Another day in Paradise - City 2 Surf

Date Posted: 12/08/2013 9:18:01 AM
Posted By: Ian-Michael Farkas

Every year we come to Bondi Beach to cater at multiple corporate marquees and this year was no different, looking after over 1,300 runners and families.

Feeling really good about our donation to support over 500 of the Children's Hospital of Westmead runners in their fundraising initiative. The weather was amazing the council really did an exceptional job and all supplier lift their game and were up to the task since 5am in the morning until 4pm! 

To all 85.000 runners and over 2000 workers on the day congratulations on a massive day!.


City 2 Surf - 4 corporate marquees, 1,800 guests and strong winds

Date Posted: 14/08/2012 9:04:19 AM
Posted By: Craig B

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With over 80,000 people on the 14km journey from Hyde Park in Sydney's CBD to Bondi. City2Surf is the world's largest run and Sydney's favourite sporting event. Laissez-faire Catering hosted 4 corporate marquees at City 2 Surf 2012. The 14km journey at 40km/h winds....was no picnic, however it was a successful BBQ. 
In addition to our corporate clients, Laissez-faire catering is the proud sponsor for the runners raising funds towards the Children's Hospital of Westmead. It's the third year in a row and we had over 500 participants attending this year. Combined with the 4 marquees Laissez-faire catering hosted over 1,800 runners and guests. 

C2S race

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