Are you interested in a specific type of food?

Apart from this, your caterer can discuss your needs with you to better determine the right food and drinks for your corporate event. Caterers are able to suggest everything from venues to floor plan, and many caterers will be booked well in advance.


Tips for Organising Corporate Catering in Sydney City

  • Consider looking at your caterer's menu in advance, taking notes on the things that you find interesting or appealing. Your caterer can then learn your tastes and preferences, which will aid them in developing your menu.
  • Make sure to pin down the amount of employees early on, as a headcount will dramatically change the amount of food you need -- and consequently the food you can fit into your budget.
  • Don't forget about the drinks. Drinks are often as important as the food itself, as they complement the food. A corporate caterer can give you more information on the drinks available.
  • Consider a good variety of food. When it comes to corporate events, many people have varying dietary restrictions as well as different tastes. Having a large variety of foods is a good way to make sure everyone is taken care of.
  • Choose your venue carefully. If your caterer has a preferred venue to work with, this is usually the best choice -- caterers know which areas will suit them in terms of preparation and service.


Are you currently planning a corporate event in Sydney City? Before you continue your organisation, contact the catering experts at Laissez-Faire. The dedicated chefs at Laissez-Faire can help you explore your options and simplify your planning.

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How to Organise Sydney CBD Office Catering

Date Posted: 5/12/2018 10:20:41 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

 How to Organise Sydney CBD Office Catering

How to Organise Sydney CBD Office Catering

Few things can test your office organisational skills as much as a party or event! Catering is what brings many office events to life -- and it's why a lot of employees attend office-related events to begin with. Sydney CBD is one of the busiest cities for corporates and  that means we see a lot of  corporate breakfasts, lunches and  conferences in the city.   Yet with so many factors to account for, where do you even get started?

Here are our tips to organise office catering in Sydney CBD.

Planning Your Sydney CBD Office Catering for Corporate Breakfasts, Lunches and Conferences

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner catering will all be handled differently. During breakfasts and lunches, a larger variety of lighter fare is often provided. During a dinner, it's more likely you'll be planning a few heavier meals.

catering venue decoration Sydney CBD

Being in Sydney CBD, it's important that you find a local caterer who can deliver on the day or set up at your office of venue in the city.

Before you make any decisions, consider the following:

  • Is the office event going to have any type of theme? If you already have an idea in mind, your catering company can work with you to plan the perfect menu.
  • What dietary restrictions do you need to plan for? Consider the fact that you don't necessarily know whether some employees may have restrictive diets or need specific types of food. Make sure you ask people to let you know of any restrictions when they RSVP.
  • What type of food does your office generally like? Every office is different. Some Sydney offices are more modern and contemporary while others want comfort foods. A wide selection of food may be called for if you aren't sure.
  • Which beverages will you serve? Beverages are often an important factor when it comes to an event. Coffee, tea, and other beverages will complement your food.

office catering corporate catering Sydney CBD cocktails 

Once you have a preliminary idea of what you want, you can begin organizing the event itself -- including figuring out how many people will attend and contacting a professional caterer. That's where we come in!

Organize Your Guests for the Office Event

How many people are going to be coming to your catered event? Before you contact a caterer, you'll need to know roughly how many heads are going to be served. It will also be useful for your caterer to know where your office or venue is located in Sydney CBD so they can estimate travel time and whether they can deliver or set up at your office.

conference catering Sydney CBD

Add the event to the office calendar, email or otherwise contact those involved, and make sure you have a reliable head count for the event. Keep in mind that you'll need a buffer to allow for a certain number of additional people to come.

Contacting Your Sydney CBD Caterer

Once you have your basic information in place -- the type of food you're interested in, the date, and the head count -- it's time to call the caterer. Many caterers are booked months in advance in Sydney, especially during busy holiday periods. Your caterer will be able to tell you what food they'll have available (including fresh, seasonal produce), and make suggestions as to your corporate breakfast, lunch or conference menu.

Contacting your caterer fairly early on in the process is usually advised, as they'll be able to direct you to the appropriate types of food for your service, as well as making suggestions for desserts and drinks that the staff may like. In addition to this, you may need to make provisions for things such as chairs, tables, and serving tables -- many caterers are able to help with this, as well.

corporate office catering Sydney CBD beverages

If the event is a complex one, such as an awards ceremony or a banquet that requires catering in Sydney CBD, your caterer will also schedule themselves in a way that will be non-disruptive to the event itself, while helping to plan floor space so that the food is featured but not in the way.

With a little work, you can create an office event in Sydney that the employees will talk about for months to come... as well as ensuring that the office event is as effective as it is memorable. 

What's Next?

For more information about planning the perfect office event in Sydney CBD, contact the experts at Laissez-Faire Catering today. Make an enquiry  or give us a call on (02) 9209 4810.   We can't wait to hear from you!

9 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Special

Date Posted: 19/11/2018 6:00:00 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

 cell block love

Weddings are an opportunity to impress those closest to you. From family to friends, those at your reception encompass the closest people to you. How can you make your wedding reception stand out? Here are a few ideas for making your wedding reception something others will talk about for years.

1. Consider Food Stations Rather Than a Sit Down Dinner

A sit down dinner is classic but it doesn't give guests a lot of time to talk and interact. Rather than committing to a sit down dinner, you could instead create multiple food stations where guests can select their favorite dishes.  Your food stations can even be themed; guests can choose from different exotic locations, seasons, or memorable occasions throughout your life. 

2. Offer Unique Mini Foods/Canapes

Rather than relying on a few large dishes to blow everyone way, consider some inventive and creative canapes. Laissez Faire Catering is able to blend unique presentations with fresh, seasonal flavors to create canapes that have never been seen before. By using special presentations, food can be elevated into a more memorable experience.

3. Present Activities and Games

A number of optional activities and games can be carried out during your wedding reception in order to keep your guests entertained. Consider trivia contests about the bride and groom or raffles for fun items. You could even play a wedding version of bingo.

4. Actively Decorate the Space

Don't just commit to decorations; let your guests decorate too! Your guests can take Polaroid photos and place them around the reception hall, or can even do something fun and creative such as putting their hand prints on a sheet of paper that you can then take with you. Everything can be placed in a wedding memory book at the end of the event.

5. Personalize Your Invites

Every invitation is special. Rather than spending a lot of money on elegant but generic invitations, consider personalizing each invitation for the person you're sending it to. Select different colors and styles or add stickers and decoupage to show the unique aspects of your relationship with each person. That shows that you're thinking about them as well on your special day.

6. Go Unique With the Cakes and Desserts

dessert station

Rather than just having a single cake, consider a dessert bar that has a number of unique and exciting desserts that your guests can partake in. Many have two cakes: a cake for the bride and a cake for the groom. Others are even foregoing traditional cakes for things such as gourmet cupcakes or specialty desserts that are easier to distribute among guests.

7. Place Flowers Throughout

cell block lights florals

Flowers don't have to just be a centerpiece. Flowers can also be strewn throughout the reception hall, suspended from ceilings, and otherwise integrated into your decor. If you have a favorite flower or a favorite color, this is an excellent time to really highlight it. Of course, it also depends on season; depending on when your wedding will be, different flowers will usually be available.

8. Get Creative With the Lighting

Lighting has a dynamic influence on your reception area. Consider getting creative with lighting, such as suspending holiday lights from the ceiling, using accent lights to create focal pieces, and using candles (or electric candles) for a more intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Don't forget that the coolness or warmness of the lighting will influence the colors around you.

9. Integrate Social Media

While amateur photography is best banned during the wedding itself, the reception is another story. Encourage guests to take photos and post on your special hashtag, while also creating photography opportunities such as areas for guest photos -- such as a flower or balloon arch that depicts the day, time, and event of the picture.

By thinking about your guests and the things that they care about, you can happen upon a number of unique ideas that will make the day truly memorable to them. Of course, what people remember most about any reception is going to be the food. To start developing some creative and clever food ideas today, contact the experts at Laissez-Faire.

8 Ways to Do Cocktails

Date Posted: 14/11/2018 12:43:00 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

cocktail drink

Whether you've got a fancy dinner party coming up or you're in charge of organising staff drinks, every cocktail party needs cocktails! Instead of just asking for the usual champagne from your caterer or bartender staff at your venue of choice, get a little creative!

Here's 8 ways Laissez-faire Catering has done cocktails at some of our recent events, plus what inspired us and how you can decide on a cocktail for your next event.

1. Simple yet Classy Cocktails

Sometimes you need to look no further than a classic cocktail. Choose something popular or ask your guests before the event what drink they usually buy.

2. Use Fresh and Local Ingredients to Build your Cocktail

If you want to serve something different and delicious, head to your local farmers market and see what's in season. Grab a fruit, a herb and figure out what your cocktail base should be based on those ingredients. 

Here's one we created with mint, pineapple and lime:

3. Cocktail and a Snack!

Got a sweet tooth and want your cocktail to make a statement? Here we've done cranberry juice, a sweet sparkling wine topped with... cotton candy! Guaranteed to surprise and delight.

4. Decorated Cocktail Glasses for the WOW Factor

Don't forget to give some love to the glasses themselves. A little decoration can go a long way. All you need is some sugar and something sweet to dip the glass into. Roll it in the sugar and your glasses are ready for some great wine, champagne or any cocktail you fancy.

5. Offer a Variety of Cocktails

Apart from classic crowd pleasers such as mojitos and margaritas, ask your caterer to create a bespoke menu to satisfy the Cocktail Connoisseurs.

Make sure your caterer has a few options up their sleeve:

6.  Match your Cocktail to your Venue Theme

If there are distinct colours or themes at your venue of choice, ask your caterer to try to match the signature cocktails of the night.

Red carpets, big flower arrangement and romantic lighting could call for a red wine, a red or pink cocktail or a pink champagne with flower garnish.

A summery outdoor event could call for something that pops with colour, like these cocktails we served at Cell Block Theatre recently:

7. Try a Colour Contrast Cocktail

A colour contrast cocktail can also involve two distinct flavours. Our expert cocktail makers are great at separating the layers when building a bespoke cocktail.

Check out this cocktail we served at the Australian Maritime Museum with lime and watermelon flavours and a distinct layering effect:

8. An Icy Cocktail for Summer

More heat means you'll need more ice! Go for a thick and icy cocktail especially if your venue is outdoors or by the water in the warmer months. These will be super refreshing and a bit of fruit doesn't hurt either!

What's Next?

We love making cocktails at our client's events. Look how happy it makes us!

If you need a caterer, event planner or cocktail maker extraordinaire at your next event,   make an enquiry   or give us a call on (02) 9209 4810. We can't wait to hear from you!

Wedding Trends: Sit Down Dining Vs Food Stations

Date Posted: 24/10/2018 6:00:00 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

wedding trends  

Wedding Trends: Sit Down Dining Vs Food Stations

We all know what a "traditional wedding" entails. Flowers, round tables, a  small dance floor, table settings, wine and a sit down 3 course meal.

While this sounds fantastic, it might not be for everyone. At Laissez-faire we are always meeting couples who just aren't sure about having a traditional wedding. We brainstorm ideas, come up with a menu and talk about different ways that menu can be served.

We also meet many couples who are sold on the traditional wedding idea straight away - which is fine!

No matter what option you go with, it's still your special day. You should feel comfortable whether you decide to stray away from the norm or stick to the traditional style of wedding we all know and love.

We don't have a preference - we just love weddings :)

Food Stations at a Wedding?

You heard right! Food stations are probably the most casual way to dine, but that doesn't mean they don't have a place at your wedding.

Food stations allow guests to get on their feet and mingle. It also provides the power of choice which we are finding is becoming very important in catering today.   Everyone has different tastes; why force them to sit down and eat a 3 course meal with ingredients they may not like? 

It's also good to keep in mind dietary restrictions and any allergies your guests may have. You don't want anyone going home sick because they ate something they weren't supposed to.   With food stations at your wedding you are allowing your friends and family to choose whatever they want. Importantly, they can avoid foods they don't like or are allergic to.

Picky eaters will find something they like and stick to it. More adventurous guests will go on a flavour journey, trying everything from each food station.   They can go back for seconds, thirds, fourths!

If you're after a more casual and relaxed environment for your wedding with ample choice and delightful decorations, food stations might be the way to go. But what kind of food stations would you have at your wedding? Here's some ideas.

Food Station Ideas for Your Wedding

  • The Classic Spread: cheese selection, cured meat shaved at the station,  olives,  bread, baguettes and crackers
  • Fruit & Nut Station: dried and fresh fruits, including grapes, apricots, strawberries,  figs,  banana chips,  nuts of all kinds
  • Healthy Station: smoked salmon slices to put on bread, lime and lemon to squeeze, carrot, cucumber and celery sticks, hummus,  crab dip,  beautifully ripe cherry tomatoes, pickles
  • Substantial Station: bread rolls, butter to spread, oysters for the adventurous
  • Grazing Station: selection of  breads, oils and  dukkah for dipping
  • Carving Station: flame roasted chicken, pork, duck carved at the station, wraps, hoisin and other sauces and healthy greens

If that sounds good to you then it's time to seriously consider food stations for your wedding!

Don't forget each food station should be stocked with plenty of plates, bowls, napkins and cutlery, as well as utensils to pick up food from the station.

 Sit Down Dining is Still an Option

On the other hand, sit down dining brings its own benefits and charm to a wedding.

This is what we think of when we imagine a traditional wedding. Friends and family have an assigned table (they are welcome to move around if they wish), the menu has been tailored for the wedding and  everything is by design.

While we love food stations for a wedding, we also think sit down dining is pretty spectacular.

One of the key benefits this style has over food stations is that your catering team (us) has almost no limits on creativity and taste. We design a bespoke menu catering to all kinds of taste buds  and we indulge in seasonal flavours and cutting edge catering trends to serve dishes your friends and family have never seen before. This can be hard to achieve with a food station, where the goal is simplicity and  offering something that will please everyone.

If you want your guests to experience not only your special day, but also a culinary experience they'll never forget, then a sit down dining experience is what you want for your wedding.


Laissez-faire  Catering   have access to Sydney's  most  fabulous venues and can provide you with superb wedding catering service   - whether it's for    sit down or food station dining .  Call us on  (02) 9209 4810 for more info.

Sydney Newest Waterfront Destination - White Umbrella Client Engagement Cocktail

Date Posted: 17/10/2018 6:00:00 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

White Umbrella Marquee Event  

Thursday 4 October 2018, White Umbrella, Australian National Maritime Museum and Laissez-Faire Catering partnered to deliver an exceptional event for White Umbrella for their client engagement! The event was designed by White Umbrella along with their impressive new furniture collection. 

Endeavour Pavilion is the exquisite gem of the Australian National Maritime Museum fleet of venue spaces. It’s situated on the pristine waters of Darling Harbour, with breathtaking views, overlooking North Sydney through to the CBD Skyline. It’s positioned alongside an iconic HMB Endeavour, the replica of Captain Cook’s Tall Ship!  

Guests enjoyed a sample of our summer collection menu, which included: 


  • Chicken ballotine with truffle mushrooms and parmesan crisp (gf)
  • Poppy seed macaron, beetroot cured ocean trout, lemon creme fraiche
  • Truffle ricotta and rosemary fig jam tart (v)


  • Lamb and rosemary pie, toasted fennel 
  • Sweet potato and ginger wonton, lime and chilli refresher (v)
  • Charred Waygu beef, caramelised onions, roma tomato, lettuce on a milk bun


  • Beer battered fish and rosemary salted chips, mayo
  • 12 hr slow cooked beef cheek, creamy garlic polenta, chimichurri

The only part of the evening that we missed was the stunning sunset due to the weather! 

Photos taken by Creative Events Photography

White Umbrella Marquee Event