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Date Posted: 27/01/2017 12:54:14 PM
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On-the-go Lunch Boxes for Working Lunches and Active Lifestyles

Lunch boxes aren’t just for school kids, workers need them too! If you’ve been to any long conference days, packing a lunch and some snacks can help the day go a little bit faster. What’s even better is if the conference hosts have lunches prepared for attendees.


No one wants to attend a long, drawn out conference or training day. If you’re trying to organise one, you need to create an environment where attendees feel like they’re not wasting their time and getting useful information and participating in meaningful discussion. Don’t let your attendees go hungry and don’t let a boring lunch ruin everyone’s focus. Aim for delicious food that will match the creativity and quality of your conference.

Pre-prepared lunch boxes can be handed out to conference and training day attendees. It’s an organised and delicious way to give everyone a little break. They won’t have to worry about leaving the office to find food or make their own, and you won’t have to worry about people getting restless.



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Lunch boxes usually contain a healthy sandwich or roll, a piece of fruit, nuts and other snacks that are great for filling you up. Coffee and other drinks could also be served during lunch, or you could set up a self-serve station where attendees can make their own coffee and have a chat before getting back to business.

Here are a few ideas to take lunch boxes to the next level:

Go Chinese

The Australian palate is changing and Chinese food is becoming a very popular on-the-go lunch option. It’s easy and simple to prepare and is suited for mass consumption. You can have savoury rice, beef, vegetables, pork, chicken and noodles dishes. These will be guaranteed to be delicious and fill you up!

Mediterranean Lunch



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Mediterranean dishes are good for a single-portion, low maintenance and popular lunch. You can include grilled meats, tabbouleh, hummus, falafel, a Greek salad with eggplant and tzatziki, wraps and roasted nuts.

Skip the Chips

Some consider a bag of potato chips and other junk food a side dish. Skip the bag of chips if you want to keep your lunches healthy. Instead, include a good serving of pasta salad, fresh fruit, roasted potatoes and wedges or tasty cheese and crackers.

Spice up the Sandwiches



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Even plain roast beef sandwiches can be made into a hearty lunch with some caramelised onion jam, different lettuces and whole granary bread. You can also opt for a peri-peri chicken sandwich, a slow roasted pulled pork sandwich or a honey glazed champagne ham sandwich with cheddar cheese, tomato and lettuce. It’s simple but classy.

It’s all about “on the go” and “easy to eat” these days, so why not try this at your next conference, meeting or training day.

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It's World Cup Fever

Date Posted: 26/05/2014 3:44:00 PM
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Mark Schwarzer
At an event held at The Lighthouse Gallery on Friday the 23rd May, Socceroo Legend Mark Schwarzer has become the sixth recipient of the players’ highest honour after he was awarded the PFA Alex Tobin OAM Medal at a gala luncheon.

In the presence of Socceroos past and present Schwarzer joined the late Johnny Warren, Joe Marston, Craig Johnston, Mark Viduka and Frank Farina as a Tobin Medalist.

The Australian National Maritime Museum was very proud to be associated with the PFA 2014 Alex Tobin OAM Medal Event and to welcome Professional Footballers Australia as our newest partner. The two organisations share a great commitment to and respect for multiculturalism and the contribution of migrants to Australian life and we were also delighted to have the PFA as our Welcome Wall partner at the unveiling ceremony earlier this month, where 246 new inscriptions were unveiled by Adelaide United player Bruce Djite.

Laissez-faire provided a 3 course lunch with canapés served at the Ben Lexcen Terrace

PFA Alex Tobin OAM Medal Menu

  • Sydney rock oysters with verjuice vinaigrette
  • Moroccan marinated chicken, dried apricot & mango chutney on naan
  • Saffron, manchego & fontina arancini with herb aioli
Entrée Course 
  • Grilled yamba king prawns on pea risotto with crisp pancetta
  • House made egg fettucine with beef ragu
Main Course 
  • Chicken breast with wood ear mushroom, cognac cream, wilted spinach & potato galette
  • Lamb, pea, lemon & coriander cous cous, honey roasted baby carrots & aromatic jus
  • A duo of premium cheeses, wicked brie & milawa blue with black currant paste, fruit loaf, grapes & crackers

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