In Trend: Seasonal Catering

Date Posted: 18/06/2018 7:14:08 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Seasonal, farm-to-table catering is an exciting new trend in events and cuisine. Rather than serving the same staple foods every catering event, many are instead moving towards serving foods that are made with fresh, local produce. These are items that cannot be found in the area outside of season and aren't shipped in or frozen. Fresher, farm-to-table produce naturally leads to delicious, impressive food. 

The Benefits of Seasonal Catering

  • Support your local community. Seasonal catering uses ingredients that come directly from local farmers, suppliers, and vendors, increasing your relationships with the community and helping your local community thrive. The more support these small, local businesses and farms get, the better your community as a whole will fare.
  • Give your guests one-of-a-kind dishes. Seasonal catering expertly crafts dishes around what is available in your area. This isn't always predictable; some years some crops fare well while others don't. The side effect is that your guests are treated to fresh, imaginative one-of-a-kind dishes -- meals that they will remember for a long time to come.
  • Deliver healthy, nutritious foods. Seasonal catering is delivered directly from the farm to the table, never frozen, not over processed, and not packed full of preservatives. The fresh foods that are made with these seasonal ingredients aren't just going to be tastier, but they're also going to be healthier.

Creating a Seasonal Catering Menu

Your caterer can work directly with you to create a menu that is appealing to you while conforming to the ingredients that are available in your area. Seasonal catering menus are often themed based on the season, designed with a certain aesthetic in mind. These seasonal menus often showcase their best ingredients, letting guests experience them to the fullest. There are very few things that can't be done inside of a seasonal menu: every season brings with it a wide variety of exquisite seasonal produce.

Seasonal catering menus can help you narrow down to specific flavors or themes for your meals, so you don't have to develop an entire menu from scratch. Your catering chefs can focus on the proteins or highlights that you're interested in, seasoning the foods to your preference, and using the herbs and spices that you desire. All of this will be wrapped around fresh, attractive produce.

Flavors By the Season



Spring brings with it many tropical varieties of fruit: bananas, blood oranges, cherries, and grapefruit. These are perfect for the drink list, in addition to lovely and refreshing fruit salads. In terms of the more savory fare, Spring offers artichokes, asparagus, beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, peas, potatoes, snow peas, and tomatoes. These can be used to create nearly any dish.



Autumn is often a time of warm, savory, and spicy dishes. Autumn fruits include custard apples, figs, honeydew, kiwi fruit, peaches, pears, persimmons, plums, and rhubarbs. For the main course, greens include beetroot, brussels sprouts, carrots, eggplants, parsnips, pumpkins, silverbeets, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms. 



Summer is when you want to keep your flavors light and refreshing. Apricots, blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, cherries, currants, mulberries, nectarines, and watermelons are all plentiful during this time, and can be mixed into salads and drinks. Summer vegetables include asparagus, leeks, lettuce, squash, and zucchinis, which can be used to create bright, flavorful entrees. 


Winter is often a time for more hearty foods. Fruits available during the winter include apples, grapefruit, lemons, limes, oranges, pears, persimmons, and rhubarb. For vegetables, your catering will often have available cabbage, carrots, celery, fennel, horseradish, okra, leek, potato, and turnips. These can be used to create thick, hearty fare for your guests. 

Tips for Creating the Best Seasonal Catering Menu

Work closely with your caterer to make sure you're developing the perfect menu. When discussing foods with your caterer, use examples of meals that you've had in the past, and the flavors that you love the most. Let them know that you're interested in a seasonal, farm-to-table menu from the outset, so they know to plan their menu accordingly. Make sure you set the date for your event early on, so you don't need to make any drastic changes to the menu. If your event falls between two seasons, you may find yourself with even more menu options.

Though a seasonal catering menu may sound complex, it's actually a simple way to ensure that you get delicious food in a responsible, sustainable way. By planning out a seasonal catering menu, you give your guests a unique, healthy meal, while also supporting your local farms and businesses. For more information on planning the catering menu for your next event, contact the expert chefs at Laissez-faire.

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Have You Found The Right Venue For Your December Christmas Party?

Date Posted: 13/06/2018 1:57:07 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Although December is still half a year away, if you’re a personal assistant working in any Sydney company or office, your boss may have already asked you to work out plans for the company Christmas Party.

If your boss has asked you to manage the event as early as today, you’re in luck because you have so much time to prepare and iron things out before the event!

One of the most important things that you need to do is find the best venue for your company Christmas party. There are many event venues in Sydney that you could consider. Before you choose a venue, consider the following:

1. Get The Employees’ Feedback

This is one sure way of choosing the right venue for your party. Ask them through email or a poll or survey what kind of venue they’d prefer. Have a few venues in mind and come up with some words to describe each of them and what kind of event would be held there. This will make it easy for employees to say “this one sounds great!”

Ask them about any past venues they’ve been to for work functions that have been a blast. Ask them what they like or dislike about a Christmas party venue. You will get a general idea of how you will plan your Christmas party, how to promote it and get the best venue that people will be excited to arrive at.

2. The Theme and The Venue Should Match

RedHill EducationChristmas Party 20162 

Will you be having a theme at your Christmas party, and will there be a dress code for the venue? Will the venue provide the catering services or will you prefer to choose your own caterer? Will there be enough parking for everyone? If not, is it easy to get to the venue via public transport?

Everything should be ironed out with the venue including the little details just to prevent any misunderstanding before and during the event. Themes are mostly perfect for small parties in small or averaged-sized venues because they add value and excitement, but don’t let this stop you from being creative if the chosen venue is large enough for a grand idea. The important thing here is that everyone should have fun and the event should be one to remember.

3. Budget

The venue will depend on how much budget you will get or what you can ask from your higher ups. Once you have gotten all the feedback of your office mates, and have chosen one top venue, present all the information to your boss and get their approval. A large chunk of the budget will go the venue, food and drinks so have everything presented to get the budget right.

4. Make The Reservations

Once everything has been approved, book your venue and your caterer as early as possible. The earlier the better because you will be able to choose the day and time for the event. Christmas is a busy time, and that’s why we’re giving you all of this info now! Get to it!

Planning everything now means you won’t feel rushed or stressed.

Below are some of our favourite Christmas party venues in Sydney:

State Library of New South Wales

State Library of New South Wales 

Features the historic Mitchell Building and the modern features of the Macquarie Street building, the State Library of New South Wales can accommodate formal and casual Christmas parties for your company. It can accommodate up to 200 guests in the Dixson room.

The building is situated between the Royal Botanic Gardens and Parliament House on Macquarie Street. The closest train stations are Martin Place and St James. Circular Quay is only a short walk away. The Sydney Explorer bus stops outside the Library on Macquarie Street.

This is a great venue if you want to be in the thick of it in Sydney and treat the employees to a fancy night in the city. It’ll be impossible to forget this venue!

Roundhouse at UNSW

Roundhouse at UNSW 

Another fine venue for a Christmas party. The Roundhouse has been a venue of choice for concerts for many years and has now undergone extensive changes to deliver top notch venue services.

If you’re looking for something more casual than the State Library, this might be your venue.

The venue can accommodate up to 2,200 guests with 14 function rooms to choose from. The Roundhouse offers cutting edge audio-visual systems, a modular stage and a flown PA system if you decide to have a live band playing at your party. If you get employee feedback saying live music really makes a corporate event fun, Roundhouse is the one!

Harbour 220

Harbour 220 

If everyone in the office is sick of being surrounded by office buildings every day, Harbour 220 will provide stunning views of Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Botanical Gardens. It has 3 function rooms that can accommodate up to 150 guests and is available for night events; perfect for a Christmas party night out with cocktails and canapes.

Harbor 220 is located on the 15th floor of the Hudson Building on Macquarie Street. Hire a photographer for the night because you won’t want anyone to forget these views.

The Cell Block at The National Art School

The Cell Block at The National Art School 

The Cell Block is an old prison block that was renovated into a dramatic theatrical venue, perfect for something different and interesting. The wooden floors and stone walls keeps the simplicity of the space while keeping its history intact, thus making it a unique venue for a Sydney Christmas party.

Make things more modern with a DJ in one corner and serve cocktails and food while dancing and mingling with your office mates and other guests in the middle of the space. Cell Block can house up to 300 guests and is located in Darlinghurst.

For a complete list of popular Laissez Faire partner venues click here.

Want Laissez-faire Catering to take care of your Christmas party? Give us a call and start getting organised today.

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Fire Up Your Next Corporate Event With These 9 Party Theme Ideas

Date Posted: 29/05/2018 10:53:16 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Corporate events have always been a part of business. Events build solid relationships between clients and employees. It’s also a time to “roll up the sleeves”, have fun and party the night away. 

There are some parties that you may have attended that really tanked, and you don’t want to have that mistake if you’re organising one. Follow our tips and gone are the days of boring corporate parties!

If you want to truly show your appreciation for your clients, employees and colleagues, you have to make your event as memorable and as fun as possible by having these 3 elements:

  1. Delicious and exciting food
  2. Top notch service 
  3. A fitting venue

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 And to spice things up further, add an awesome party theme to make sure your guest will have a great time and not think about work for a few hours. 

Below are some great party theme ideas that you can use in your next corporate event.

1. Masquerade

This is one of the most famous party themes for many parties and corporate events. You can wear your best tuxedo and flowy, fancy dresses for the night while sporting an elegant mask that adds mystery and excitement. Convert the venue into a grand masquerade ball with royal drapes, elegant lighting and classy table arrangements. A masquerade party theme is a fun and classy take on parties, just make sure that it fits the purpose of your event.

2. Whisky and Wood Theme

Whisky, rustic decor and live music = party! Invite live bands to perform at a venue with gorgeous wooden pillars and other rustic decor, provide a good sound system, set ip wooden tables, use wine barrels as chairs, set up a bar with the best drinks and chow you can offer and dance and sing the night away. This is one night to remember!

3. Aviation Theme

“I feel the need… the need for speed!” as Maverick said in the movie “Top Gun”. You can have an aviation theme and dress up as commercial or fighter pilots. Dress up as any character in Top Gun, and experimental pilot, a flight stewardess and party in a hangar-like venue to make it feel more authentic. If there are planes or helicopters parked in the hangar, it’s an added bonus and will make more authentic! If a hangar is not possible, look for a venue that recreates an aviation atmosphere. Cue Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone”.

4. Acrobat Theme

If you want some heart-stopping excitement, you can have an acrobat theme for your next corporate party. Think of Cirque Du Soleil with some aerial hoop performers and acrobats providing a grand show while guest look on with awe at the same time while sipping their favorite cocktail and having some great canapes.

5. Party and DJs

Party and DJs 

If your next corporate event is more of a social gathering than a formal corporate meeting, have a DJ party theme. Your clients and employees can dance the night away with heart thumping beats provided by your guest DJs. Party lights, party drinks, party food and a party atmosphere will surely be a hit. 

6. Spanish Theme


A Spanish theme is always a relaxing atmosphere centered on good food, sangrias and good bottles of wine. You can ask your caterer to serve some Spanish tapas and other Spanish treats that can entice their taste buds. Complete the atmosphere with some flamenco music and flamenco dancers for entertainment while your guest socialize and enjoy the hot and perfectly cooked paella and tapas. 

7. Barbecue Theme

Who would say no to a barbecue? This is an all-time favorite and will never go out of style. A barbecue theme will remind you of weekends with your family and friends having a barby at your backyard or at the beach. Nothing beats the smell of grilled goodies wafting in the air and  a relaxed atmosphere with cold beers, sodas, juices and cocktails in hand while enjoying some great music in the background. 

Click the banner below to enter your details and get instant access to the BBQ menu :


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8. Seafood Theme


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Just like a barbecue theme, this is one relaxed and fun party to have. You can have it at the beach or a venue overlooking the sea. You can also opt for a river cruise while enjoying the sights and being served with the best seafood dishes and having cold tropical drinks. 

9. Workshop Theme

A tough and brooding atmosphere that offers a rustic and industrial setting is a good corporate theme if your next company event goes in line with this theme. Use dimmed and warm lights to provide a cozy and charming atmosphere.  

These 9 top corporate party themes will be perfect for your next event. Choose the right caterer and party planner to make things as smooth as possible. 

Heart Warming And Comforting Recipes For The Cold Months

Date Posted: 23/05/2018 4:31:43 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Winter is coming… in Australia that is. What better way to spend it than to have heartwarming comfort food and drinks that you can cook whenever you feel like it or serve to your family and friends for a quick get together.

Below are some of the best winter recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus warm drinks that will taste like a lovely warm hug from a big teddy bear.

The recipes that we have gathered are from different food sites that are known to provide easy to prepare and cook recipes for all. Enjoy!

Winter Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast doesn’t always have to be eggs, bacon, bagels, cereal or coffee. The recipes below are great for waking you up in the cold winter months.

Cheesy Potato Casserole by Culinary Hill

Cheesy Potato Casserole

This potluck dish can be prepared in minutes. Potatoes are very versatile and this dish is perfect for breakfast or brunch.

Quiche With Leeks, Thyme and Goat Cheese by Evergreen Kitchen

The recipe name may be a mouthful, but quiche works well with different types of sides. You can have it as a breakfast with juice, coffee, bacon, eggs, potato wedges or salad.

Banana Nut Oatmeal by Girl Gone Gourmet

One of the easiest, most nutritious, tasty and filling breakfast that you can have to power and energize you during the winter months.

Garlicky Oats with Masala Fried Eggs by My Food Story

Another tasty oatmeal breakfast recipe for you. Oatmeal breakfasts don’t have to be boring and with this recipe, it will surely bring oatmeal to a new level. Spices and fried egg, oatmeal. It’s a breakfast of champions.

Easy Spiced Hot Fruit Bake by Cotter Crunch

An energizing fruits bake breakfast that can be served hot or cold. You can so top this spiced fruit bake to your waffles and pancakes.

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls with Salted caramel Glaze by Fit Mitten Kitchen

Nothing beats the smell of a freshly-baked batch of cinnamon rolls wafting in the morning air. This recipe is also made healthier by using whole flour, coconut oil and coconut sugar. And instead of a cream cheese glaze, it’s highlighted by a salted caramel glaze that will add deliciousness to this recipe.

Click the image below to download our breakfast menu:


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Winter Lunch Recipes

These recipes can be served during brunch or lunch with friends or to an office lunch potluck. Lunch doesn’t have to be cafeteria fare only or some microwave nuke ‘em grocery bought food. Have some tasty lunch by trying out these recipes.

Italian Meatball Minestrone Soup by The Cozy Apron

Italian Meatball Minestrone Soup

Soups and stews are perfect during the cold months. It’s hearty, warm and delicious that can be paired with some crusty garlic bread or creamy mashed potatoes plus red wine to wash it all down.

Mushroom Barley Soup By Alisa Cooks

This is a simple winter comfort food perfect for vegetarians if you use vegetable stock or go for the regular recipe and enjoy eating it on a cold lunch day. It’s a light lunch that can make full for the day and be hungry enough before a hearty dinner at home.

Shrimp Summer Roles with Peanut Hoisin Sauce by Skinny Taste

This Vietnamese-inspired spring roll is light and fresh. If you’ve been gone to many Vietnamese restaurants, you will be familiar with this recipe and can pair with a bowl of pho or the soup recipes mentioned above. The tricky part here is how you wrap everything using the rice paper wrap, but once you get the hang of it, everything will be a breeze.

Creamed Spinach With fried Cheese Curds by Food and Wine

A decadent spinach dish that you can eat as it is or pair it with some meat. The fried cheese curds are the crown of this dish and who doesn’t love cheese curds?

Winter Dinner Recipes

After the day’s activities, either work or at school, it’s always nice to go home and eat a hearty home cooked dinner that will fill you up with happiness and content.

Chicken Marsala by The Food Network

Chicken Marsala

A chicken recipe by celebrity chef Tyler Florence with mushrooms and prosciutto.

Chicken with Brussel Sprouts and Apple Cider Sauce by Food Network

Another simple and delicious roast chicken recipe using chicken breast and with apple cider sauce that will add another level of flavor to the dish.

Asian Marinated Pork Chops by Food Network

A recipe by food presenter Melissa D’Arabian having a different twist to the good ol’ pork chops. Pan roasted chops with orange glaze can be cooked and served in a few minutes.

Braised Short Rib and Sweet Potato Chili by Delish

Nobody can say no to a hot bowl of chili. Instead of using ground beef or pork, tender short ribs will give it body and flavor. You can top it with cheddar cheese, cilantro or sour cream. The sweet potatoes and jalapeno will round up this hearty meal.

Beef Stew with Winter Vegetables by Martha Stewart

A hearty beef stew is a winter food staple and comfort food. This recipe can be prepared during weekend since it takes 4 total hours for it to be perfectly cooked. Still, no can argue and dismiss a good beef stew over the table.

Winter Dessert Recipes

After a hearty and warm dinner, definitely, you still have some space for dessert. We all need it.

Maple-Walnut Apple Cobbler by Midwest Living

Apples, cinnamon, crunchy walnuts and sweet maple syrup. You can also top it with a scoop of ice cream to make it even better. Who could say no to this?

Caramel Pecan Skillet Brownie by Midwest Living

An iron skillet is a versatile cooking appliance. You can fry and bake with it and make a delicious brownie dessert with it. It’s a rich, moist and gooey dessert that everyone will love.

Chocolate and Olive Oil Fig Cakes by the Food Network

Chocolate is love. Period. This chocolate cake can be served in just 45 minutes.

Affogato by the Food Network

Affogato - Food Network

This is an Italian classic which can make up awake for longer conversations after dinner. The ice cream and espresso combination will hug your mouth with love and affection.

Chocolate Mason Jars by the Food Network

A recipe by TV food presenter Damaris Phillips and her version of a pot de crème. Who would have thought that you could use mayonnaise in a chocolate dessert, but it works perfectly. Dark chocolate and coffee….nice.

Enjoy and winter months with good food and love for your friends and family. Enjoy and share the recipes.

How to Make Corporate Meetings More Efficient and Enjoyable with Catering

Date Posted: 10/05/2018 7:01:25 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

If you are the assigned event planner in your office, we’ve got some tips to help make conferences and corporate meetings a bit less boring.

Suggest a breakfast meeting or lunch meeting to your boss. If you haven’t tried this before, you might find that getting the office together for some food and coffee during the meeting will lift spirits and make the day go faster.

Catering for Corporate Breakfast Meetings

Morning meetings tend to be more efficient for decision making. The mind and body are fresh so any issues can be handled without too much drag. It’s also easier to schedule time for a meeting in the morning rather than later in the day or after work. Also, most breakfast meetings are done within an hour or two, thus it will not hinder any other schedules during the day.

corporate catering

To ensure everyone stays focused but doesn’t get burnt out, organise a breakfast menu that attendees will look forward to. A breakfast meeting menu may include:

  • Eggs benedict with smoked salmon
  • Crispy bacon and egg rolls with lettuce, tomato and chilli jam
  • Poppy seed bagels with cream cheese
  • Honey glazed ham and cheddar buttery croissant
  • Corn fritters with crispy bacon
  • Omelette of smoked fish, cheddar cheese, chives, Spanish onion, rocket leaves and sourdough toast
  • Roasted filled mushroom on wood fired bread, topped with asparagus, poached egg, hollandaise sauce and a confit of heirloom tomatoes
  • Plus fresh juices, tea and coffee.

Click the image below to download  our breakfast menu:


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Take note that not all corporate meetings can happen in the morning. Meetings that are meant to solidify business or working relations or are meant to close deals are best held during lunch time.

Catering for Corporate Lunch Meetings

You might want to consider a lunch meeting for more focused training meetings, company announcements and discussing new business deals.

corporate catering

Below are some lunch catering ideas for your next meeting:

  • Sandwich selection with different bread varieties like rye, Turkish roll, white, oatmeal, baguettes
  • Seasonal fruit platters
  • Juices, organic coffee, hand selected teas and water
  • Poached chicken Thai salad, roasted peanuts, vermicelli noodles and nam jim dressing
  • Italian grilled sausages and cherry tomatoes
  • Pasta salad with fresh ricotta and oregano
  • Baby smoked salmon and green shallot frittata with sour cream
  • Pumpkin and ricotta mini quiche
  • Sesame beef and lemongrass skewers with chili dipping sauce.

Click the image below to download  our working lunch menu:


Hiring a catering service that will take care of the food is one item you can take off your own plate when planning a corporate meeting.

Serve up some great food so staff can focus on building solid working relationships and getting work done.

Why Choose Food Platters For Your Next Event or Party?

Date Posted: 7/05/2018 12:28:34 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Fancy dinner parties are quite an experience but they can quickly get too pricey. For your next party, why not plan a cozy and relaxed atmosphere that you can really enjoy with your bosses and co-workers or friends and family without the hassle of preparing a fancy dinner. For a more casual experience that still offers amazing food, why not opt for a food platter event.

Food platters are easy to set up at any venue and the best part is they offer so much variety. Guests will have more time to mingle, it’ll be easy for them to pick up any food they enjoy and the clean-up after the party is a breeze.


One practical advantage of opting for a party platter is offering a bit of everything and not just one big dish. Having a food platter is also a great way for people to talk and bond over delicious food. You can immediately offer some bubbly, sangria jugs, beer and other cocktails that can pair with the different artisanal cheeses, delicious cold cuts, fruits and other mixed plate affairs that you have served.

Depending on the theme of your next corporate event, you can have multiple food platters strategically placed around the venue.

Below are some tips you can consider to have the best food platter for your next corporate or private event.

#1 Quality Is A Must

Your caterer will take care of sourcing the food for your platters. Laissez-faire catering ensures the produce we use is farm fresh, sustainable and in season for the best possible taste. Your guests will appreciate the fresh taste!


#2 Colours Attract

A colourful food platter can entice people to check out what is being served and try every bit of what is on the platter. This goes especially well if there are kids included in the event. Food platters should be a visual and gastronomical treat.


#3 Balance

For a more visual treat, there should be symmetry when serving food platters. For example Groups of three types of cheeses, three types of fruits, three types of meats and so on. Balance is another key to a visual food treat. Also keep the food choices bite-sized. Guests can try a little bit of everything and will not be too full.


#4 Cheese and Meat

Cheese and meat should be the centerpiece of your food platters. Some of our favourite cheeses to serve on a platter include:

  • Brie
  • Camembert
  • Blue cheese
  • Goat cheese
  • Edam
  • Smoked cheese
  • Cheddar.

For sliced meats, we recommend:

  • Chorizo
  • Prosciutto
  • Pancetta
  • Ham.

If hot food will be served, it’s better to have these served separately from the chilled food items.


Below are some examples of food platters that we can serve at your next corporate or private party:

  1. AUSTRALIAN CHEESE PLATTER - Selection of soft and hard cheeses served with quince, fresh & dried fruits, nuts, crispbreads
  2. SUSHI PLATE - California rolls, inside out rolls, sashimi salmon, soy, wasabi and pickled ginger
  3. SPANISH TASTING PLATE - Chorizo, roasted peppers, garlic mushrooms, polenta chips with sea salt, Jamon, tomato rubbed bruschetta
  4. RICE PAPER ROLLS - Selection with nuoc cham dipping sauces
  5. MIXED DIPS PLATE - Assorted dips, crisp pita chips and vegetable crudités
  6. CHARCUTERIE PLATE - Cured and roasted meats, cornichons, olives, chutneys and focaccia
  7. PEKING DUCK - Pancakes, with hoi sin and shallots
  8. VEGETARIAN ANTIPASTI - Grilled vegetables, feta, mushrooms, artichokes and crusty baguettes.

Think a platter will be perfect for your next event? Download our menu by clicking on the image below:

Platter Menu 

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How to Plan the Perfect Afternoon Tea for Mother's Day

Date Posted: 27/04/2018 9:39:20 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Do something different for Mum this Mother’s Day! If she’s the kind of lady who’d appreciate a nice afternoon tea with family and friends, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you’ll need.

Afternoon tea became a tradition in the early 19th century, but it certainly hasn’t lost its charm as an option for private get togethers for family and friends.

If you have some money to spare, you can book an afternoon tea event at a tea house or a winery in the countryside. Although being served tea like royalty would be a nice treat for Mum, having tea at home or at the park as part of a picnic is also fun (and a bit more casual). You can enjoy the sun and fresh air as you sip some finely brewed tea and snack on some picnic goodies and sweet pastries.


Choose Mum’s Favourite Tea

If you’re not too familiar with different tea varieties, don’t worry! Here’s all you need to know for Mother’s Day:

#1 Earl Grey

The most famous flavored black tea in the market today. It has a citrusy flavour from bergamot oil and its natural sweet essence is good to pair with shortbread cookies, scones and cakes.

#2 Assam Black Tea

It possesses a robust, malty and tannic taste. Some people drink this tea with milk and sugar. A standalone Assam tea is good to pair with savory foods like finger sandwiches and quiche.

#3 Ceylon Black Tea

Ceylon Black Teas are grown in Sri Lanka and these varieties have a rich aroma and taste.

#4 Darjeeling Black Tea

Darjeeling varieties have a floral or fruity flavor. Both flavors work well pastries, fruity desserts and chocolates.

#5 Chamomile

This is an herbal infusion having an apple-like and floral flavor. It naturally caffeine free thus it feels light and smooth to the taste. It goes well with scones and light cakes.

#6 Mint Tea

Mint tea is new school and it’s an acquired taste. Spearmint and peppermint are the two popular varieties. It’s naturally caffeine-free like chamomile and has a mellow and sweet flavor.

#7 Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is a black blend with Jasmine flowers thus making the tea have a floral and sweet taste. It has a somewhat perfume smell when brewed. Best with shortbreads.

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Finger Food and Snacks

Of course you can’t eat sweets for the entire afternoon. Start off with some small fingers foods that are easy to prepare before the afternoon tea and easy to transport if you are heading to a park. Here are some ideas:

  • Small individual quiches with bacon, chives and cheddar cheese
  • Home-made beef sausage roll with tomato chutney
  • Roast turkey and cranberry buttery croissant
  • Seasonal fruit platters
  • Sourdough sandwiches with roasted beef, provolone, pickled pear, avocado, dijon mustard and rocket
  • Cinnamon and apple muffins


See our Tea Time Any-time menu and our Lovely Food On the Go menu for more ideas.

Tea Time Any Time 2018 Lovely Food On The Go Boxes 2018

If your mum wants more than just an afternoon tea, you can also have a mother’s day picnic in your backyard and keep the festivities going through to a nice home cooked dinner. If it’s a nice day, set up a table or lay down a picnic blanket and arrange all the food you have prepared to celebrate the day.

Once you have the food and drinks prepared you need to have the picnic essentials:

  • Plates
  • Picnic blanket
  • Napkins
  • Tea cups
  • Silverware

Spend this special day with your mum and other family and friends and make it memorable!

Throwing The Perfect Corporate Launch Party in Sydney

Date Posted: 26/04/2018 1:26:24 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Launching a new product or service is a big deal for many businesses. After so many hours of research and development have been poured into the project, it’s time to deliver it to clients.

A launch party calls for a bit of excitement and high class event planning! This blog post will give you some expectations for your first launch party and answer any of those burning questions about how to throw an exceptional corporate event or product launch.

If you’re in Sydney, Laissez-faire Catering is the best option to help your product launch be everything you want and more.

First Steps to Planning a Corporate Launch Party in Sydney

Planning an event isn’t easy. The first step is knowing what you want to achieve.

To figure that out, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • What does your business expect to happen?
  • What’s the point of your event?
  • Do you want to create a buzz?
  • Do you want to connect with industry influencers?
  • Do you want to get new prospects and take care of loyal clients?

Before you have a meeting with your event organiser and your corporate Sydney caterer, you should be clear about why you’re hosting a launch party.


These questions can help you in deciding the theme and the size of your product launch. For example, if your primary goal is to convince experts and industry influencers that your new product is the best, a modern showcase with expertly created canapes and cocktails is a great idea. Think premium venues, lighting themes and excellent wait staff.

Alternatively, if you want to create excitement about something new and your target audience is young, a more casual yet still high class atmosphere might be appropriate. A cool DJ or a live band can provide entertainment, while food stations offer canapes and over the top cocktails.

These are just a couple of examples.

Choose a Memorable Sydney Venue

One of the most important aspects of a successful product launch is the location! Laissez-faire has worked with many corporate clients to find the right Sydney venue to suit the theme, style, budget and the guest demographic of their product launch. Involving your caterer in the search for a venue ensures everything goes smoothly on the event day.

Take note of where your guests work or live and choose a venue that will be easily accessible for the majority. Make sure that there is ample parking space or good access to public transport - let your guests know these details when the time comes to invite them all.

La Porte Space is one of our newest venue spaces and is perfect for product launch events. Find more information here.

la porte space 21

La Porte Space

Choosing The Right Caterer Matters

Some corporate catering services in Sydney are doing the “one-size-fits-all” approach to their food and service. This will not make your event stand out. Your new product or service is special and should be celebrated with a menu made just for the event.

Depending on your target audience, theme, budget and venue, there are different types of food serving styles Laissez-faire Catering can offer...

Sit-down Dinner

This is the most formal style and has groups of guests seated at tables assigned to them. Each guest is served three courses or more. A plated dinner will need more staff to prepare, plate and serve the dish.

The good thing about this style is it will give your guests more time to mingle and chat with others at their table. It also produces a very classy atmosphere and will impress stakeholders and other guests.

la porte space 24

Buffet Style

If you want to provide a wide variety of food and drinks, then a buffet style is your best bet for your product launch. This is suitable for large parties with 100 and above guests. Plus, the guest will not feel forced to eat something they don’t like because they will have different varieties to choose from.

The service cost is lower and only a few wait staff are needed to serve guests. This style has a more casual feel, but the different types of food on offer will wow guests. Remember to ask us about gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options!

A Standing-Style Party

Similar to a buffet-style serving, high tables may be provided but there will be no seats. If you have 500 young (or young-at-heart) guests or more, this is your party. This type of party will have a livelier feel because your guests can go around looking for different dishes or canapes and can mingle with other guests while eating and checking out your new products.

Cocktails, beers and other types of alcoholic drinks will make this style even livelier. Food stations or food booths can be placed strategically so that all the guests can go around and enjoy while appreciating the launch of your product. This is where a DJ or a live band will come in handy.


Corporate Catering Food Trends

To make your party a truly wonderful experience, you can ask your caterer about the current corporate catering food trends that can be incorporated into your event.

Below are some corporate catering food trends that you will see more of this year:

  • Locally-sourced menus will continue to be popular. Some of your guests may be looking for high end locally produced meat and organic vegetables.
  • Artisanal breads, cheeses, beers, pickled olives, pickles and wine. This will entice your guests and will surely be talked about alongside your products during the launch party.
  • High tech, low glitz decorations.
  • There will be fewer sit down, plated dinners. Food stations and hours d’oeuvre are becoming more popular with many product launches paired with artisanal beer, wine and cocktails.
  • Smaller servings and bite sized pieces are easier to eat when walking around a product launch event. Make sure your guests have places to put down their glasses or small plates when they are done with them.

What’s Next?

Looking for food inspiration? We have lots of different menus to suit your event. Check out our canapes, drinks, plated, shared and other menus here.

Need some help planning your own launch party in Sydney? Laissez-faire Catering can do all of the above and more. Just ask us.


Throwing the Best Corporate Event in Sydney: All About Event Themes

Date Posted: 20/04/2018 10:55:01 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Liven up your next business function with the inclusion of a theme! When used properly, a theme can breathe life into an event or encourage excitement about an upcoming company do. Encourage engagement and develop your company culture through more detailed, interesting, and compelling events.


The Benefits of Corporate Event Themes

Christmas parties, end of year parties, and milestone celebrations -- all of these can be celebrated though a themed event. Many employees don't find the prospect of an employee event overly alluring; they feel more obligated to attend than excited. Creating a fun theme is a way to draw in employees who would otherwise be disengaged.

Corporate event themes also make it easier for you to plan your event, as it gives you guidance regarding essentials such as catering, decoration, and activities. It may be difficult to figure out how to celebrate a generic "end of year" party, but it's much easier if you're doing a "retro flashback" theme. 

Creating Themes for Sydney Corporate Events

What are the best themes for Sydney corporate events? It all depends on the business and the event that's being celebrated.

  • New Year's Events. If you want to go modern, glow stick events are a festive and affordable way to jazz up a traditional New Year's Event. If you'd rather go classic, a "roaring 20's" theme can be a fun way to get everyone involve. Don't forget a costume prize -- and include an exciting way to ring in the New Year.
  • Corporate Milestones. Whether you've come in under budget or met revenue goals, celebrating corporate milestones will encourage employees to work harder. Consider something like a "casino night"; keep it fun and light-hearted to truly ensure that the employees have   fun    rather than feeling as though it's like work.
  • Holiday Parties. During the holidays, no one wants to go to yet another business Christmas party. Liven it up with a tropical getaway theme, giving employees a new way to celebrate old traditions. 
  • Product Launches. When products launch, you want the business to get hyped! Consider dramatic events that relate to the product launched, such as a racetrack theme for a road-worthy product. Don't forget the red carpet!

With a little thought, you can find the perfect theme for nearly every corporate event.

la porte space 18

Planning Corporate Events in Sydney

One of the major benefits of establishing a theme is that it makes the entire process of organising and conceptualising the event faster and easier. Once you know the theme of your event, you'll be able to easily figure out:

  • Where the event should be held. Outside? Inside? On company campus or a rented venue? A casino night would necessitate something extravagant and sophisticated, while a tropical vacation theme would lend itself better to the outdoors.
  • What type of food is being served. Does it require trendy appetisers? Or is it more a company potluck type of event? A roaring 20's event would be best run with some elegant apartifs.
  • What decorations are used. What should the colors be? Are there symbols closely related to the theme? With a tropical vacation theme, you already know sand, coconuts, and palm trees may factor in.
  • What entertainment should be brought in? Is there a type of music commonly associated with this theme? Are there any specific entertainers? At a casino night you might have poker dealers or other "gambling."
  • What should guests wear? Is this type of theme usually formal or informal? A tropical event could be firmly casual, while a casino night might demand formality.

Themes give you a solid jumping off point so you can create a detailed company event plan without having to create everything from whole cloth. For many themes, you may be able to easily find information online.


Example Themes for Corporate  Events

There are no restrictions on the type of theme you can use for your corporate events, provided they're appropriate and professional. Take risks and be bold and you're more likely to create a memorable event.

  • James Bond 007 theme. Bring out the inner spy of your employees with a spy-vs-spy theme, including elegant dress, casino inspired decor, and intricate food and drink.
  • Las Vegas theme. Go big and bold with a larger than life Vegas theme. Glitter, lights, and all the trappings of Vegas can be incorporated into something like fundraising.
  • Winter Wonderland theme. Bring fake snow and mistletoe into the hotter months, such as by celebrating a themed Christmas in July.
  • Circus theme. Bring in some clowns, fair food, and a festive, brightly colored decor for this "kids" theme that's equally fun for adults.
  • Summer vacation theme. Let employees go casual with a summer vacation while still at work, especially useful to reward employees for a job well done.



Those are just a few corporate events that you may want to consider. There are endless possibilities, depending on the event itself and your company's goals. Through themed events, you'll find it easier to plan ahead and figure out everything from what food you want to serve to where it will be best held.

Need some help planning your next corporate event in Sydney? Let us know!

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2018 Top Catering Trends for Corporate Events

Date Posted: 18/04/2018 9:31:07 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Did you know corporate events that take advantage of catering are often far more successful than events that don't provide guests with food and beverages? When guests attend an event, they want to know their time and presence is valued, and there is no better way to do this than by offering them a variety of food and drink options. 

When you take advantage of catering services, such as those offered by Laissez-faire,  you'll be able to save time and money by letting the professionals handle the food and beverage aspects of your event. More so, you'll have more time to focus on other pertinent parts of your event, such as seating arrangements and speeches. Laissez-faire offers a versatile menu and always pays special attention to detail, both of which are paramount to making a statement that is sure to impress your guests. 

For now, let's take a quick look at the top 2018 catering trends for corporate events. 

Branding and Catered Food

No matter the type of corporate event being hosted, you will want to choose foods that positively reflect your business or brand. And because of this, you will want to invest in high-quality catering, which can also aid in promoting the values of your company. You’ll be showing guests you truly care about them by satisfying their appetites.


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Gluten Free

Events offering gluten-free choices are rising in popularity. Frozen desserts that are gluten-free are a great choice for your event because they are convenient: simply thaw them and put them on a plate. They come in all different flavors and are a unique treat that allows you to cater to guests with varying dietary needs.


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Bacon Bacon Bacon!

Even if you choose to lean toward healthy catering for your corporate event, you can still take advantage of an all-time favorite food: bacon. Caterers are adding bacon to the menu in a versatile and creative way to spice up food and beverage offerings. For instance, brussel sprouts and scallops wrapped in bacon will add a small amount of flavor to your dishes and soups, bringing out the taste people love in a healthy dose.

Street Food

Food trucks are becoming a popular option for corporate catering. This type of catering goes beyond burgers and tacos, giving you a wide variety of culinary delights to choose from that are suitable for corporate events. The use of food trucks at events helps to combine convenience and the element of fun all while providing guests with tasty food selections. Even better is that food trucks are a versatile catering option for both outdoor and indoor events.


Light Snacks

Corporate events can also take advantage of catering services that serve light snacks, such as vegetables, dips, crackers, and cheese. These are ideal for cocktail parties and networking events. Food stations will help keep your guests fed and happy as they  mingle. If your event has a larger dinner planned, snack stations are the perfect option for satisfying guests before the big dinner is served.


Upscale Foods

Offering upscale food selections, like shellfish, prime meat cuts, and fresh wines, are great for corporate dinners. Caterers serving these upscale events often keep the menus very flexible, with options such as:

Chicken and Leek Pot Pies
Ocean Salmon Terrine and Apple Martini Recipe

Offering upscale food options is a great way to surprise your guests and do something fancy for them, which as a result,  increases their trust and loyalty to your brand. 


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Warm and Hearty Foods

Comfort food is always a big hit at corporate events. Opting for catering services that serve ragu sauces and hearty soup dishes is a great way to provide substantial textures and big flavour to the menu. You’ll also want to make sure you choose a catering service that offers healthy food choices, like lightly fried sweet potatoes, zucchini fritters, and other vegetables that are in season.  


Classic foods

Foods like burgers and spaghetti never go out of style; this makes for a safe catering option for your event. With classic foods, you can take your guests back to their childhood and you are sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Even if you are hosting an upscale corporate event, these food choices will work for any formal experience.


Cocktail and Food Matching

Another corporate event catering trend that is worth investing in is one that crafts cocktails with the specific flavors and tastes of the food selections being served. Cocktail catering is a great way to reflect a themed event. 


The Takeaway

If you would like to learn more about the top catering trends for corporate events, please contact  Laissez-faire today. 

Sydney Wedding Catering - Major Wedding Preparations You Can’t Forget

Date Posted: 4/04/2018 10:10:52 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

After the proposal and engagement party is done, taking the first steps to planning your wedding can be daunting. The world of weddings seems full of endless possibilities. You have so many ideas for your wedding reception in a beautiful forest, or maybe you’ll have an extraordinary disco, a big white wedding in a giant hall, or a princess wedding with ball gowns and tuxedos. If you’re thinking of adventure, you may wear your wedding jumpsuits and after saying your “I do's”, jump off a plane and parachute to the ground!

These ideas may sound fun and truly unforgettable, but then, you sit down with your bride or groom to be and actually start planning your wedding. All the endless wedding possibilities becomes an endless circle of decision making. Where do you start? How can you afford your wedding? How many guests will you have? What about the food and drinks?

There are many checklists that you can print out to keep up with your wedding preparations. To get you started thinking about the different aspects that make up a wedding, we’ve included the most basic and the most important things that you need to prepare for the big day. Let’s begin.


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Set A Budget for Catering, Venue, Decor, Photographers

Setting a budget will get everything rolling. You need to allot your budget for dresses/suits, wedding theme decorations, the wedding and reception venues, food and drinks, flowers, wedding photographers and videographers, entertainment and the audio visual setup.

Make Your Guest List

This is one of the first wedding logistics you should think about after setting the budget. When you know how much money you have to spend, you’ll know roughly how many people you can accommodate for. This may change so don’t make any promises to work acquaintances or distant 3rd cousins who want a wedding invite.

The number of guests will also depend on the season your wedding date falls into and how far guests will have to travel to the wedding venue or reception venue. Once you have a rough number this will give you an idea of how much food and drink needs to be prepared and possible venues that are suitable.


Find your Perfect Sydney Wedding Venue

There are so many wedding venues in Sydney that will fit your budget and still come out as a romantic and memorable place for your wedding and reception party. Some good wedding venues include:

  • The Australian National Maritime Museum
  • Harbor 220
  • Prince Henry Centre
  • Barangaroo Reserve
  • State Library of New South Wales
  • The Island
  • Cell Block Theatre
  • Wylies baths
  • Bangarra
  • The University of Sydney
  • Roundhouse
  • Coogee Surf Club
  • Hyde Park Barracks
  • The Royal Botanical Gardens
  • White Bay Cruise Terminal
  • Carriageworks
  • The Venue
  • Chinese Gardens
  • The Freedom Hub
  • La Porte Space

Click here to read the full details about these venues.


Choosing The Wedding Reception Style - Your Sydney Catering Options

Whether you’re thinking of an elegant or traditional wedding or a small and intimate gathering with your family and friends, there will be a style that fits your taste. Here are some examples our staff have seen first hand:

#1 Plated Dinner

This is a sit-down dinner, which is considered the most traditional and most formal since each guest is individually served a plated meal. Usually three courses are served; the entrée, main and dessert. The caterer will usually give guests a choice of two entrees which are selected beforehand or guests can swap with each other to get the meal they will most enjoy.

With this style, every guest will get their food at the same time and the caterer will know how much food will need to be purchased since the menu is pre-selected. Catering this way can mean that costs are lower as compared to a buffet or family-style meal.

#2 Buffet

Food   buffets are usually set up on long tables and guests can walk along and serve themselves. Servers can also be stationed behind the buffet table to serve the guests. This style is considered one of the most casual styles of meal service, but it’s also efficient.

This style requires fewer servers, thus you may save money on catering staff charges. Buffets are also a cost effective way of providing guests with a variety of food choices and promotes interaction among guests.

#3 Food Stations

This is similar to a buffet but the food is usually spread out across the venue at different stations. One area may be a carving station for meats, one for desserts, a sushi bar, a tapas station and a beverage station. Portions are served in a food station style, meaning they are on the smaller side which usually takes just about three bites to finish.


Just like a buffet, your guests will be pleased with the wide variety of food and drinks being served. Guest won’t have to wait in line since every station is spread all over the reception and people have different tastes. This also promotes a lot of interaction and mingling among the guests.

#4 Family Style Service

Just like a sit down dinner, guests are assigned specific dinner tables and the servers bring large portions of food to the dinner table on serving platters where guests can fill their own plates, just like they would at home.

#5 Cocktail Style

This style features hors d’oeuvres and other bite size offerings served all evening in contrast to a sit down meal. The hors d’oeuvres are usually one or two bite sized portions and can be a combination of hot and cold food options. The bite-sized foods can be served by waiters or they can be at stations for guests to get themselves. This is a good choice for a more casual atmosphere and gives the most opportunity for guests to mingle, meet and talk to each other.


Planning the Drinks

Choosing the drinks can also be a daunting task, but you don’t have to worry. Below are some examples of drinks that you can have on your wedding day.

#1 Bubbly

Good ol’ bubbly as a celebratory drink never gets old. You can have a little before your wedding to calm your nerves and celebrate the union by popping up another bottle. Bubblies vary in flavor, so if you can, do some tastings before you decide what bottle to get. Champagne can cost you $12 for a decent bottle and about $60-$250 for the best and top of the line champagnes.

#2 Wines

When choosing wines for your wedding, consider the time of the year and the wedding location. Summer weddings and lunches are best suited for whites, lighter-style reds and rose like pinot noir or cabernet franc. Winter weddings on the other hand are suited for robust merlots and bordeaux. The menu will also play a part in choosing your wine. Your chosen caterer will help you with pairing a great wine.

#3 Beer and Non-alcoholic Drinks

Serving good beer is an easy option and can be great for rain, hail or shine. Also since, you’re a responsible host, there should be also plenty of non-alcoholic drinks like juice, non-alcoholic cocktails, punch, sparkling mineral water and sodas.


Incorporate an Audio-visual System

The size and equipment will depend on how big the venue is. Hotels and other large venues provide their own AV system which is usually included in the package whenever you rent one of their ballroom or event spaces. If not, consider hiring only the essentials. Maybe you want some lights to hit the dancefloor?

Find Wedding Entertainment

You can hire a DJ or a band to provide entertainment for your wedding party. Most live performers will bring their own equipment to the venue. But mostly all the other PA systems like speakers and microphones will be provided by the venue or you can also hire a 3rd party sound system company if the equipment provided by the venue is not adequate.

As always, it’s best to prepare early so that all the details can be ironed out before the event and everything will go according to plan. Good luck.


The Sydney Catering Guide: How To Prepare An End Of Financial Year Party For Your Office

Date Posted: 27/03/2018 1:39:28 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

The end of the financial year is just around the corner and almost every boss and their employees know that it can be a crazy time. It can be really exhausting when everyone focuses on meetings about the annual budget, clearing the company’s tax details, going through performance reviews and preparing for next year’s budget.

Just like any normal person would do, everyone should take a break after accomplishing all the end of financial year tasks. Stop for a second, sit back and take a deep breath and plan a party to celebrate the year that has been. In fact, there are many reasons for you to have a party; it can be winning new clients, beating your annual budget, closing some big deals or adding new and valuable personnel to the team.

If you’re the office manager, office assistant or the event manager assigned to organise the party, you have to make sure you plan a fun event. Focus on building team spirit and congratulating employees for doing a good job. You have to rise above a notoriously boring and unimaginative company party.

Form a group to help you organise the party. You have to provide your “party team” some time away from their normal office tasks and provide all the resources they need in order to plan a top level event. If possible, include people from different departments that already have experience planning company events in the past.

Think about the goal of the party. Yes, the party is about celebrating the end of the financial year, but there should also be a purpose like recognising a team or an individual or celebrating a company milestone. Whatever the goal is, keep it fun!

#1 Working On The Details

Once your goal is established and you have a few people to help you plan the event, you can get started. Start working on the specific details of the event and the areas that needs to be covered. List all of the things that will need to be organised: budget, venue, catering, audio visual and entertainment.

#2 Budget

Receiving and distributing the budget will get things rolling. Set the budget as a starting point of brainstorming ideas for venues, catering, entertainment, awards, decorations and gifts/prizes.

#3 The Venue

Choose a venue that is centrally located and can be easily accessed by everyone. It can be within the company premises (like a large conference or theatre room). If holding the event at the office or in the same building isn’t possible, choose an outside venue in the Sydney CBD or near your office so that everyone can get to the venue easily after work. Also, make sure that the venue is near a public transport so that everyone can go to the venue and get a ride home easily.

The venue you choose will depend on your budget, the number of people attending and the culture of your company. It can be a restaurant, a hotel ballroom, beach, a park, a bar or an entertainment complex. Make sure to ask your other colleagues if they know a great place that you can get for your party.


This is a great opportunity to treat the staff to an exclusive night out to a venue they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. If you’ve got the budget for it, go all out.

#4 Food and Drinks


Arranging for the food and drinks is one of the most complex parts of the party process. Again, the budget will play a big part in the food and drink choices. The company culture, number of attendees and theme of the event will also affect your decisions about the catering.

The great thing is you’ve got lots of options. Think gourmet food, buffet catering or casual fare like burgers, BBQ, pizza, gourmet donuts, beer or wine. Alternative dishes should be available for people with special dietary requirements. No one should go hungry or thirsty!

Alcohol is a big part of any party, but consider limiting the alcohol especially if the event will be during office hours. If the party is after 5pm, then you can serve the beverages of your choosing. But consider limiting the beverage package to a small selection of beer, wine and some sparkling drinks with non-alcoholic options like water, sodas and juices to keep thing simple. This will keep everything under control without taking the fun out of things.


Set a meeting with your chosen caterer. It can be over the phone or a face to face meeting. A face to face meeting is better because you get to talk to the caterer and understand how they work rather than blindly putting your faith in them. A proposal will be created with the menus and the cost for your initial consultation if it applies.

Catering styles could be any of the following:

  • Buffets and food stations - This can be a few gourmet platters or an elegant sit down dinner. It can also be food stations at one of your chosen venues.
  • Cocktail party – High quality canapes and gourmet finger food that will have all the guests raving. A premium selection of wine can also be served to show everyone that they are appreciated.
  • BBQs and picnic style party – This is one of the most fun styles because everyone can be as casual as possible. The caterer will be on cooking duty with your favorite BBQs fares to be served with ice cold beers, soda and wine.


#5 Audio-Visual System

If you’re doing the party within the office premises, you can hire third party AV equipment. The better option is choosing a venue that already has this equipment and can set it up according to your needs and your vision for the event. Design your own lighting scheme and choose the ambient music.

#6 Entertainment

You can hire a DJ or a live band if your budget permits. Music helps any situation and will let staff relax and enjoy the event. Ask around the office for the best local live bands and check their availability. If it gets too tricky to organise a band just go for a DJ or even better, start an office playlist with input from everyone.

When planning an end of financial year party, it’s best to prepare early so that all the details can be ironed out before the event and everything will go according to plan. Let’s party! 

Want Laissez-faire Catering to take care of your EOFY event? Give us a call and start getting organised today.

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Finding The Perfect Sydney Venue For Your Event

Date Posted: 19/03/2018 9:40:28 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Deciding upon the best event space or venue is very crucial to your event’s overall success. It may be a corporate party, a wedding, a birthday or an awards night. Whatever the reason, the venue will hold everything in place. Although finding a venue takes time, it doesn’t have to feel like a daunting task.

Let’s say you have already identified the type of event you’re planning and the purpose of the party - now all you need is the venue. There are different factors you need to consider when selecting the right venue for you. Before we discuss some of the best venues and event spaces, let’s go through the factors you’ll need to consider when choosing one.

#1 Know Your Target Audience and Guests

When choosing a venue, knowing who your guests are and how many will be attending the event will give you an idea of the capacity you need. You have to make sure that you know at least an accurate estimate of the number of guests since this will limit your venue options. The venue should also reflect the guests taste and expectations.

#2 Check Your Calendar

Timing is a big factor when choosing your venue. The date of the event will be the next limiting factor. Depending on your event, you may be either flexible with your event date to get the venue you want or you have to be flexible with the venue of your choice in order to get a date that works.

#3 Know Your Venue Budget

With an open-ended budget, you will have hundreds of venue choices, but it is more likely that your budget may be limited. So, you should be aware of your budget limitations beforehand, but you can always plan a great event within a reasonable budget.

#4 Venue Location

After having the number of attendees and the possible dates narrowed down, it’s now time to know the locations of the venues on your list. Other than hotels and event conferences which are very popular, you can further narrow down your options to which venue is the most convenient for your guests or to a location which will increase the RSVP rate.

#5 Venue Space

The venue that you will choose should also have the appropriate space for the type of event you’re planning. Also, does it have a space for a dance floor, does it have their own PA system? What kind of table setup will you require? Does the facility’s condition reflect your standards? Does the venue meet the criteria of the event?

The venue should also have ample parking space (or easy access to public transport), offers good security, possibly offer services like catering, tables, chairs and linen rentals or floral arrangements if needed.

#6 Venue’s Reputation

A venue’s reputation is sometimes the difference between holding a good event and having a truly great event. You can see it by how the venue manages their staff, facilities and their clients. You will feel they care if they treat you like a VIP or the venue is flexible to your requests. Schedule a site visit to actually see the venue and see if it fits your criteria for the overall feel of the event. Ask for a tour around the venue including the entrance, the different spaces available, bathrooms and parking lot.

Examples of Great Sydney Venues

Below are 3 examples of spectacular venues that might be perfect for your event:

Roundhouse at UNSW


The Roundhouse is the venue of choice for the biggest music acts and has evolved into accepting a range of events. The Roundhouse can do concerts, conferences, product launches, dinners, parties and weddings.

The venue has a capacity for 10 to 2,200 guests with a panoramic room that can seat up to 1,000 guests or 500 individuals for a banquet style party.

The venue also provides a cutting edge AV system with a modular stage and PA systems with 50 years of experience in creating a great production. It also offers a 360 degree balcony with 8 flexible breakout rooms with built in AV systems. These spaces can be customised with removable walls, thus you can combine all rooms into one.

The venue is suitable for:

  • Company parties
  • Business conferences
  • Product launches
  • Mini concerts
  • Formal dinners
  • Weddings
  • Exhibits.

Menu types can be formal plated, buffets, canapes, cocktails and food stations. Drinks could include bubbly, beer and non-alcoholic drinks since the venue is suited for big parties to small intimate gatherings.

The Freedom Hub

Freedom Hub

The Freedom Hub is a 100 year old warehouse event space located in the suburb of Waterloo, Sydney. The venue is constructed with high ceilings with black steel beams which are perfect for hanging gardens, festive lights and bright flowers. The cement floor is hand made of hand smashed river pebbles with white wash walls and large windows that add to the beautiful natural lighting.

100% of profits from The Freedom Hub supports victims of modern slavery & human trafficking within Australia. Their slave free supply chain and preferred suppliers ensure that they run ethical events, ethical weddings and your guests will love the feel good factor.

The venue is best for these styles of events:

  • Drinks and canapes followed by a speech or presentation
  • Dinner events for up to 100 guests
  • Breakfast seminars or brunch events
  • Cocktail events for up to 150 guests.

La Porte Space

 la porte space 14

La Porte Space is a multifunctional and unique space that provides luxurious creative spaces for leading industry businesses.

La Porte Space is located within the walls of a restored 1930 heritage building which offers a range of Scandinavian designed studios and concept spaces perfect brand showings, fashion shows, cocktail parties, media dinners and small corporate events. The venue can accommodate up to 400 guests with 5 function spaces.

The venue is best for:

  • Formal dinner events
  • Art launches with drinks and canapes
  • Cocktail events
  • Big family dinners
  • Reunions with buffet style dinners.

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Need a Mid-Year Office Celebration? Start Planning a Christmas in July Party!

Date Posted: 9/03/2018 3:01:20 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Towards the middle of the year, employees can start feeling a little fatigued. If it's all just work, work, work, their attention will start to drift, and they may not be as attentive or productive as they could be. Having a celebratory party can give employees something to look forward to, show them they're recognised, and encourage them to work harder. "Christmas in July" is a fun and festive theme that everyone can enjoy.

Why Plan for  Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is a creative, quirky excuse for a celebration that comes with an easy, preset theme. Rather than having to plan everything out of whole cloth, you can simply take a page from any holiday party book. Christmas in July is also something that everyone understands and that everyone can get excited for!

Just like any party, you're going to have to get together the decor, food, and activities. Think about some of your prior year Christmas celebrations for some easy ideas.

Harbour 220 Sydney Christmas Party 

Pictured: Harbour 220

Choosing the Right Venue

Though holding a celebration in your office is convenient, it really just surrounds you with your work. Choosing an off-site venue gives your employees the opportunity to experience something new and truly relax outside of the day-to-day operations.

Ideally, you want a venue somewhat close to your business; you don't want to make employees commute too far.  Luckily, it's often fairly cheap to book a corporate venue in off months -- far cheaper than during  actual holidays.

la porte space Christmas Sydney Venue 

Pictured: La Porte Space

Get the Decor Just Right

A Christmas in July party is more fun the more "all out" it is. From fake snow to mistletoe, go wild with the decoration.  At the start, you can create a "Christmas planning" party that's filled with volunteers. The more the employees   want    to participate, the better a job they'll do. 

Don't forget that Christmas means different things to different people. If you want your holiday celebration to go over without a hitch, encourage employees to add to the decor and to pitch in their own ideas. In the spirit of inclusivity, you can ask them what the holidays mean to each of them.

And don't forget the fun holiday themes. There are many "tropical party" Christmas themes and "futuristic" Christmas themes, which you may have discounted for your actual holiday parties but can be acceptable for a Christmas in July.

The Venue Sydney Christmas Event 

Pictured: The Venue

It can be difficult to find Christmas decorations during the off season. Look at wholesale outlets and online stores for deals -- or ask for donations of old decorations from employees. If Christmas in July becomes a regular thing, you can reuse decorations from year to year. Some tinsel and bright lights, and you'll be set for at least two holidays every year.

Spring for Some Festive Catering

Food is what makes Christmas truly feel like Christmas. From eggnog to peppermint bark, there are appetizers,   drinks  and desserts that people crave throughout the year. During the holiday season, these foods are often made  by family members and friends, contributing to the loving atmosphere of Christmas. At your party, they can all be provided through catering. 

canape Christmas in July menu 

See our Canapes Menu

Though pot lucks are fun, they also often come with additional work for employees. Employees may stress over their dishes -- and the dishes themselves could represent liability concerns, due to unsafe food handling and allergies. Overall, corporate catering services are usually the safest and most convenient option.

Consider building your menu around your employees, by asking them questions such as the following:

  • What are your favorite holiday foods?
  • Are there any foods that you're allergic too?
  • What drinks make you think of the holidays?

These questions will help you personalise your Christmas in July party for your employees, increasing their enjoyment. Many employees go to corporate events primarily for the food, and it's food that they're going to be thinking about later on.

Shared Menu Christmas in July event 

See our Shared Menu

Use the Time to Encourage Your Staff

Set aside some time during your Christmas in July party to give awards and gifts to your staff members. Recognition matters. Give gifts based on longevity and merit and employees will be more likely to work hard for the rest of the year. 

Holding some raffles throughout the event is also a good way to encourage employees to stay and enjoy the party throughout, as it adds to the festivities. For a Christmas in July event, you want to stagger events throughout, so employees constantly have something going on.

Endeavour Pavilion Sydney Christmas Event 

Pictured: Endeavour Pavilion at ANMM

Some team-building activities can include building a gingerbread house together or playing some casual party games. This helps employees get to know each other in a professional environment, encouraging them to work better together and learn about each other's idiosyncracies.

As long as you have everything planned out, Christmas in July can be a great opportunity to both reward and motivate your employees. With activities, catering, and awards, you can turn it into a mid-year productivity boosting event.

Want to get started?

 We can help you with everything from the menu to the venue. Just ask us how!

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Inside the Official Launch of The Endeavour Pavilion at ANMM

Date Posted: 26/02/2018 11:24:05 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Recently we celebrated the official launch of the Endeavour Pavilion venue space at the Australian National Maritime Museum. 

The guest list was made up of our lovely corporate clients and event agency staff. The weather was perfect for the day and our smiling waitstaff served refreshing cocktails and summery canapes.

The Endeavour Pavilion is the perfect harbour-side venue  with stunning views, beautiful decor and the best atmosphere for cocktail parties, launch events, weddings and corporate lunches. With capacity for 200 for Dinners and 300 for Cocktails, there's plenty of space for everyone.

But don't just take our word for it...

Check out some of our best images from the official launch for some inspiration for your next event at the Endeavour Pavilion.






















See more images of The Endeavour Pavilion here.

Interested in hosting your next event at the Endeavour Pavilion? Get more information or book now by clicking below.


New Sydney Venue: Roundhouse @ UNSW

Date Posted: 22/02/2018 3:25:49 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

We are very happy to announce another venue partnership for Laissez-faire Catering. Roundhouse at UNSW is now available to be booked for events. More info below!


 Roundhouse has come full circle. From its humble beginnings as the venue of choice for the biggest music acts over the decades, the venue has undergone extensive refurbishments to deliver an unrivalled event experience suited to a range of events. From conferences to concerts, product launches to dinners, Roundhouse can do it all.

With capacity for 10 - 2,200 guests, the brand spanking new venue has so much to offer to make your next event truly spectacular. Walking through the main entrance, you will be awestruck by the panoramic main room which seats up to 1,000 delegates theatre style or 500 for a banquet. View full capacity details and information packs here.

Roundhouse’s audio-visual equipment is cutting edge - with a modular stage, a flown PA and our expertise with running the biggest and best gigs for over 50 years, the in-house team can create a stunning production for any event. Download the Roundhouse Audio Visual price list here.


The upper level overlooks the main room from a 360-degree balcony and is home to eight flexible breakout rooms, kitted out with built-in audio-visual equipment. Breakout rooms are fully customisable with removable walls meaning you can combine, separate and deck out each room with limitless possibilities.

 If you think Roundhouse would be perfect for your next event, give us a call or send us a message!

Laissez-faire Catering is here to help.


Seasonal Produce: What should you serve at your wedding?

Date Posted: 20/02/2018 2:15:36 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

What do people think about when they think of a wedding? First, there's the happy couple and, of course, the flowers, the dresses and the suits. But after that is always the food. If you want your wedding to leave an impression that lasts years to come, you need to provide the best food. Fresh, seasonal produce -- the best in fruits and vegetables -- are an excellent way to make an event memorable. Fresh produce simply looks better and tastes better, giving you something to remember.

Creating the Best Wedding Meals

Trying to come up with unique wedding menu ideas? Starting with seasonal produce is a great option. You don't want to craft a menu around produce that's difficult to source; you'll find yourself with wilted vegetables or bruised fruits. 

The best wedding meals have creative, inventive pairings, which often revolve around fresh vegetables and fruits that are unique to the area and the season. In Sydney, there are a variety of different fruits and vegetables available throughout the year. 

Often, you will want your catering menu to have a specific theme, or to be filled with items that you and your soon-to-be spouse love. But that can be difficult, especially if you aren't a chef or a "foodie." A good catering company can help you with suggestions that are intended to celebrate your union, your family, and your friends.

Of course, first you need to know what's available to you -- and that means looking at the fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Spring: Fresh and Bright

Spring brings with it citrus and berries. Lemons, mandarin oranges, and oranges can be used in refreshing drinks, salads, appetisers, and entrees. Cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, and strawberries can also be used throughout desserts and for sorbets. 

In terms of vegetables, spring will see artichokes, fresh beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, leeks, potatoes, silverbeets, spinach, squash, tomatoes, and zucchini. There are also an assortment of Asian vegetables available, depending on the types of cuisine you desire.


Summer: Cool and Refreshing

Want to beat the summer heat? Apricots, berries, melons, nectarines, plums, and strawberries are all going to be in season. Whether you're crafting the perfect strawberry shortcake or adding melon balls to your appetisers, you'll want to focus on chilly, refreshing foods. 

Summer will bring with it different types of beans, beetroot, chilies, eggplant, okra, pumpkins, and sweetcorn. Eggplant, in particular, is a versatile vegetable that can be used in everything from Asian cuisine to Italian cuisine.


Autumn: Warm and Comforting

Apples are in season as of Autumn, one of the most versatile fruits available for everything from small pies to entrees. Berries, kiwifruit, pears, persimmons, and strawberries are also available, for fruit mixes and drinks.

In Autumn, fresh broccoli, Chinese cabbage, pecans, and white turnips will become available, in addition to many of the summer vegetables. Fresh pecans are especially alluring in salads and desserts, while fresh broccoli and cabbage can be used in sides and entrees.


Winter: Savory and Sweet

Winter months can make sourcing fresh produce a little more challenging. Lemons, mandarins, and oranges are going to be your best bet. In the winter, you want something that's going to be warming and comforting. Lemons, mandarins, and oranges can all be used in mulled cider and wine recipes.

In Winter, Lebanese cucumbers, leeks, potatoes, silverbeets, and spinach will become available again. Leeks, potatoes, and spinach can be used in a variety of savory winter recipes, such as winter soups. Squash and other similar vegetables can be used to create an interesting winter mix.


Getting the Freshest Ingredients

It isn't just the fruits and vegetables that need to be fresh. A good catering company will also be able to source everything from the highest quality meats to the best cheese. It's imperative that your food taste and look great -- and you often need to offer a variety to your guests to satisfy everyone. 

Wedding catering services have to be able to develop relationships with local distributors, not only to find the best in local meats, cheeses, wines, and produce, but also to get the most reasonable prices.

Where should you get fresh produce in Sydney?  Fruits and vegetables need to be acquired from the best local sources if they are to be their freshest. Laissez-faire Catering  can take care of all of this for you. View our wedding packages today to find out more about our boutique wedding catering services.

Laissez- faire Foodified 

 foodified 2

Every time you see the Foodified™ stamp, you know it’s Laissez-faire’s fresh, local and seasonal produce, and it’s a result of a leading Gold license caterer with above industry standards in quality assurance and sustainability policies.

We work with premium and local seafood and beef suppliers, artisan cheese producers and quality local fruit and vegetable growers to develop inspiring, seasonal driven menus that will bring the best produce to your table.

Protecting and enhancing the environments where our business operates, innovating with waste management techniques, working in collaboration with suppliers, venues, and clients to positively impact our local community and reducing our footprint by raising awareness are the fundamental principles of our Foodified™ philosophy. 


Menu Trends: 2018 Wedding Catering

Date Posted: 12/02/2018 12:46:48 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

When planning a wedding you want to make the event as memorable as possible, and this is why it is so important to take advantage of today's latest wedding catering trends. After all, no one forgets a fantastic meal! Let's take a quick look at a few of them.

Interactive Culinary Kiosks


While it might seem traditional to provide guests with already prepared food items, the truth is, letting your guests get interactive with the foods they enjoy at a wedding is a great way to make the event more memorable. With interactive culinary kiosks, guests can easily customise their cocktails and meals. While they are enjoying a nice, slow dance on the dance floor, the chefs and bartenders can be creating their specific culinary requests. One type of food that you will definitely want them to customise is canapes. Check out our extensive canapes menu here.

Provide Healthy Options


There is nothing better than providing wedding guests with a meal that is not only hearty but healthy too. By using organic ingredients, it becomes possible to create food items that are good for the heart and good for the soul. With this in mind, it's always a good idea to offer at least one or two green courses on the wedding menu, such as a fresh salad or organic string green beans. And don't let the healthy eating stop with food. Did you know many types of alcoholic beverages can be created with organic ingredients? With this in mind, you'll want to ask your catering company about the various organic beverage options they provide.

Get Bold with Colours


When picking out wedding linens and flowers, you are definitely going to want to consider your food options. Yes, your food will need to coordinate with your wedding decor. Today's top wedding catering companies have started infusing various colors into different food items, easily allowing food menus to complement wedding decor. To keep things simple, however, you can always go with a black and white wedding and take advantage of ice cream sandwiches on the dessert menu. As far as your cake goes, consider white buttercream icing on top of rich chocolate cake slices.

Don't Get Greedy with Beverages


If you're going to serve alcohol, make sure you serve a plentiful buffet of choices. From wines and cocktails to hard liqueurs, you'll want to include everything from California wine to schnapps and more. On your beverage bar buffet, make sure to provide bowls of fruit that can be used to top off the beverages. Some of the best fruits to offer include diced pear pieces, white grapes and a variety of berries. Check out our vast menu of beverage options here.

The Takeaway

There are a variety of wedding packages to choose from, so it is extremely important that you consider your different options. Check out our wedding package options here. Also, make sure to ask your caterer about the different wedding catering trends that are becoming more popular in 2018; you'll want to incorporate these trends into your wedding to make an event that leaves the happy couple and guests with memories to last a lifetime.


See more wedding catering photos on our instagram:


Hunting For The Right Wedding Caterer For Your Wedding

Date Posted: 7/02/2018 1:41:20 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

There are many details that a wedding guest will remember weeks after the reception, but there is something they will never ever forget: how good (or bad) the meal was. That’s why it makes sense to put enough time and plenty of planning into the food, drinks and the right caterer for your reception.

But before you start planning your wedding catering, you need to decide on your wedding theme and venue. After you have decided on those two, talk to your fiancé about your wedding reception. No matter what style you choose, both of you have to make sure that you understand all the catering options available before making your final decision.

Booking a caterer for your wedding should be straight forward and exciting at the same time. At the start, expect an informal and no pressure talk from the caterers that you‘ll be meeting with. They will get an idea of who you are, what you like and dislike. It can be over the phone or a face to face meeting. A proposal will be created with the menus and the cost for your initial consultation if it applies.


Choosing The Reception Style

Wedding receptions are usually offered in different styles. Whether you’re thinking of an elegant or traditional wedding or a small and intimate gathering with your family and friends, there will be a style that will surely fit your taste. Below are some examples:

A Sit-down Dinner

This is the most traditional style and has groups of around 10 guests seated at a table assigned to them and with each guest being served three courses or more. If you want an elegant and traditional wedding this is the one for you. For this, you have to consider your venue and budget, since a plated dinner needs more staff to prepare, plate and serve the dish. The good thing is that this style will give guests more time to mingle and it also allows guests to dress up  fancy! This style of reception is more suited for an all adults-only guest list.

Food choices typically served in this style include:


  • A Mixed Seafood appetizer: shrimp, calamari, scungilli, octopus, and mussels with lemon and extra-virgin olive oil
  • Fresh figs draped with prosciutto di Parma 
  • Tuscan garden salad: romaine lettuce, Bibb lettuce, radicchio, tomatoes, and radishes with balsamic vinaigrette

Main Courses:

  • Rack of lamb: Coated in an aromatic blend of fresh herbs and spices
  • Salmon: broiled and seasoned with bread crumbs, garlic, lemon, and butter
  • Served with: Bouquet of fresh seasonal vegetables and golden fried potato croquette


  • Cake Push Pops
  • Waffle Sundaes
  • Mini Pies on a Stick
  • Pudding Parfaits

A Standing-Style Party

Similar to a buffet-style serving, but there are no seats available. If you have 500 guests or more, this is for you. Some advantages of this include a livelier feel because guests can go around looking for different dishes and can mingle with friends while eating. Cocktails, beers and other types of alcoholic drinks will make this style even livelier. A BBQ style fare is best for this style. You can serve:

Main Courses:

  • Barbecue beef brisket
  • Pork spareribs
  • Smoked sausages
  • Barbecue chicken   


  • Barbecue beans
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato salad
  • Tossed green salad
  • Toasted garlic bread
  • Cornbread
  • Corn on the cob


Casual Dining

If you want the most relaxed atmosphere for your wedding, go for the casual dining experience. It’s a non-formal wedding reception where your guests can enjoy and mingle casually without following any specific arrangements. This is suited for an intimate wedding with the closest friends and families. It can be held in a garden, park or backyard. 50 guests will suit this setup, but make sure that there’s still enough space for everyone. There’s also a large chance that everyone knows each other, thus it will be more fun and relaxing at the same time.  You can go for:
  • Onion, Feta, and sun-dried tomato tartlet
  • Dumplings served with dipping sauces
  • Grilled coriander, giant prawns with a chili-lime sauce
  • Rosemary-roasted baby lamb chops with apricot-mint salsa
  • Bite-size chicken fajitas with avocado salsa
  • Mini lobster rolls on toasted brioche
  • Sauteed soft shell crabs with a spicy rémoulade
  • Chicken satays with a tangy peanut sauce
  • Miso-glazed cod with Asian pesto
  • Dim sum: crystal shrimp, sweet rice, spinach, and shiitake mushroom

Buffet Style

If you want to provide a better variety of food and drinks, then a buffet style is for you. This is suitable for large parties with 100 and above guests. Plus the guest will not feel forced to eat something they don’t like because they will be able to make their own decisions. The service cost is lower and you only need a few wait staff. You can play with these selections below:
  • Stuffed endive with Roquefort cheese, topped with chopped walnuts
  • Wild mushroom tartlets
  • Miniature crab cakes
  • Artichoke mousse puffs
  • Roasted new potatoes with dill cream and golden caviar
  • Melon wrapped in prosciutto
  • Miniature reuben sandwiches
  • Spinach dip with toasted pita triangle
  • Spanakopita (spinach and Feta in phyllo pastry)
  • Smoked salmon canapes topped with capers and fresh dill
  • Seafood dip with sliced French bread
  • Antipasti display (buffalo mozzarella, grilled eggplant, marinated mushrooms, artichokes, vine-ripened tomatoes, kalamata olives, and bread sticks)
  • Smoked salmon display (sliced salmon served with chopped onion, lemon slices, capers, cucumber-dill sauce, and assorted dark breads)
  • Carving station (Asian flank steak and Cajun-rubbed turkey breast served with cranberry-mango chutney and assorted rolls)
  • Pasta station (ravioli with roasted red-pepper sauce; bow tie pasta with Gorgonzola cream sauce)


Deciding On The Wedding Menu

 Now that you have already decided on what type of reception for your wedding, it’s time to decide on your wedding menu. Below are some simple steps to help you decide what food and drinks to serve. 

Know The Season

Take note of the season because certain types of food taste better when in season. Thick soup and stews are not a good fit for summer weddings. Fruits will taste sweeter when in season thus some desserts will be 10x better if the fruits are in season. 

Check For Recommendations 

You can check for recommendations from your friends or family members. Also find professional chefs online, send them an email or chat and ask for their recommendations. Still, don’t take advice blindly without considering your situation and tastes.

Choose Your Favorite Dish

 Are you into Indian food, Thai, Italian, Japanese, Filipino or Mexican food? Basically there are no rules in serving the type of food for your wedding, but you also have to consider the less adventurous eaters. 

Special Diet Menu

 You can have a dedicated stall for people with specific diets that can include gluten-free options, vegetarian meals and child-friendly meals.
The menus presented above are just examples of food varieties that can be served for each style. Again, nothing is final until you’ve decided what kind of reception you want to have, what food you want to serve and what is in season. Your chosen caterer will be able to help decide all of this.
To see a sample wedding package from the experts at Laissez-faire Catering click here:



Happy catering hunting and congratulations!




Summer Weddings vs Winter Weddings: What to Expect and What You Need to Know

Date Posted: 17/01/2018 11:09:41 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

So you’ve just become engaged and you’re wondering when you should have your wedding. Part of you would like to have a summer wedding, on a beautiful warm day with a very lovely evening that everybody can enjoy. On the other hand, winter might be the ideal time to get married. Venues might be easier to book around this time, and there’s always the option of planning a proper white wedding overseas, with a beautiful church in the snow, candle lights and the festive atmosphere.


Here are our tips for planning your wedding - whether it’s in summer or winter.


Weather aside, the first thing you need to consider if you want to get married during summer or winter is the venue. A number of venues make themselves available at different times of the year.

Say for example, if you were able to get a fabulous outdoor area that you want to fill with marquees, then plan on getting married during the warmer months. On the other hand, if you want your wedding to be more intimate and have a cosy feeling, a winter wedding can work to your advantage.



Other important things that you need to consider are your budget and the venue’s availability. A large percentage of couples tend to marry during summer as compared to winter, thus more popular venues tend to be booked well in advance, specifically on weekends. Also wedding suppliers such as photographers, florists, caterers, and chauffeurs are likely to be very busy.

If you schedule your wedding on a less popular day of the week, say Wednesday or Thursday, there’s a high chance that you will get the venue and wedding suppliers of your choice. Keep in mind there can be waiting lists for venues, wedding dresses and decorators during the more popular months so it’s never too early to start planning.

Winter Wedding

One good thing about a winter wedding is that more people will actually attend the event because they are less likely to book holidays during winter. Plus, most people tend to enjoy a good family get together at this time of the year.

As mentioned earlier, finding venues and suppliers will be easier if you’re looking to book for winter. This might mean your wedding will be kind to your budget and your stress levels! Your dream venue will likely be more available and they may give a special rate which is always good. Your out-of-town friends may also find plenty of accommodation with special rates.

Winter weddings can still be creative. Dress your bridesmaids with brightly-coloured pashminas or scarves. Decorate the venue using tea lights and twinkling candles, serve hot chocolate or warm/hot mulled wine at the reception together with some spicy canape sausages, mince pies, warm soups and hearty stews.

Your winter wedding will not be forgotten any time soon, because everyone enjoys something different once in a while. It will be more intimate with a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Winter Wedding Menu Ideas

With a winter wedding, you can provide a cozy atmosphere for your reception with a warm and hearty meal using seasonal flavors with classic winter cocktails and treats.

For appetisers and main dishes, a soup course will not be out of place. Soup shooters served during cocktail hour is a good starter, comfort foods like mini grilled cheese sandwiches, butternut squash ravioli, tiny spaghetti and meatballs hors d’oeuvres and a hearty meal of meat and potatoes with gravy as your main dish.


Drinks can be a spiked hot chocolate bar for the adults. You can set up toppings like whipped cream, nuts, small candies and marshmallows. You can also go for signature warm cocktails like mulled wine and some good old bottles of scotch.

For desserts, pies and tarts work well for winter weddings, if your place has no snow and is close to the beach or a fireplace, create a s’mores bar. You can also have pudding, lemon curd crème brulee with hazelnut flapjacks, coffee, petits fours, Boozy marzipan balls, chocolate macaroons. A fruit bar will also be a good fit for the setting.

Summer Weddings

Obviously, the weather is usually much nicer in summer. Summer just gives people a happier and more energised vibe. Think about having a mid-afternoon wedding and then dance throughout the evening with your guests at the reception.

You’ll need to book early for everything if you’re planning for a summer wedding…. the venue, the wardrobe, photographers, catering and florist.

Summer Wedding Menu Ideas

Summer weddings are fun and you can start off with plenty of refreshing drinks. Nonalcoholic lemonade or iced tea bars are popular, offering different flavours and colours. Sangria is an easy and refreshing option for alcohol. For cocktails it can be hibiscus iced tea with raspberry liqueur and citron vodka or cucumber-mint lemonade.

For entrees, barbecues are an easy to manage option that everyone will enjoy. Make sure you have some grilled vegetarian options. A whole pig roast is a great summer wedding main, but if you prefer a lighter meal, you can always go for chicken and fish. Still, grilled carved meats will never go out of style during summer weddings.

Desserts can be a mini-scoop trio of sorbet flavours that mimic the colors or decorations of your wedding. With so many flavors to choose from - melon, lime, raspberry, mango, and more - you're sure to find something yummy that suits your style. Fruit platters served with chilled sparkling wine are also a welcome treat after having some barbecue with friends and family. Or for the ultimate dessert, check out this donut wall!


If you need more tips on wedding catering ideas, check out this blog post.

Laissez-faire Catering also offers Wedding Packages. You can download our package information by clicking on the banner below:




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