9 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Special

Date Posted: 19/11/2018 6:00:00 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

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Weddings are an opportunity to impress those closest to you. From family to friends, those at your reception encompass the closest people to you. How can you make your wedding reception stand out? Here are a few ideas for making your wedding reception something others will talk about for years.

1. Consider Food Stations Rather Than a Sit Down Dinner

A sit down dinner is classic but it doesn't give guests a lot of time to talk and interact. Rather than committing to a sit down dinner, you could instead create multiple food stations where guests can select their favorite dishes.  Your food stations can even be themed; guests can choose from different exotic locations, seasons, or memorable occasions throughout your life. 

2. Offer Unique Mini Foods/Canapes

Rather than relying on a few large dishes to blow everyone way, consider some inventive and creative canapes. Laissez Faire Catering is able to blend unique presentations with fresh, seasonal flavors to create canapes that have never been seen before. By using special presentations, food can be elevated into a more memorable experience.

3. Present Activities and Games

A number of optional activities and games can be carried out during your wedding reception in order to keep your guests entertained. Consider trivia contests about the bride and groom or raffles for fun items. You could even play a wedding version of bingo.

4. Actively Decorate the Space

Don't just commit to decorations; let your guests decorate too! Your guests can take Polaroid photos and place them around the reception hall, or can even do something fun and creative such as putting their hand prints on a sheet of paper that you can then take with you. Everything can be placed in a wedding memory book at the end of the event.

5. Personalize Your Invites

Every invitation is special. Rather than spending a lot of money on elegant but generic invitations, consider personalizing each invitation for the person you're sending it to. Select different colors and styles or add stickers and decoupage to show the unique aspects of your relationship with each person. That shows that you're thinking about them as well on your special day.

6. Go Unique With the Cakes and Desserts

dessert station

Rather than just having a single cake, consider a dessert bar that has a number of unique and exciting desserts that your guests can partake in. Many have two cakes: a cake for the bride and a cake for the groom. Others are even foregoing traditional cakes for things such as gourmet cupcakes or specialty desserts that are easier to distribute among guests.

7. Place Flowers Throughout

cell block lights florals

Flowers don't have to just be a centerpiece. Flowers can also be strewn throughout the reception hall, suspended from ceilings, and otherwise integrated into your decor. If you have a favorite flower or a favorite color, this is an excellent time to really highlight it. Of course, it also depends on season; depending on when your wedding will be, different flowers will usually be available.

8. Get Creative With the Lighting

Lighting has a dynamic influence on your reception area. Consider getting creative with lighting, such as suspending holiday lights from the ceiling, using accent lights to create focal pieces, and using candles (or electric candles) for a more intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Don't forget that the coolness or warmness of the lighting will influence the colors around you.

9. Integrate Social Media

While amateur photography is best banned during the wedding itself, the reception is another story. Encourage guests to take photos and post on your special hashtag, while also creating photography opportunities such as areas for guest photos -- such as a flower or balloon arch that depicts the day, time, and event of the picture.

By thinking about your guests and the things that they care about, you can happen upon a number of unique ideas that will make the day truly memorable to them. Of course, what people remember most about any reception is going to be the food. To start developing some creative and clever food ideas today, contact the experts at Laissez-Faire.

8 Ways to Do Cocktails

Date Posted: 14/11/2018 12:43:00 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

cocktail drink

Whether you've got a fancy dinner party coming up or you're in charge of organising staff drinks, every cocktail party needs cocktails! Instead of just asking for the usual champagne from your caterer or bartender staff at your venue of choice, get a little creative!

Here's 8 ways Laissez-faire Catering has done cocktails at some of our recent events, plus what inspired us and how you can decide on a cocktail for your next event.

1. Simple yet Classy Cocktails

Sometimes you need to look no further than a classic cocktail. Choose something popular or ask your guests before the event what drink they usually buy.

2. Use Fresh and Local Ingredients to Build your Cocktail

If you want to serve something different and delicious, head to your local farmers market and see what's in season. Grab a fruit, a herb and figure out what your cocktail base should be based on those ingredients. 

Here's one we created with mint, pineapple and lime:

3. Cocktail and a Snack!

Got a sweet tooth and want your cocktail to make a statement? Here we've done cranberry juice, a sweet sparkling wine topped with... cotton candy! Guaranteed to surprise and delight.

4. Decorated Cocktail Glasses for the WOW Factor

Don't forget to give some love to the glasses themselves. A little decoration can go a long way. All you need is some sugar and something sweet to dip the glass into. Roll it in the sugar and your glasses are ready for some great wine, champagne or any cocktail you fancy.

5. Offer a Variety of Cocktails

Apart from classic crowd pleasers such as mojitos and margaritas, ask your caterer to create a bespoke menu to satisfy the Cocktail Connoisseurs.

Make sure your caterer has a few options up their sleeve:

6.  Match your Cocktail to your Venue Theme

If there are distinct colours or themes at your venue of choice, ask your caterer to try to match the signature cocktails of the night.

Red carpets, big flower arrangement and romantic lighting could call for a red wine, a red or pink cocktail or a pink champagne with flower garnish.

A summery outdoor event could call for something that pops with colour, like these cocktails we served at Cell Block Theatre recently:

7. Try a Colour Contrast Cocktail

A colour contrast cocktail can also involve two distinct flavours. Our expert cocktail makers are great at separating the layers when building a bespoke cocktail.

Check out this cocktail we served at the Australian Maritime Museum with lime and watermelon flavours and a distinct layering effect:

8. An Icy Cocktail for Summer

More heat means you'll need more ice! Go for a thick and icy cocktail especially if your venue is outdoors or by the water in the warmer months. These will be super refreshing and a bit of fruit doesn't hurt either!

What's Next?

We love making cocktails at our client's events. Look how happy it makes us!

If you need a caterer, event planner or cocktail maker extraordinaire at your next event,   make an enquiry   or give us a call on (02) 9209 4810. We can't wait to hear from you!

Wedding Trends: Sit Down Dining Vs Food Stations

Date Posted: 24/10/2018 6:00:00 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

wedding trends  

Wedding Trends: Sit Down Dining Vs Food Stations

We all know what a "traditional wedding" entails. Flowers, round tables, a  small dance floor, table settings, wine and a sit down 3 course meal.

While this sounds fantastic, it might not be for everyone. At Laissez-faire we are always meeting couples who just aren't sure about having a traditional wedding. We brainstorm ideas, come up with a menu and talk about different ways that menu can be served.

We also meet many couples who are sold on the traditional wedding idea straight away - which is fine!

No matter what option you go with, it's still your special day. You should feel comfortable whether you decide to stray away from the norm or stick to the traditional style of wedding we all know and love.

We don't have a preference - we just love weddings :)

Food Stations at a Wedding?

You heard right! Food stations are probably the most casual way to dine, but that doesn't mean they don't have a place at your wedding.

Food stations allow guests to get on their feet and mingle. It also provides the power of choice which we are finding is becoming very important in catering today.   Everyone has different tastes; why force them to sit down and eat a 3 course meal with ingredients they may not like? 

It's also good to keep in mind dietary restrictions and any allergies your guests may have. You don't want anyone going home sick because they ate something they weren't supposed to.   With food stations at your wedding you are allowing your friends and family to choose whatever they want. Importantly, they can avoid foods they don't like or are allergic to.

Picky eaters will find something they like and stick to it. More adventurous guests will go on a flavour journey, trying everything from each food station.   They can go back for seconds, thirds, fourths!

If you're after a more casual and relaxed environment for your wedding with ample choice and delightful decorations, food stations might be the way to go. But what kind of food stations would you have at your wedding? Here's some ideas.

Food Station Ideas for Your Wedding

  • The Classic Spread: cheese selection, cured meat shaved at the station,  olives,  bread, baguettes and crackers
  • Fruit & Nut Station: dried and fresh fruits, including grapes, apricots, strawberries,  figs,  banana chips,  nuts of all kinds
  • Healthy Station: smoked salmon slices to put on bread, lime and lemon to squeeze, carrot, cucumber and celery sticks, hummus,  crab dip,  beautifully ripe cherry tomatoes, pickles
  • Substantial Station: bread rolls, butter to spread, oysters for the adventurous
  • Grazing Station: selection of  breads, oils and  dukkah for dipping
  • Carving Station: flame roasted chicken, pork, duck carved at the station, wraps, hoisin and other sauces and healthy greens

If that sounds good to you then it's time to seriously consider food stations for your wedding!

Don't forget each food station should be stocked with plenty of plates, bowls, napkins and cutlery, as well as utensils to pick up food from the station.

 Sit Down Dining is Still an Option

On the other hand, sit down dining brings its own benefits and charm to a wedding.

This is what we think of when we imagine a traditional wedding. Friends and family have an assigned table (they are welcome to move around if they wish), the menu has been tailored for the wedding and  everything is by design.

While we love food stations for a wedding, we also think sit down dining is pretty spectacular.

One of the key benefits this style has over food stations is that your catering team (us) has almost no limits on creativity and taste. We design a bespoke menu catering to all kinds of taste buds  and we indulge in seasonal flavours and cutting edge catering trends to serve dishes your friends and family have never seen before. This can be hard to achieve with a food station, where the goal is simplicity and  offering something that will please everyone.

If you want your guests to experience not only your special day, but also a culinary experience they'll never forget, then a sit down dining experience is what you want for your wedding.


Laissez-faire  Catering   have access to Sydney's  most  fabulous venues and can provide you with superb wedding catering service   - whether it's for    sit down or food station dining .  Call us on  (02) 9209 4810 for more info.

Sydney Newest Waterfront Destination - White Umbrella Client Engagement Cocktail

Date Posted: 17/10/2018 6:00:00 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

White Umbrella Marquee Event  

Thursday 4 October 2018, White Umbrella, Australian National Maritime Museum and Laissez-Faire Catering partnered to deliver an exceptional event for White Umbrella for their client engagement! The event was designed by White Umbrella along with their impressive new furniture collection. 

Endeavour Pavilion is the exquisite gem of the Australian National Maritime Museum fleet of venue spaces. It’s situated on the pristine waters of Darling Harbour, with breathtaking views, overlooking North Sydney through to the CBD Skyline. It’s positioned alongside an iconic HMB Endeavour, the replica of Captain Cook’s Tall Ship!  

Guests enjoyed a sample of our summer collection menu, which included: 


  • Chicken ballotine with truffle mushrooms and parmesan crisp (gf)
  • Poppy seed macaron, beetroot cured ocean trout, lemon creme fraiche
  • Truffle ricotta and rosemary fig jam tart (v)


  • Lamb and rosemary pie, toasted fennel 
  • Sweet potato and ginger wonton, lime and chilli refresher (v)
  • Charred Waygu beef, caramelised onions, roma tomato, lettuce on a milk bun


  • Beer battered fish and rosemary salted chips, mayo
  • 12 hr slow cooked beef cheek, creamy garlic polenta, chimichurri

The only part of the evening that we missed was the stunning sunset due to the weather! 

Photos taken by Creative Events Photography

White Umbrella Marquee Event 

White Umbrella Marquee Event 

White Umbrella Marquee Event 

White Umbrella Marquee Event  

White Umbrella Marquee Event 

White Umbrella Marquee Event  

White Umbrella Marquee Event 

White Umbrella Marquee Event  

White Umbrella Marquee Event 

White Umbrella Marquee Event  

White Umbrella Marquee Event 

White Umbrella Marquee Event 

  White Umbrella Marquee Event 

White Umbrella Marquee Event 

White Umbrella Marquee Event   


Photographer:   Creative Events Photography

What's Up Next?

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Featured Event: A Gala Cocktail Event to Remember at Cell Block

Date Posted: 20/09/2018 6:00:00 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Investec Spring elebration 2018 

Investec’s gala cocktail event is held annually to acknowledge and reward the company’s top performers.    

The event was held in Cell Block Theatre. The location is a grand historic space in the heart of Sydney. Hidden behind a wall of  sandstone, the Venue and the sheltered campus grounds, makes this the perfect location for hosting events that demand a WOW factor.

Inside, the 10-metre-high sandstone walls create the awed ambiance of a cathedral, an ambiance intriguingly inflected by its history as the women’s wing of the old Darlinghurst Gaol. The cells that held notorious criminals such as Kate Leigh, the “Queen of the Underworld”, have been removed, cut away to create a vast space adaptable to any use, but their presence remains visible upon the imposing walls.

Investec Spring elebration 2018

During the event we had an artist who was drawing beautiful images which were then thrown against the walls in what was a transforming installation artwork piece.

Investec Spring elebration 2018 

Styling:   Divine Events

 Laissez-faire also curated cocktails to match the event and the colour theme that was introduced. Imagine watermelon coloured beverages with sticks of garden rosemary jutting from every glass. All this tied into the imagery that we used and the colours that the client had selected.

Investec Spring elebration 2018 

Investec Spring Celebration 2018

Investec Spring elebration 2018  

Investec Spring elebration 2018 

  The pink and purple hues were also taken through the schematics of the food, which we had cleverly decorated with rich greens, floral decors of pinks and violet and given texture and volume with a clever selection of food stands and altering french boxes.

Investec Spring elebration 2018

Overall the complete collection of the event was a symphony of elegance, vibrant colour, delicious food tempered with thoughtfully designed cocktails, the event was a resounding success and our clients have received wonderful feedback about the event and the stying, all of which we at Laissez-faire directed.



  • Add a touch of luxury. Freshly shucked oysters


Investec Spring elebration 2018

  • Kingfish, compressed watermelon and pickled ginger
  • Bethrunga lamb with aubergine, sun-blushed tomatoes and olive crostini
  • Truffle ricotta and rosemary fig jam tart


Investec Spring elebration 2018

  • Loaded baby baked potato, sour cream, paprika dust
  • Mushroom, truffle and parmesan arancini ball, parsley emulsion
  • Wagu beef, caramelised onions, tomato, lettuce on a milkbun
  • Tea smoked chicken skewers, spiced popcorn crumb, chipotle aioli


Investec Spring elebration 2018

  • Pea and parmesan risotto, shaved parmesan, vincotto splash, micro salad
  • Chicken and pea and parmesan risotto, shaved parmesan, vincotto splash, micro salad

We loved catering at this event, and we love sharing these fantastic photos and bespoke menus with you! 


Photographer:   Feather & Birch

MCJeremiah Hartmann

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Cocktail Party Planning Checklist

Date Posted: 17/09/2018 6:38:57 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Everything You Need to Know to Organise Your Next Cocktail Event


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Somewhere between casual and formal, the cocktail party is the ideal event for a range of occasions and celebrations – corporate events, birthdays, celebrating a personal milestone, post-conference drinks, EOFY cocktail party, or just about any meet and greet event. If you’ve never hosted one before, planning a cocktail party can feel daunting.

We’ve created this checklist to help you get organised and host a fun and memorable evening. Here are the steps for planning a cocktail party from start to finish:

Create Your Guest List

Start by deciding on how large you would like your cocktail party to be and who you would like to attend. Create a guest list complete with contact information.

The Perfect Venue

Next, select the ideal location for your event. Your decision should be based upon the number of guests as well as the atmosphere and mood you would like to create. Some possible locations might include a large room in a pub, restaurant or club, an outdoor beer garden or a rooftop entertaining space, weather permitting. If your home is conducive, it can be the perfect spot to host a cocktail party. If you will be reserving an outside space, be sure to do so in plenty of time for the event.

Decide On a Theme

The event you are celebrating will help define the theme and the atmosphere you will be creating at the venue. Consider color schemes as well as décor, glassware, dishes and perhaps even a dress code related to the theme. Create a music playlist or consider hiring a deejay for the event. Order flowers and plan for the rental of any other required items for your theme.


Create a Drink and Hors d'oeuvres Menu


Now it’s time to decide on the drink menu as well as what canapes or finger food will be served. Do any of your guests have dietary requirements? Will you be creating a signature cocktail for the event? Be sure to offer appealing non-alcoholic options as well for guests who do not drink alcohol.

Send Out Invitations

Create and send out invitations to your guests two to three weeks ahead of the event. Reflect your chosen event theme in the invitation design. Consider sending both snail mail and e-invitations to ensure guests receive your correspondence and can easily RSVP.

Plan the Room Layout

How would you like the venue set up? Envision how guests will circulate around the room and where to place tables and serving areas. If the party will be held at your home, you’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to plan it. If you are renting a space, arrange a time to go there with a measuring tape and color swatches so you can get a feel for the setup and how you might decorate the space.

Make a Supplies List

If you will be hosting the party on your own at home, your list will be much longer than if you have assistance from the venue. Obviously, a party hosted at your home or in a rented space without catering will require supplies for all the cocktails and food items. You will also have to buy or rent decorations and related items; however, a rented venue may also allow you to use your own decorations. Check with the venue for specifics and any restrictions.

When entertaining at home, here is a possible list to get you started:

  • Liquor
  • Juices/mixers
  • Food items
  • Glassware
  • Dishes
  • Silverware
  • Bar supplies
  • Serving trays
  • Decorations

Consider Hiring a Bartender or Two

Why not leave drink service to the professionals? Experienced bartenders will delight your guests and allow you to relax and enjoy the evening as well.

Other Considerations

It’s all in the details. Will your party include a coat check? Designated smoking area? Reception area where guests are greeted and checked in? Consider lighting effects in the entertaining space and if you will be using candles (simulated candles can help ensure safety.) Double-check your shopping list to ensure you won’t forget any key details like garnishes for your specialty drinks and sauces or accents for your canapes or finger foods.


Don’t forget to have fun! 

Planning a cocktail party can be time consuming, but strive to enjoy the process as well as when your guests start to arrive. Having carefully planned every detail, you should be ready to relax, mingle and have a great time.

For an even more seamless event, consider leaving the planning and catering to an experienced professional. This checklist is a great starting point. However, if you need help along the way, Laissez-faire Catering can cater to all your event needs. Call us today! Tell us about your event and we'll give you a quote so we can get started creating a truly memorable event.

Featured Event: A Spectacular Gala in Sydney

Date Posted: 11/09/2018 11:11:09 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Laissez-faire Catering are pleased to share with you the latest  spectacular event in our portfolio!

GFG Alliance 2018

The Event

Over the weekend Laissez-faire Catering were asked by Sydney's leading venue source and event management company Event Advisers to assist putting together a gala dinner at one of  Sydney’s most fabulous homes.

Together with Exponet, AV 360 & Divine Events we transformed this spectacular garden setting into a gala dinner location that guest would never forget!

The Setup

Check out our behind-the-scenes photos during setup!

GFG Alliance 2018
GFG Alliance 2018
GFG Alliance Event 2018
GFG Alliance 2018
GFG Alliance 2018

The Catering

We served delicate canapes and oyster shuckers greeted guest on arrival. The brief was strict and there was no room for error and guests were only to be served Laurent Perrier.

Our concept for the dinner was to create a  dining experience to  thrill all the senses.

GFG Alliance Event 2018
GFG Alliance 2018

Our Bespoke Menu


  • Tuna tataki, pickled enoki, shredded vegetables, ginger and seed mustard sauce(gf)
  • Warm goats curd and fig tart compressed tomato and young basil (v)
GFG Alliance Event 2018
GFG Alliance 2018


  •  Baked Ora king salmon, asparagus spears, silky corn veloute
  • Seared Wagyu rump medallion, roasted pumpkin, calvo nero, mushroom jus
GFG Alliance 2018


  • Eton mess, white chocolate mousse, berry compote, meringue, cocoa dust (gf)
GFG Alliance 2018
GFG Alliance Event 2018
GFG Alliance 2018
GFG Alliance 2018

Need a stunning, tailored menu for your next event? Laissez-faire Catering will produce something delicious and bespoke just for you. Contact us today!

Top 20 Menu Ideas for Conferences

Date Posted: 6/09/2018 1:35:08 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

conference catering menu 


  1. Baby smoked salmon and green shallot frittata with sour cream (gluten-free)

  2. Selection of sushi with pickled ginger, soy and wasabi mayonnaise (gluten-free/vegan)

  3. Vegetarian rice paper rolls with dipping sauce (vegan)

  4. Thai Beef salad, glass noodle, mint, coriander, nam jum, fried shallot

  5. Fragrant yellow style Indian chicken curry with fresh spinach and cauliflower florets

  6. Rocket linguine with cherry tomatoes, ricotta and parmesan

  7. Beef bourguignon with button mushrooms, carrots and caramelized eshallots, red wine and sage jus

  8. Parisian style, whole roasted free range chicken served with orange glazed heirloom carrots and roasted chat potatoes

  9. Poached chicken Thai salad, vermicelli noodles, roasted peanuts and nam jing dressing

  10. Mesculin leaves, avocado, trellis, tomatoes with balsamic dressing

Morning Tea

  1. Bircher muesli, with cranberry granola and vanilla yoghurt

  2. Mini sweet muffins

  3. Smoked salmon petit bagels with rocket and cream cheese

  4. Seasonal fruit platter, blossom honey

  5.  Roast turkey and cranberry buttery croissant

Afternoon Tea

  1. House-made beef sausage roll, tomato chutney

  2. Carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting

  3. Canadian brownie with molten chocolate and pecans

  4. Mixed berry Friands

  5. Quiche Lorraine, local bacon, chive, cheddar

Take the Stress out of Big Birthday Planning

Date Posted: 22/08/2018 6:00:00 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez


Big milestones deserve big celebrations. Yet planning a birthday can be as complicated as planning a wedding. Not only do you need to coordinate large numbers of guests, but you also need to make sure the food, events, venue, and decorations are all taken care of. 

This doesn't have to be a stressful process. The better organized you are, the more smoothly things will run. Here's a step-by-step guide.

Start Planning Well in Advance

You don't want to throw a tremendously large bash for every birthday; that would be exhausting. Instead, focus on the milestone birthdays: 1, 21, 40, 50, and so forth. These milestones give you the opportunity to throw a big birthday party without depleting your bank account every year.

And with that in mind -- if you're going to splurge for your loved one on their special day, you should start budgeting for it right away. Start a bank account with some seed money and put some money away every month. This will ensure that you have the funds available when you need them  and    that it doesn't hurt your pocketbook too much!

Get the Right Theme

Jack Daniels Birthday 

Themed birthdays make the entire process of figuring out decor and activities   much easier.  Everyone has something they love. A child may love Disney or Pixar films, for instance, which gives you a wide breadth of information and inspiration that you can pull from.

Themes don't need to be complicated, either. Some people just like particular colors or may have a favorite hobby. Your theme will give you ideas for every part of the birthday, and it will also make it easier for guests to think about what they want to wear and bring.

Focus on the Catering

Events and activities are great, but realistically what everyone always remembers about an event is going to be the food. People remember how creative, attractive, and -- above all -- how delicious the food was, even long after the photos have been taken and the event has been packed away. 

Catering can make this much easier. Catering services can create a complete menu for your party that's creative and fun. For children, this will often include fun food they can interact with, such as an ice cream bar, or finger foods that they can easily eat without making a mess. For adults, this can include things like signature cocktails, alcoholic desserts, and decadent snack platters.

It takes a long time to prepare and plan food for any event. Getting a professional caterer will let you focus on the overall feel of the event rather than attempting to whip up a magical spread as well.

Get Your RSVPs Early

From your catered food to your activities, head count really matters. Today, it can be like pulling nails to get RSVPs. If you're trying to invite people through a social media platform, you'll often get 20 "maybe" responses and 5 "yes" responses -- and it'll ultimately lead to anywhere from 10 guests to 100.

Be very clear about your RSVPs. If you can, send them through the mail: a paper RSVP is more likely to be responded to, especially if you include a return envelope that already has a stamp. If you have to invite people through a digital medium, make sure they know that they have to RSVP by a certain date, and that only a "yes" or a "no" is acceptable.

Stagger Your Activities


Kids also know how to party #laissez_faire_catering #kidsbirthday #party #kids

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A good event is going to have some activities occurring throughout, with time in between for guests to mingle and talk. Staggering activities throughout the day gives guests something to focus on, and makes the experience memorable. Consider:

  • Having activities that people can jump in and out of. At a children's party, this could be something like face painting or drawing. At an adult's party, this could be something like a movie corner, dancing corner, or a drink bar where they can mix up their own drink. 
  • Holding a raffle. Raffles can be held throughout the evening, and can even be mixed with some sort of trivia or contest. Raffles encourage guests to stay throughout the night; just give them a free ticket at the beginning of the event, and draw every hour.
  • Creating fun challenges. Have guests try to hit a target with darts, or try to complete a quick game of charades. You can even get little gifts for the participants, to encourage them to get a little outside of their comfort zone.

Realistically, as long as you have great food and invite the right guests, you're going to have a fun time one way or another. Still, planning ahead of time will ensure that you don't end up with any last minute surprises. For more information about birthday catering, contact Laissez-Faire

Everything You Need to Know to Organise Your Next Conference

Date Posted: 14/08/2018 7:18:11 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez


Even though there are numerous tasks involved in properly planning a conference, you can use our helpful checklist to make sure you don't leave anything out. From talking with the caterers to choosing the venue and sending out invites, here's everything you need to know to organise your next conference. 

Ideally, you will want to start the planning process 16 to 18 months in advance. The larger the event, the more time you will need to plan. If you don't have 16 to 18 months to prepare for your next event, you can adjust the suggested time guideline below to meet your needs. 

16-18 Months Before the Event

Set Goals with Your Planning Committee

First, you need to set goals and objectives for your event. What is the purpose of the event? Next, you're going to build a planning committee that can help you bring these goals to life. The planning committee will need to determine how many attendees you are going to invite, which will help in determining how much space you need. This is also the point at which you will set an exact date for the event to take place. 

Select date

Work out the Budget

Your planning committee will also be in charge of developing a preliminary budget as well as soliciting sponsorship. Even if you already have a budget in place to pay for the event, soliciting sponsorship is an excellent way to minimize your out-of-pocket costs. 

Find a Venue

Now you will want to choose a venue. Keep in mind there will likely be several venues that can accommodate the space and purpose of your event, so you'll want to visit each one in person to get an idea of which one is the best fit. Once you choose which venue is best suited to meet the event's needs, you'll want to secure it with a deposit.

Think about Themes

If the event is going to have a theme, you need to pinpoint any specifics, and you'll also start incorporating theme specifics into your event's marketing plan. You might find it helpful to build a website centered around the event and its theme, or at least a page on your current website or company intranet. This page can even used as an the event registration platform. 

Develop Event Master Plan

Send out Invitations and Finalise Any Contracts

As far as "save the date" notices, you can send them via postal mail, email, or both. And if any additional contracts need to be secured with providers, such as hotel accommodations, this is the point you will want to secure them. 

12-14 Months Before the Event

Round Up the Speakers

About a year in advance, you will want to secure speakers for the event. Don't forget to line up a list of substitute speakers just in case something was to happen and one or more of the original speakers cannot make it to the conference. To entice speakers, you will want to assure them you will take care of their lodging and food expenses. 

Identify and contact sponsors/partners

Start Marketing

It's also at this time that you will need to start marketing the conference and its registration rates. All of this information should be clearly outlined on the event's website. 

Nine to 10 Months Before the Event

Start Accepting Registrations

This is when you open registration to those you invited. You are likely not paying for attendees' hotels, but you should consider teaming up with certain local hotels and secure special rates for attendees to take advantage of. You will want to display these special rates on the event's website. 

Four to Six Months Before the Event

Finalise the Agenda

You will use this period of time to finalise the event's speakers and agenda. Don't forget to update the event's website with speaker information. You'll also need to prepare for the event's audio and visual needs as well as properly plan for anyone who may attend in a wheelchair. 

Three Months Before the Event

Choose a Caterer

It's now time to select caterers and choose menus for the event. You can also use this time to send reminders to speakers and finalise event details relating to any smaller items like linens, flowers, and decor. 


See our conference menus for ideas:

Liaison with presenters/speakers

Venue/logistics planning: 

  • Investigate need for any special permits, licenses, insurance, etc.
  • Determine and arrange all details re menu, A/V equipment, registration set-up, parking, signage, etc.
  • Review security needs
  • Create draft event script

Ensure you have copies of phone numbers, seating arrangement and guest list 

Check-in with all parties involved if everyone is on track 

Provide final registration numbers to caterer 

Three Weeks Before the Event

Final Confirmations

Confirm conference arrangements, such as those made with caterers and also assign session moderators. 

wa Printing

If any printed material is going to be used during the event, such as seating designation signs and brochures, you will need to have them printed at this time. 

One Week Before the Event



The set up for tomorrow's breakfast 2000 pax #cateringsydney

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All materials need to be shipped to the conference venue and a walk-through needs to be performed. 


Email reminders should, again, be sent to all attendees and speakers. 

Oversee Equipment Setup

Audio and video equipment should be set up during this time too.

Day of the Event

Take it all in!

Relax and rest assured your extensive conference planning has paid off. 

This checklist is a great starting point. If you need some help along the way, Laissez-faire Catering can cater to all your event needs. Call us today! Tell us about your event and we'll give you a quote and get started.

5 Tips to Make Office Event Planning Easy

Date Posted: 8/08/2018 5:05:02 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

The responsibility of organising training days, office events, drink nights, and meetings can be incredibly difficult, especially when it's left in the hands of a single person. Organising and planning any type of event requires a lot of preparation, effort, and time, all of which become maximised when planning for a large company. Fortunately, there are several tips you can follow to make office event planning easy. 

Create a Google Calendar to Coordinate Events

 Planning an Event

With so much going on, it can be difficult to keep up with everything. From board meetings to budget planning to finishing your daily duties, planning an event requires much organisation, and this organisation runs even deeper when planning multiple events. 

To help ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the events, you can use Google Calendars. Not only does it allow you to share event dates with everyone involved in the event, but it also automatically updates changes across everyone's calendars when you have to alter a date for a meeting or activity. Since changes are very common when planning an event, you will want to send a memo to everyone to check their Google Calendar daily for changes. This enables you to rest assured everyone is made aware of the changes without you having to send out individual updates. 

Create and Use Checklists for Each Event

To say you're going to plan an event without the use of a checklist is, by far, the biggest mistake you can make. Having a checklist on you at all times will not only allow you to check off things you have accomplished but it keeps your memory fresh regarding the things you still need to do. And since no two events are exactly the same, you will need to customise a checklist for each event you are preparing. If you have previous experience with a certain type of event, use your checklist from that event to plan any future ones; this will ensure you don't overlook anything. You can also use a checklist you find online. Ideally, a general checklist will look something as follows, but remember, it needs to be tailored to the exact event you are preparing:

  • Determine goals and objectives for the event
  • Choose a date
  • Check out various venues and choose one
  • Create a master plan, including cost estimates
  • Build an event committee
  • Secure sponsors
  • Send out invitations requesting an RSVP
  • Continue preparing for the event, such as selecting speakers
  • Promote the event using various platforms like social media
  • Contact caterers and video/audio service providers
  • Set up for the event
  • Host the event
  • Send out thank you notes to those who attended, and ask for feedback

Start Planning Early


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It's never too early to start planning for an event. Once it is confirmed the event is going to be hosted, you need to start planning.  The larger the event, the more time it is going to take to properly plan for it. Even small events can take months. Large ones tend to take 12-18 months, with some taking multiple years to plan for. One of the most important parts of planning early is to secure vendor contracts and stay in contact with the vendors to ensure they are up to date with the latest event information. Also, when planning, it's good to look back over your past events and pinpoint the vendors and caterers you were pleased with. You can reach out to these companies again and ask for their services. 

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

You can never have too many helping for an event. The more people you have to help you, the easier it is to keep everything organised. And while you may find you have to pay some people for their assistance in helping plan the event, such as a professional event planner, you will also find there are plenty of people who are willing to pitch in and volunteer their time to help. You can be the best office manager or assistant, but planning an event requires multiple people, and most importantly, it requires clear communication between everyone involved. Establishing clear lines of communication from the get-go is one of the smartest moves you can make when it comes to event planning. In the least, you will want the following lines of communication to be open between everyone:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Postal address so mail communication can take place
  • Video conferencing


From early planning to using checklists to using Google Calendars, all of the tips mentioned above are great starting points for making sure your next big event is a success. 

For more information on planning your menu for your next office event,   contact the expert chefs at Laissez-faire.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Dining Option for Your Next Event

Date Posted: 16/07/2018 2:10:00 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

 laissez faire buffet

If you are hosting a party, one of the first things you will want to ask yourself is, "should I have a buffet or seated dining at my event?" There are several pros and cons that come along with both types of seating and it will depend on the specifics of your party as to which type will be best suited. For now, let's explore a few tips you can follow to help you pick the best type of seating for your next event. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Dining Option for Your Next Event

There are three main things to keep in mind when choosing between seated and buffet dining. The first is your budget. Seated catering is going to cost more than a buffet event. The second thing you will want to consider is the venue. If you are hosting the event in a venue that is grand, then seated catering is going to be the best choice.

Click the banner below to view our list of Sydney venues:


And lastly, you will want to consider the style of food you want to serve. If you want a large selection of foods and you aren't concerned with upholding a great amount of formality, then a buffet will be best suited to meet your preferences. 

Seated Catering Options

When you take advantage of seated catering, this means a plate will be served to your guests and there will be no need for them to get up and serve themselves. As you can imagine, receiving this type of service can make a person feel very special because they are literally being waited on hand and foot.

Seated catering is especially ideal for weddings and big corporate events and it tends to be paired with extreme decorations and a grand venue. Most people view this type of seating as professional and fancy, making it the go-to choice if this is the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Seated catering can take place in one of two ways. With the first way, your guests get to choose between two or more entree options. If you opt for this way, you'll need your guests to RSVP well in advance with their preferred entree option to ensure the catering service provider has properly prepared the right amount of each dish. If you have multiple guests who fail to RSVP, this can make the actual event quite stressful. 

The other way seated catering can take place is by not giving the guests an option for their entree. You will, however, need to take into account the food preferences of your guests when selecting the entree that you are going to serve. Take for example if you are going to serve steak filet as your entree. Although this is likely to be a big hit, there will be people who show up who either can't eat steak or don't eat it. For these people, you will need to have something else served, such as Tilapia, pork chops or a vegetarian option is always safe.

When compared to a buffet, seated catering comes with fewer options. And because each guest is served individually, the dining part of the event usually takes up more of the reception time when compared to buffet catering. If you have a lot of other events taking place during the reception, like a formal dance or other ceremonial activities, you may want to consider buffet catering as your dining option. 

Buffet Catering Options

Even though buffet catering isn't typically viewed as being quite as fancy as seated catering, it can still be very professional, especially when the food items are sitting on the buffet line on ceramic or glass plates and dishes. It's also with a buffet that you can still have caterers standing by to help your guests fix their plates as they walk through the line.

One of the best aspects of a buffet catered event is that it can be scaled to meet your preferences. Whether you're hosting a wedding or a birthday party, the buffet can be adjusted to meet the event's formality, however, they tend to go best with informal events, like work lunches and product launches. Buffet events have a more casual and laid-back feeling to them and even though caterers are not waiting on guests hand and foot, they can still be used to pick up after the guests, removing their plates once they have finished eating. 

Contact Us Today

Regardless of the seating option you choose, Laissez-faire Catering can do both! Contact us today - talk to us about your event and we can suggest some great menu ideas.

Your Go-To Guide for the Top Vegan Catering Ideas

Date Posted: 9/07/2018 2:05:00 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

If you've ever hosted a dinner party before, you know firsthand how stressful it can be. And when you throw in the kicker of hosting a vegan party, things can get very complicated very quickly. Fortunately, though, you can use catering services to lessen your stress and to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

We've thrown together the ultimate go-to guide for top vegan catering ideas. Our guide covers everything from proper preparation to mastering the menu and even a few recipes you'll definitely want to include at your next vegan party. 

vegan salad

It All Starts With Proper Preparation

Whether you have two weeks or two months to plan, proper preparation is key to hosting a successful vegan dinner party. If you procrastinate on planning, it's sure to turn into a complete disaster. Some ingredients may not be available at the time you need them, or you might need to find a speciality store. With this in mind, you need to do your shopping for your vegan dishes well in advance of the actual event. In fact, you'll need at least a good week or two to properly source your ingredients. 

Provide Plenty of Starter Choices

Just because you love guacamole doesn't mean everyone else is going to. This is why you need to be very diverse in the dishes you serve. Fortunately, just because you're hosting a vegan party doesn't mean you are going to be limited in what you can serve. 


You'll want to start the party with plenty of dips, like hummus and salsa to go along with the guacamole and white bean dip. You can also whip up some lentil dip because it tends to a party favorite. If you're going to set out any bread with the dip, you'll want to make sure it has been baked with no eggs. And if you're wanting a crunchy bread, ciabatta tends to be good. Slices of bread like challah and brioche should be avoided; they don't go well with dips. As far as the beverages, you'll want to make sure the wine is chilled and you can even serve up a couple kinds of signature cocktails. 

Do keep in mind that even though it's ideal to provide lots of starter choices, it's best to keep them light. If you offer heavy starter options, you and the guests are going to have a difficult time getting down the main course, much less dessert. It's also important to serve starters that complement the main course, and regardless of what you choose, make sure it's something that cleanses the palette and is easy to digest. 

Make the Main Course the Main Event 

When you invited your guests to a vegan dinner party, their minds probably went rampant thinking about the main course. From bean curries with chutneys to a salad with a side of slow-cooked veggie tagines, they've been wondering for days what you're going to serve; this is why you need to dress your main course up to be the main event. Be bold and try to pick something that you don't think most of your guests have likely tried before. 

burger vegan

If you have a lot of guests who aren't actually vegan, then they'll be begging you for something meaty, and since meat is off the table (pun intended), you'll have to do your best to suit their preferences. You can rest assured there are plenty of ways to delight the taste buds of a regular meat eater, especially when you serve meatless burgers. Even though there is no actual meat to be enjoyed in this tasty burger, it still mimics a regular hamburger almost to a T when it comes to the flavor and texture. You'll even find some meatless burger recipes that actually bleed on the grill while you're cooking them. There are a number of ingredients these burgers can be made from, including eggplant and beets. 

Dessert Is Dessert

You don't have to go wild with the dessert. Hopefully, by the time dessert rolls around, your guests will be plenty full from all the scrumptious starters and the main course. With this in mind, try your best to keep it simple. Fruits are sure to be a big hit after the last few courses, especially if you serve it with red wine. 

The Takeaway

Hosting a vegan dinner party doesn't have to be stressful. And while it can be nice to prepare the dishes yourself, you'll find it is much easier to enjoy the party when you take advantage of catering services. And don't forget to have your guests RSVP with any dietary requirements well before the event so your caterer has time to organise a vegan option.

For more information on planning your vegan menu for your next party or event, contact the expert chefs at Laissez-faire.

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Coffee Done Right: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Date Posted: 4/07/2018 12:23:00 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Coffee is a favourite way to start the day in many households and is a must with breakfast. However, it can also accent lunch and dinner in artful ways. With so many roasts, varieties and flavours as well as endless espresso drink possibilities, there’s truly something for everyone.  

Don't settle for burnt or boring coffee at your next party or get-together. Try something new! Laissez-faire Catering is here to assist you in selecting the perfect java accents for your catered event. With more than two decades of experience, we’re your premiere source for event catering and corporate catering in Sydney. Whether you are looking to cater a wedding or a business event, we’ll help you to create the perfect setting and menu in a way that’s sustainable and in harmony with the season.

However, you can draw inspiration from a variety of sources in your own event planning and entertaining at home. Whether it's a dinner party with friends or a brunch with the family, coffee service need not be ordinary. Consider these coffee and espresso drink ideas:

A New Take On Coffee For Breakfast

When it's winter in Australia, going for something hot and comforting in the morning can help with easing into the day. However, if you want to add flair, consider making hot cappuccino instead. You might also whip up some flat white (espresso with microfoam – steamed milk with fine, velvety bubbles) for those who want a subtle departure from coffee.


If you have guests who are feeling a little more adventurous, consider serving them a Moroccan spiced coffee recipe. See this recipe from The Hungry Traveler blog.

There are plenty of traditional options when it comes to breakfast fare. For something different and perfect with coffee, you might try an innovative gourmet banana bread topped with espresso glaze. See the recipe from How Sweet Eats.

Coffee with Lunch

With one of the farm to table lunches offered by Laissez-faire Catering, coffee is far from an afterthought. You can take the same approach at home by serving a coffee your guests don’t typically drink. Some suggestions include:

Macchiato. This espresso drink includes a small amount of foamed milk.

Ristretto. This drink beverage features a short shot of espresso along with a standard amount of ground coffee; however, it is brewed much stronger with just half the normal amount of water.

Venetian. This is a sweet coffee drink. Consider including amaretto or sambuca if your guests are interested. You can also top a Venetian with whipped cream to make it a decadent dessert drink.


Not sure what to serve for lunch? Keep the coffee theme going with coffee-braised short ribs. Try this succulent recipe from Food Republic.

 The Perfect Dinner Accent

The best time to serve coffee with dinner is right after the meal. A perfectly brewed medium or dark roast will do the trick for many of your guests – keep a smooth decaf on hand for those who don’t want to have caffeine too late in the evening. It is the perfect way to end a meal. It keeps the conversation going and enhances the flavors you and your guests have just experienced. Drinking coffee after a meal also helps aid in digestion.

For a departure from what’s expected, you might also give guests the option of Pakistani Coffee with Cinnamon & Cardamom. This recipe from Global Table Adventure shows you exactly how to prepare the perfect cup.

For a cooler and more dessert-like option, consider serving your guests Vietnamese Iced Coffee after dinner. The addition of condensed sweetened milk ensures it’s lush, cold and strong. Guests will love ending their meal with this delicious coffee-based option. It’s also rich enough to serve as a stand-alone dessert option. Get the recipe at The Sugar Hit.


Whether or not you decide to serve coffee with or after dinner, you might also include a coffee themed dessert to follow the meal. One of our old favourites is tiramisu. There are so many ways to make this Italian classic, and you can prepare it a day before and serve up on the night.

As for a main course in keeping with the theme, look for ways to incorporate a coffee-inspired sauce on a main dish or an espresso marinade for meat. Ham or pork loin roast with a coffee glaze will delight their senses, or consider adding a side dish with coffee accents to any entrée.

More than just a way to wake up in the morning, coffee and espresso drinks can be the perfect accent for any meal of the day. At Laissez-faire Catering, we select every element of our menu with care and pride. Count on us for fresh sustainable event catering and corporate catering in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

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Farm to Table: Sustainable and Seasonal Wedding Catering

Date Posted: 27/06/2018 9:03:55 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

As you begin the process of planning your wedding, you have quite a few things to consider with catering options in Sydney. It can be a bit overwhelming, but Laissez-faire Catering is here to support you in this journey. We've been doing this for over 20 years, and know how to cater a wedding without any hangups. We also know that times are changing regarding what people expect at their wedding reception. How you cater your wedding is a personal statement. Laissez-faire can help you create a wedding that does not seem over-indulgent or too expensive all while keeping your event current with the season and sustainable.


In fact, Laissez-faire has their own seal of approval called Foodified™. When you see our Foodified™ Seal of Approval, you can expect fresh, local and seasonal food. At Laissez-faire, we believe that fresh, local, and seasonal food should also be affordable.

Can Your Wedding Budget Support a Farm to Table Theme?

We believe that the answer is, "Of course!" Don't let a wedding caterer ever tell you that you are going to go over your budget if you want a sustainable and seasonal wedding. It's a fallacy that this should cost you more when you have chosen a menu that includes local and seasonal fruits, vegetables, meat and cheeses. These things don't have to be synonymous with expensive. By catering your wedding menu to what is available locally and seasonally, you should have a more affordable wedding budget.


What else do you need #chesse

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Laissez-faire has found that working with our Foodified™ system, you actually save money on ingredients. Sydney has a wide array of fruits that grow in our climate. If you are having a winter wedding, we would help you choose ingredients that are available locally in Sydney.

For example, winter in Sydney means that you will find citrus fruits widely available maybe even some pears and persimmons. We would choose to work with these items instead of something like apricots, peaches, or melons which tend to be summer fruits. If you have something like apricots on your menu during a winter wedding, they will need to be imported from another region. This makes your menu both more expensive and not sustainable or farm to table. We have found that by going with fresh local ingredients, we are also able to create an ambient menu that naturally compliments the time of the year and the wedding that you have planned at an affordable price.

Sustainable Food Service Means Affordable Food Service

Your caterer should be able to tailor a seasonal wedding menu using local and fresh ingredients and save you money because you aren't trying to buy fruits and other ingredients that are out of season. Wedding trends in Sydney no longer point to over-indulgent and too expensive. We find that more of a minimalist approach is what is popular in today's weddings. Using our locally grown fruits and vegetables, we can create various food stations at your reception that bring simple elegance to your wedding and also make your colors pop even more. Bonus: your wedding pictures will be gorgeous!

Pair Your Farm to Table Menu with a Farm to Table Theme


Farm to table catering brings to mind rustic and artisan decor. Picture stained wood tables and chairs with lots of plants and flowers at every table. Tie these elements together with a pop up bar and rustic lighting. You have now created a very beautiful yet simple aesthetic that won't easily be forgotten. Your wedding guests will love seeing the local faire at your wedding. Expect to have very many instagrammable moments in addition to any planned photography that you may have.

Contact Experts in Farm to Table Wedding Catering

At Laissez-faire, we have worked on creating sustainable and local menus for decades. We can provide several examples of menus that we have done in the past. From there, you can customize your wedding menu to your needs. We have also serviced some of the most memorable venues in Sydney for wedding receptions and can help you plan for an event at one of these spaces. If you have something else in mind, we will be able to provide a menu and ambiance that matches your chosen location. We have over 20 years of experience in making wedding packages customized to fit your needs.

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Wedding Packages

To learn more about us, please contact us here or give us a call at (02) 9209 4810.

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Special

Date Posted: 26/06/2018 11:01:10 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

 Australian National Maritime Museum WEDDING 4

Everyone wants to be remembered for their stellar wedding reception and at Laissez-faire Catering, we agree - and then we set the bar higher than that. The small details really are what makes a wedding reception go from average to extraordinary. With over 20 years providing catering services in Sydney, we know what the current trends are that will make your event stand out and keep your wedding remembered in a timeless manner. Keep reading to find out what we have identified as the key five factors that make a modern wedding reception be remembered for all time.

Multiple Food Stations at Your Reception


Food stations add a whole new element to a wedding reception. The guests don't have to wait to be served at a table. They feel encouraged to get up and move around. You can also avoid the long wait in a line of one station that is basically a buffet style of serving. Food stations offer several visual points throughout the reception area and plenty of opportunity for your guests to mingle with each other. Not to mention that an elegant food station can be the key to starting off a great conversation among the guests.

Food stations offer your guests plenty of options to snack on whatever they feel like, as well as luscious visuals that really make the wedding reception pop with beautiful colors, flavors, and scents. Your guests will feel more like moving around instead of staying seated in one spot all night.

Our chef's team will make sure that your food choices are not only delicious but also look like works of art. Each food station is carefully thought out with everything from the best farm to table options to a beautiful display of seasonal foods to set the mood. Here are a few examples of food stations that we've done in the past.

  • Cognac and Chocolate
  • Cheese, Meat and Seasonal Fruit
  • Carving station of your choice of meats accompanied with Southern sides like a smoky pimento cheese
  • Crudites bars
  • Charcuteries

There is no limit to our imagination and we are happy to help you create the ideal food stations for your wedding theme. The food station itself can offer some of the most beautiful centerpieces and points of conversation. Your wedding reception can be a place where family and friends make lifetime friendships just by adding a few different food stations!

Click the image below to download information about our Wedding packages (and access all of our other menus!):

Wedding Packages

Popup Bar


Depending on your theme, this could include a full bar or a simple tea and coffee station. What we really like about the pop up bar station is that it allows you to present your ambiance and theme in a unique way. By adding lighting, plants and simple decor themes, you can tie the whole reception together with your theme at a pop up bar.

Reinvent the Canape Table


A canape table reinvented with garnishes from our talented garde mangers will give you an opportunity to highlight your wine or champagne offering with seasonal fruits and veggies. The really wonderful thing about sticking to seasonal fruits and veggies is not just the ambiance, but it helps you with your wedding budget, too. Technically, this would be another great option for a food station, but it also allows you to gracefully show off new culinary delights in traditional way.

Decor is Everything!


By taking the time to put a little extra flair and drama into things like food stations, pop up bars, and canape tables, you create several focal points that are great opportunities for photos of the wedding guests. You can tie your color themes into the whole area. Your guests will feel like they are all an important part to the wedding party when the decor ties the entire room together with several visual points for them to mingle or be drawn together.

Audio Visual Gear

The Cell Block Theatre at the National Art School  7

Audio visual gear is one of the most commonly overlooked elements by the wedding guests, but when you don't have it, everyone will notice. Do you plan on having videos playing, music, people making speeches? You'll need lighting and gear to make sure everyone can hear or see your speaker or videos. Most venues will have this available to your wedding reception, but it is important to make sure that you plan on it. No one wants to have a speech being talked over because some of the wedding guests didn't hear that the speech or the video start playing.

Contact Us for Your Sydney Wedding

Browse our website to see some of the beautiful venues that we service and learn more about our unique approach to your wedding. You can call us at (02) 9209 4810 or contact us on our website.

In Trend: Seasonal Catering

Date Posted: 18/06/2018 7:14:08 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Seasonal, farm-to-table catering is an exciting new trend in events and cuisine. Rather than serving the same staple foods every catering event, many are instead moving towards serving foods that are made with fresh, local produce. These are items that cannot be found in the area outside of season and aren't shipped in or frozen. Fresher, farm-to-table produce naturally leads to delicious, impressive food. 

The Benefits of Seasonal Catering

  • Support your local community. Seasonal catering uses ingredients that come directly from local farmers, suppliers, and vendors, increasing your relationships with the community and helping your local community thrive. The more support these small, local businesses and farms get, the better your community as a whole will fare.
  • Give your guests one-of-a-kind dishes. Seasonal catering expertly crafts dishes around what is available in your area. This isn't always predictable; some years some crops fare well while others don't. The side effect is that your guests are treated to fresh, imaginative one-of-a-kind dishes -- meals that they will remember for a long time to come.
  • Deliver healthy, nutritious foods. Seasonal catering is delivered directly from the farm to the table, never frozen, not over processed, and not packed full of preservatives. The fresh foods that are made with these seasonal ingredients aren't just going to be tastier, but they're also going to be healthier.

Creating a Seasonal Catering Menu

Your caterer can work directly with you to create a menu that is appealing to you while conforming to the ingredients that are available in your area. Seasonal catering menus are often themed based on the season, designed with a certain aesthetic in mind. These seasonal menus often showcase their best ingredients, letting guests experience them to the fullest. There are very few things that can't be done inside of a seasonal menu: every season brings with it a wide variety of exquisite seasonal produce.

Seasonal catering menus can help you narrow down to specific flavors or themes for your meals, so you don't have to develop an entire menu from scratch. Your catering chefs can focus on the proteins or highlights that you're interested in, seasoning the foods to your preference, and using the herbs and spices that you desire. All of this will be wrapped around fresh, attractive produce.

Flavors By the Season



Spring brings with it many tropical varieties of fruit: bananas, blood oranges, cherries, and grapefruit. These are perfect for the drink list, in addition to lovely and refreshing fruit salads. In terms of the more savory fare, Spring offers artichokes, asparagus, beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, peas, potatoes, snow peas, and tomatoes. These can be used to create nearly any dish.



Autumn is often a time of warm, savory, and spicy dishes. Autumn fruits include custard apples, figs, honeydew, kiwi fruit, peaches, pears, persimmons, plums, and rhubarbs. For the main course, greens include beetroot, brussels sprouts, carrots, eggplants, parsnips, pumpkins, silverbeets, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms. 



Summer is when you want to keep your flavors light and refreshing. Apricots, blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, cherries, currants, mulberries, nectarines, and watermelons are all plentiful during this time, and can be mixed into salads and drinks. Summer vegetables include asparagus, leeks, lettuce, squash, and zucchinis, which can be used to create bright, flavorful entrees. 


Winter is often a time for more hearty foods. Fruits available during the winter include apples, grapefruit, lemons, limes, oranges, pears, persimmons, and rhubarb. For vegetables, your catering will often have available cabbage, carrots, celery, fennel, horseradish, okra, leek, potato, and turnips. These can be used to create thick, hearty fare for your guests. 

Tips for Creating the Best Seasonal Catering Menu

Work closely with your caterer to make sure you're developing the perfect menu. When discussing foods with your caterer, use examples of meals that you've had in the past, and the flavors that you love the most. Let them know that you're interested in a seasonal, farm-to-table menu from the outset, so they know to plan their menu accordingly. Make sure you set the date for your event early on, so you don't need to make any drastic changes to the menu. If your event falls between two seasons, you may find yourself with even more menu options.

Though a seasonal catering menu may sound complex, it's actually a simple way to ensure that you get delicious food in a responsible, sustainable way. By planning out a seasonal catering menu, you give your guests a unique, healthy meal, while also supporting your local farms and businesses. For more information on planning the catering menu for your next event, contact the expert chefs at Laissez-faire.

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Have You Found The Right Venue For Your December Christmas Party?

Date Posted: 13/06/2018 1:57:07 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Although December is still half a year away, if you’re a personal assistant working in any Sydney company or office, your boss may have already asked you to work out plans for the company Christmas Party.

If your boss has asked you to manage the event as early as today, you’re in luck because you have so much time to prepare and iron things out before the event!

One of the most important things that you need to do is find the best venue for your company Christmas party. There are many event venues in Sydney that you could consider. Before you choose a venue, consider the following:

1. Get The Employees’ Feedback

This is one sure way of choosing the right venue for your party. Ask them through email or a poll or survey what kind of venue they’d prefer. Have a few venues in mind and come up with some words to describe each of them and what kind of event would be held there. This will make it easy for employees to say “this one sounds great!”

Ask them about any past venues they’ve been to for work functions that have been a blast. Ask them what they like or dislike about a Christmas party venue. You will get a general idea of how you will plan your Christmas party, how to promote it and get the best venue that people will be excited to arrive at.

2. The Theme and The Venue Should Match

RedHill EducationChristmas Party 20162 

Will you be having a theme at your Christmas party, and will there be a dress code for the venue? Will the venue provide the catering services or will you prefer to choose your own caterer? Will there be enough parking for everyone? If not, is it easy to get to the venue via public transport?

Everything should be ironed out with the venue including the little details just to prevent any misunderstanding before and during the event. Themes are mostly perfect for small parties in small or averaged-sized venues because they add value and excitement, but don’t let this stop you from being creative if the chosen venue is large enough for a grand idea. The important thing here is that everyone should have fun and the event should be one to remember.

3. Budget

The venue will depend on how much budget you will get or what you can ask from your higher ups. Once you have gotten all the feedback of your office mates, and have chosen one top venue, present all the information to your boss and get their approval. A large chunk of the budget will go the venue, food and drinks so have everything presented to get the budget right.

4. Make The Reservations

Once everything has been approved, book your venue and your caterer as early as possible. The earlier the better because you will be able to choose the day and time for the event. Christmas is a busy time, and that’s why we’re giving you all of this info now! Get to it!

Planning everything now means you won’t feel rushed or stressed.

Below are some of our favourite Christmas party venues in Sydney:

State Library of New South Wales

State Library of New South Wales 

Features the historic Mitchell Building and the modern features of the Macquarie Street building, the State Library of New South Wales can accommodate formal and casual Christmas parties for your company. It can accommodate up to 200 guests in the Dixson room.

The building is situated between the Royal Botanic Gardens and Parliament House on Macquarie Street. The closest train stations are Martin Place and St James. Circular Quay is only a short walk away. The Sydney Explorer bus stops outside the Library on Macquarie Street.

This is a great venue if you want to be in the thick of it in Sydney and treat the employees to a fancy night in the city. It’ll be impossible to forget this venue!

Roundhouse at UNSW

Roundhouse at UNSW 

Another fine venue for a Christmas party. The Roundhouse has been a venue of choice for concerts for many years and has now undergone extensive changes to deliver top notch venue services.

If you’re looking for something more casual than the State Library, this might be your venue.

The venue can accommodate up to 2,200 guests with 14 function rooms to choose from. The Roundhouse offers cutting edge audio-visual systems, a modular stage and a flown PA system if you decide to have a live band playing at your party. If you get employee feedback saying live music really makes a corporate event fun, Roundhouse is the one!

Harbour 220

Harbour 220 

If everyone in the office is sick of being surrounded by office buildings every day, Harbour 220 will provide stunning views of Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Botanical Gardens. It has 3 function rooms that can accommodate up to 150 guests and is available for night events; perfect for a Christmas party night out with cocktails and canapes.

Harbor 220 is located on the 15th floor of the Hudson Building on Macquarie Street. Hire a photographer for the night because you won’t want anyone to forget these views.

The Cell Block at The National Art School

The Cell Block at The National Art School 

The Cell Block is an old prison block that was renovated into a dramatic theatrical venue, perfect for something different and interesting. The wooden floors and stone walls keeps the simplicity of the space while keeping its history intact, thus making it a unique venue for a Sydney Christmas party.

Make things more modern with a DJ in one corner and serve cocktails and food while dancing and mingling with your office mates and other guests in the middle of the space. Cell Block can house up to 300 guests and is located in Darlinghurst.

For a complete list of popular Laissez Faire partner venues click here.

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Fire Up Your Next Corporate Event With These 9 Party Theme Ideas

Date Posted: 29/05/2018 10:53:16 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Corporate events have always been a part of business. Events build solid relationships between clients and employees. It’s also a time to “roll up the sleeves”, have fun and party the night away. 

There are some parties that you may have attended that really tanked, and you don’t want to have that mistake if you’re organising one. Follow our tips and gone are the days of boring corporate parties!

If you want to truly show your appreciation for your clients, employees and colleagues, you have to make your event as memorable and as fun as possible by having these 3 elements:

  1. Delicious and exciting food
  2. Top notch service 
  3. A fitting venue

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 And to spice things up further, add an awesome party theme to make sure your guest will have a great time and not think about work for a few hours. 

Below are some great party theme ideas that you can use in your next corporate event.

1. Masquerade

This is one of the most famous party themes for many parties and corporate events. You can wear your best tuxedo and flowy, fancy dresses for the night while sporting an elegant mask that adds mystery and excitement. Convert the venue into a grand masquerade ball with royal drapes, elegant lighting and classy table arrangements. A masquerade party theme is a fun and classy take on parties, just make sure that it fits the purpose of your event.

2. Whisky and Wood Theme

Whisky, rustic decor and live music = party! Invite live bands to perform at a venue with gorgeous wooden pillars and other rustic decor, provide a good sound system, set ip wooden tables, use wine barrels as chairs, set up a bar with the best drinks and chow you can offer and dance and sing the night away. This is one night to remember!

3. Aviation Theme

“I feel the need… the need for speed!” as Maverick said in the movie “Top Gun”. You can have an aviation theme and dress up as commercial or fighter pilots. Dress up as any character in Top Gun, and experimental pilot, a flight stewardess and party in a hangar-like venue to make it feel more authentic. If there are planes or helicopters parked in the hangar, it’s an added bonus and will make more authentic! If a hangar is not possible, look for a venue that recreates an aviation atmosphere. Cue Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone”.

4. Acrobat Theme

If you want some heart-stopping excitement, you can have an acrobat theme for your next corporate party. Think of Cirque Du Soleil with some aerial hoop performers and acrobats providing a grand show while guest look on with awe at the same time while sipping their favorite cocktail and having some great canapes.

5. Party and DJs

Party and DJs 

If your next corporate event is more of a social gathering than a formal corporate meeting, have a DJ party theme. Your clients and employees can dance the night away with heart thumping beats provided by your guest DJs. Party lights, party drinks, party food and a party atmosphere will surely be a hit. 

6. Spanish Theme


A Spanish theme is always a relaxing atmosphere centered on good food, sangrias and good bottles of wine. You can ask your caterer to serve some Spanish tapas and other Spanish treats that can entice their taste buds. Complete the atmosphere with some flamenco music and flamenco dancers for entertainment while your guest socialize and enjoy the hot and perfectly cooked paella and tapas. 

7. Barbecue Theme

Who would say no to a barbecue? This is an all-time favorite and will never go out of style. A barbecue theme will remind you of weekends with your family and friends having a barby at your backyard or at the beach. Nothing beats the smell of grilled goodies wafting in the air and  a relaxed atmosphere with cold beers, sodas, juices and cocktails in hand while enjoying some great music in the background. 

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8. Seafood Theme


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Just like a barbecue theme, this is one relaxed and fun party to have. You can have it at the beach or a venue overlooking the sea. You can also opt for a river cruise while enjoying the sights and being served with the best seafood dishes and having cold tropical drinks. 

9. Workshop Theme

A tough and brooding atmosphere that offers a rustic and industrial setting is a good corporate theme if your next company event goes in line with this theme. Use dimmed and warm lights to provide a cozy and charming atmosphere.  

These 9 top corporate party themes will be perfect for your next event. Choose the right caterer and party planner to make things as smooth as possible. 

Heart Warming And Comforting Recipes For The Cold Months

Date Posted: 23/05/2018 4:31:43 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Winter is coming… in Australia that is. What better way to spend it than to have heartwarming comfort food and drinks that you can cook whenever you feel like it or serve to your family and friends for a quick get together.

Below are some of the best winter recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus warm drinks that will taste like a lovely warm hug from a big teddy bear.

The recipes that we have gathered are from different food sites that are known to provide easy to prepare and cook recipes for all. Enjoy!

Winter Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast doesn’t always have to be eggs, bacon, bagels, cereal or coffee. The recipes below are great for waking you up in the cold winter months.

Cheesy Potato Casserole by Culinary Hill

Cheesy Potato Casserole

This potluck dish can be prepared in minutes. Potatoes are very versatile and this dish is perfect for breakfast or brunch.

Quiche With Leeks, Thyme and Goat Cheese by Evergreen Kitchen

The recipe name may be a mouthful, but quiche works well with different types of sides. You can have it as a breakfast with juice, coffee, bacon, eggs, potato wedges or salad.

Banana Nut Oatmeal by Girl Gone Gourmet

One of the easiest, most nutritious, tasty and filling breakfast that you can have to power and energize you during the winter months.

Garlicky Oats with Masala Fried Eggs by My Food Story

Another tasty oatmeal breakfast recipe for you. Oatmeal breakfasts don’t have to be boring and with this recipe, it will surely bring oatmeal to a new level. Spices and fried egg, oatmeal. It’s a breakfast of champions.

Easy Spiced Hot Fruit Bake by Cotter Crunch

An energizing fruits bake breakfast that can be served hot or cold. You can so top this spiced fruit bake to your waffles and pancakes.

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls with Salted caramel Glaze by Fit Mitten Kitchen

Nothing beats the smell of a freshly-baked batch of cinnamon rolls wafting in the morning air. This recipe is also made healthier by using whole flour, coconut oil and coconut sugar. And instead of a cream cheese glaze, it’s highlighted by a salted caramel glaze that will add deliciousness to this recipe.

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Winter Lunch Recipes

These recipes can be served during brunch or lunch with friends or to an office lunch potluck. Lunch doesn’t have to be cafeteria fare only or some microwave nuke ‘em grocery bought food. Have some tasty lunch by trying out these recipes.

Italian Meatball Minestrone Soup by The Cozy Apron

Italian Meatball Minestrone Soup

Soups and stews are perfect during the cold months. It’s hearty, warm and delicious that can be paired with some crusty garlic bread or creamy mashed potatoes plus red wine to wash it all down.

Mushroom Barley Soup By Alisa Cooks

This is a simple winter comfort food perfect for vegetarians if you use vegetable stock or go for the regular recipe and enjoy eating it on a cold lunch day. It’s a light lunch that can make full for the day and be hungry enough before a hearty dinner at home.

Shrimp Summer Roles with Peanut Hoisin Sauce by Skinny Taste

This Vietnamese-inspired spring roll is light and fresh. If you’ve been gone to many Vietnamese restaurants, you will be familiar with this recipe and can pair with a bowl of pho or the soup recipes mentioned above. The tricky part here is how you wrap everything using the rice paper wrap, but once you get the hang of it, everything will be a breeze.

Creamed Spinach With fried Cheese Curds by Food and Wine

A decadent spinach dish that you can eat as it is or pair it with some meat. The fried cheese curds are the crown of this dish and who doesn’t love cheese curds?

Winter Dinner Recipes

After the day’s activities, either work or at school, it’s always nice to go home and eat a hearty home cooked dinner that will fill you up with happiness and content.

Chicken Marsala by The Food Network

Chicken Marsala

A chicken recipe by celebrity chef Tyler Florence with mushrooms and prosciutto.

Chicken with Brussel Sprouts and Apple Cider Sauce by Food Network

Another simple and delicious roast chicken recipe using chicken breast and with apple cider sauce that will add another level of flavor to the dish.

Asian Marinated Pork Chops by Food Network

A recipe by food presenter Melissa D’Arabian having a different twist to the good ol’ pork chops. Pan roasted chops with orange glaze can be cooked and served in a few minutes.

Braised Short Rib and Sweet Potato Chili by Delish

Nobody can say no to a hot bowl of chili. Instead of using ground beef or pork, tender short ribs will give it body and flavor. You can top it with cheddar cheese, cilantro or sour cream. The sweet potatoes and jalapeno will round up this hearty meal.

Beef Stew with Winter Vegetables by Martha Stewart

A hearty beef stew is a winter food staple and comfort food. This recipe can be prepared during weekend since it takes 4 total hours for it to be perfectly cooked. Still, no can argue and dismiss a good beef stew over the table.

Winter Dessert Recipes

After a hearty and warm dinner, definitely, you still have some space for dessert. We all need it.

Maple-Walnut Apple Cobbler by Midwest Living

Apples, cinnamon, crunchy walnuts and sweet maple syrup. You can also top it with a scoop of ice cream to make it even better. Who could say no to this?

Caramel Pecan Skillet Brownie by Midwest Living

An iron skillet is a versatile cooking appliance. You can fry and bake with it and make a delicious brownie dessert with it. It’s a rich, moist and gooey dessert that everyone will love.

Chocolate and Olive Oil Fig Cakes by the Food Network

Chocolate is love. Period. This chocolate cake can be served in just 45 minutes.

Affogato by the Food Network

Affogato - Food Network

This is an Italian classic which can make up awake for longer conversations after dinner. The ice cream and espresso combination will hug your mouth with love and affection.

Chocolate Mason Jars by the Food Network

A recipe by TV food presenter Damaris Phillips and her version of a pot de crème. Who would have thought that you could use mayonnaise in a chocolate dessert, but it works perfectly. Dark chocolate and coffee….nice.

Enjoy and winter months with good food and love for your friends and family. Enjoy and share the recipes.

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