Yots Cafe   

Reopening for Museum Members on 15 June, 2020 and reopening for the general public from 22 June, 2020

Overlooking the picturesque Sydney Harbour and city skyline, Yots is an enchanting venue offering open-air dining.  Yots is fun, slick, affordable and easy to swing by to have lunch, or a snack. The relaxing atmosphere and the impeccable service keeps our customers coming back.

The bar license allows Yots to provide a unique experience at the Australian National Maritime Museum.  Embracing the Fish & Chips culture while bringing you a contemporary look and superior service whilst incorporating sustainability into the everyday operations.

Yots is an excellent location for almost any occasion.

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Yots at 
Australian National Maritime Museum
2 Murray Street 
Darling Harbour 

What's on at Yots

Bligh - Hero of Villain?

A new exhibition challenging the popularly held stereotype of one of history’s most infamous figures. An immersive exhibition that will come to life before your eyes!

Find out more about this exhibition and download the Bligh-themed menu here.

Eating and Drinking at the Australian National Maritime Museum

When it’s time for a break, take a seat by the water and watch the world go by.  Whether you’re looking to enjoy a long lunch or a quick snack, we have a range of waterfront dining options catering for every taste and budget.

Find out more about dining options at the Australian National Maritime Musem.


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