Wonderful Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception Special

Date Posted: 4/11/2014 12:50:37 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Wonderful Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception Special

A wedding is a special occasion that needs thorough planning. Absolutely everything needs to be well thought out from flowers, to venues, to food and reception. Yes, the reception! A spectacular wedding and reception will still be remembered by all of your guests ten, twenty or even fifty years later. So how do you make your wedding reception special? Well, we have some great tips for you.

#1 Vary your food station themes

If you have the space in your venue, you may want to vary your food stations to give your guests lots of different options. That is, if you are open to the unconventional themes we have featured below. (These food stations are also great for other events, not just weddings).

Anti-Pasto station

This anti-pasto food station is a fun addition to your unconventional wedding event.

Anti-pasto station

Cheese Station

A cheese station on the other hand is a sumptuous way to draw your guests to the buffet tables!


Mini slide Station

This burger station pictured below looks wonderful and your guests will love helping themselves to these awesome, bite-size treats.


Oyster station

If you're looking for an exotic taste, this oyster food station looks appealing. It sure is one way to treat your guests to a new experience.


Seafood station

This seafood station looks delicious! Make sure to keep this one stocked since it's sure to be a hit among your guests.

Seafood station

#2 Awe guests with well presented miniature food options

These tiny food samples will surely make your guests appreciate everything on your menu and will prove the adage, "size doesn't matter". As one of the hottest trends in catering today, miniaturized food portions are being requested left and right! Check out these sample miniature foods.

Ravioli and artichoke

This little taster also features salsa verde. Its presentation alone is one way to make your reception special.


Atlantic Salmon cube

This seared and blackened Atlantic salmon cube looks like perfection on a platter and on your reception menu.

Atlantic Salmon cube


This shortbread miniature food option is topped with buffalo mozarella and dried tomato. Your guests will definitely be complimenting the chef for this one!


Steak and Chips

Steak and Chips with Bearnaise Sauce- this canapé is super cute!


#3 Include fun activities and games

Fun activities and games are ways to break the ice amongst your guests and also a fun way to make your wedding memorable. We have a few sample activities you can try below.

Mini question booklet

Add some pens with this booklet at every table and ask questions your guests can answer. You can ask for wedding advice, possible names for future children and other suggestions for the new life you will be leading. You'll have fun reading these after the event.

wedding booklets

Over-sized board games

You can set these up indoors or outdoors. Prepare oversized boardgames and have your guests have a go at it. Take a look at giant Connect Four and Jenga!


Image credit: Lawson Photography


Image credit: Young Hearts Photography

#4 Make your guests feel extra special

Make guest and family photos part of the decor

Using your guests and family photos can make them feel special. You can use old ones and use them to spark conversation and relive some old happy memories. By doing this, you have integrated your friends into your own special day with a trip down the memory lane.


Image Credit: Rochelle Mort Photography

Make your day memorable for everyone

So instead of getting the generic souvenirs most weddings give out today, have a think about your guests tastes instead. For example, you may like to create an Instagram hashtag for your reception and ask your guests to tag photos of you. This makes a lasting memory of the day.

Wedding memo

Have handwritten notes in each place card

Or instead of place cards, you can hand out your personal notes to your guests. This adds a personal touch to your wedding and makes your guest think that you are thinking about everything on this special day, down to the minute details.


Include DJ song request in RSVP Cards

This is a really fun way to get your guests to hit the dance floor. Make sure you take note of their requested songs, update your DJ and let them play at your reception party. Again, this will make your guests feel that they are really a part of this big day instead of just guests.


Image credit: blogs.mspmag.com

#5 Have enticing desserts

Don't underestimate desserts, they are a big deal at most events. Keep your guests interested in your menu by serving interesting desserts and they will recall your wedding food forever. A dessert buffet is another great idea too. Here's our take:

These splended parfaits

We've noted that serving desserts in glasses, especially wine glasses, elevates their attractiveness to a whole new level. These two parfaits pictured below will definitely give you cravings! The first one is a honey and berry parfait in a rich blueberry syrup...

Honey Berry parfait 

...and this second one is a perfect ensemble.


Chocolates and Cognac

If you don't think this is amazing then maybe we can't advise you! But this is a perfect combination to one memorable wedding.

Beat this

Little Riccota

This baked ricotta may be small in serving but it packs a great taste that will make your guests happily surprised on your big day. The ingredients are lemon, thyme as well as zucchini.


Mini Tarts

Serve your guest a variety of these meringue desserts and it will surely make their day. The pictured tarts below are one of a kind lemon tarts and salted caramel chocolate tarts.

Mini tarts

Bride and Groom cupcake

Isn't this awesome? This cupcake could be a good alternative to a wedding cake, all you need to do is make use of your creativity.


#6 Make the Flowers special

Your flower arrangements don't need to be expensive, they should be special to you. You can add or request the flower that is significant to you as groom and bride. Maybe you could choose the same flowers as were in the bouquet you gave your bride on a date or anniversary. Just make everything relevant and tell your guests the lovely story. Here are some simple yet elegant flower ideas for your reception.


Wedding flowers 

Hanging florals

#7 Use lights to your advantage

You can use lights to play up the drama at your wedding reception. Here are some photos of how you can use the power of lighting to your advantage.

Make it warm and inviting with fairy lights...


Make it romantic...


Make it unique...

masion jars lighting

After seeing all this inspiration, it's very possible to have the great wedding you want, perfect in its own way. These ideas can be your starting point... 



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