Plenty of Last-Minute Christmas Day Ideas

Date Posted: 18/12/2017 1:07:53 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Most of us enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our families. The day involves a LOT of food, drinks and desserts, plus a lot of laughs.

Take some inspiration from the team at Laissez-faire this Christmas. Instead of the boring ham and pavlova combo, try something new this year.

Here's a few ideas from our instagram to get you inspired to revamp Christmas this year:

1. Introduce new flavours this Christmas.  These bite-sized prawns are a great option for entrees and finger food. Cook with plenty of herbs and include a dipping sauce for the ultimate flavour!


2. Decorate! If you've got the time and the budget, pick up some trendy decorations for your table setting (reusable for any other dinner party or holiday). Include plants (real or fake) for a relaxed table.


3. Create a signature drink. There's still time before the big day so it's time to experiment! Mix up a new drink to serve on the day. A punch is a great idea because you can make a huge batch on the day and it will last for ages!


4. Make a dessert with a difference. Do away with the regular old pavlova and try something new! We whipped up these coconut, ice cream and frozen berry treats a few weeks ago and they were a hit! Christmas day is bound to be a scorcher so offer these to your guests and they'll cool down instantly!


5. Keep it simple and healthy. If you've got a BBQ, that's the best option for feeding a lot of people on Christmas day. You can keep it healthy and easy to prepare.


6. Think outside the box. Having the entire extended family over for Christmas? Save on washing up time by taking plates out of the occasion entirely! Get some cheap glasses that are easy to hold in one hand and serve up your entrees and desserts in these. It's different and more efficient than cleaning up 20+ plates!


7. Get creative! If you've ever tried your hand at decorative baking, you know how much fun it can be. Bake up some Christmas-themed treats. Think santa, reindeers, snowmen, candy canes. Make a cake and decorate it or put together a little work of art like these delicious snowmen cookies we created:


8. Follow us on instagram for more food and dining inspiration!

New Catering Ideas: Presentation, Garnishes, Food Stations

Date Posted: 6/10/2017 12:29:00 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Catering Ideas

Thanks to a social-media-hungry public and the rise of foodie culture, today's caterers need to be constantly feeding the imagination of event guests with new, original, and—above all—delicious cuisine.

From the latest trends in wedding and corporate catering to functional tips for food displays and specialty menus, food has become a sophisticated medium and an integral element to an event’s theme, brand message, or identity.

catering canapes

Here are the most up-to-date trends in catering, ideas for unique food presentations, and tips and strategies from food festivals and tastings. Find catering ideas for breakfast and brunch, lunch, dinner, canapes, cocktails, and more.

Pastries and coffee and deli sandwiches, chips, and a cookie aren't the most exciting breakfast and lunch options for meeting breaks. Depending on the location, hotels and restaurants are putting a spin on the typical meeting break fare with food and drink offerings that are locally inspired or locally sourced.

From Chicago-themed candy and snack displays and staples of Puerto Rico to inventive hot beverages inspired by Park City slopes, here's a look at how certain venues are elevating meeting break menus.

Ideas and Trends Shaping Today's Catering Industry

Here are some great catering ideas and trends that stood out at the fifth annual Art of Catering Food Conference—presented by Catersource and the International Caterers Association.


1. Catering to special diets is the new norm. Having a single vegetarian alternative to your meat-focused main dish no longer meets the needs of attendees. Vegan, gluten-free, organically grown, and nut-free are more common diets than ever. Planners and caterers need to be aware of all allergies and diets when crafting the menu.

 2. The right garnish can take your dishes to the next level. It’s not just what you put on the canapes, but also how you display it, and where you source your garnish ideas from. When serving fish for example, remove and bake the skin, add some salt, and serve it as a skin chip to complement the main dish. With beef, why not utilise the red wine and leftover mushrooms to create a red hibiscus wine sauce with dehydrated mushroom chips. Other popular garnish ideas include edible flowers—the latest craze—as well as charred lemons and limes and carrot ribbon chips.

3. Reinvent ways to present canapes and small plates. We at LFC recommend getting creative with canapes and small plates. Take bruschetta, for instance, and create tomato shells filled with parmesan mousse and garnish with balsamic glaze and basil crystals. It's the same combination of flavours as the traditional presentation, but with a new spin.

4. Stations are becoming more interactive. “When we do these [Iberico ham] stations, guests come up to us, and we have stories to tell them about how the hams are fed and the ingredients in the dishes. It makes people happy when you interact with them.”

Beyond the chef interaction, LFC chef Florent gets guests involved with a station offering three options—pimento cheese, smoked cheddar and jalapeño, and creamy corn—for the classic Southern side dish to accompany a carving station of chicken, pork, or beef.

Food & Drink Station Ideas for your next Corporate Event

Date Posted: 19/07/2017 2:01:46 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Trend Alert: Corporate Event Food & Drink Stations

Food and drink stations are a popular choice for corporate daytime conferences. From private rooms to more elaborate venues, these stations never fail to accommodate for guest lists of all sizes.

There are many advantages to the food and drink station set-up:

  • It’s a crowd-pleaser
  • It offers a wide variety of food
  • It has an interactive element
  • Guests don’t have to wait in line since food and refreshments are spread out around the venue
  • A cook-to-order station can provide dish prep variations

During daytime conferences, food stations are an even more attractive alternative to serve snacks and meals. Here at Laissez-faire, we offer options based on our clientele’s needs. The most commonly requested food stations include juice bars, biscuit bars, coffee bars, snack bars and dessert stations.

Juice Bar

Fresh juice is always a healthy option for any event and we’re sure your guests will appreciate the option in the coming summer months! Use seasonal produce to create some thirst-quenching juices or let guests choose their own combos.

 Coffee Bar

Who doesn’t love coffee? Freshly ground coffee at your corporate event will not only keep everybody awake, it will create a casual environment where guests can order their favourite daily drink.


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Biscuit & Tea Station

Biscuit & tea bars can be a perfect option for an indoor or outdoor conference venue during winter and autumn. Tasty biscuits, warm scones, honey and a delicious selection of teas will appeal to guests who have a sweet tooth or a need for some comforting snacks.

Cheese & Sweet Bar

You can’t go wrong with a cheese and chocolate bar. Serve this up after guests have enjoyed a few refreshments  and the event is winding down.  Guests with a sweet tooth will thank you for this one!

Cheese tower table - CBT

Snack Station

Snack bars are a very broad catering option. Here you could serve tacos and nachos, appetisers, popcorn, crisps, hot chips, cheeses and breads, etc. Depending on the type of event some snacks might be more suitable than others.

Breakfast Station

If you’re starting the conference or meeting early, it may be a good idea to throw in a breakfast bar. Breakfast stations could serve pancakes, omelettes, sausages, bagels, and so on. Don’t forget to have a coffee station right next to this one!

Sushi Station

Asian food is delicious, easy to eat and easy to serve! Your guests will go crazy over the sushi and nigiri.

Sushi Table


These bite-sized snacks are often served with cocktails. This option is a favourite at corporate launch parties or events where guests will be standing and mingling.

Edamame wonton yuzu aioli V


Mix & Match

There is no specific way to present these food stations at your corporate event. As long as you are confident that your guests will love it, you can mix and match to serve something truly unique.