Corporate Event Planning

Date Posted: 24/04/2016 3:54:34 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Planning your Next Corporate Meeting

Nothing is worse than a corporate meeting with bland food, a sad venue and a dull atmosphere. You want your employees to enjoy going to monthly and quarterly corporate meetings. Corporate meetings don’t have to be a chore, all you have to do is plan them right.

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Many large companies today are hiring event planners and other event staff to get the most out of their meetings. Corporate events and meetings have evolved into something that even busy people can appreciate. They should be well planned, trendy and awe-inspiring.

So what’s the secret to successful corporate meetings time and time again? It’s as simple as making a plan and hiring the right people!

Stress-free corporate event planning

The very first and most common advice you would have already heard is to plan ahead. Nothing beats planning ahead to get to the best venue and staff. Hire the best caterer before their calendars become too busy to accommodate you. Here are some other tips to consider when planning for your next corporate meeting:

#1 Unique corporate catering menu

When it comes to the menu, your caterer can suggest hundreds of ideas although your input can help shape the overall event. The menu can vary depending on the time of day, the number of guests or the type of meeting.


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One great option is a local-inspired menu. You’ll be helping local growers and suppliers while providing some great food for the corporate meeting. Remember, satisfied palates make attentive listeners.

By the way, stay tuned for our new Winter Menu being released soon!

#2 Theme ideas

You can always have  a theme for your corporate meetings. These themes aren’t the usual type wherein you’ll ask guests to dress the part. For corporate events, you simply need one central theme or idea to pull all the details together. This could be a cocktail hour, an all-healthy menu or a green and sustainable event. Of course venues can inspire the theme as well.

#3 Power break

Longer meetings may require more than one meal. Power breaks can really help keep an event or meeting flowing and ensure meeting goers aren’t being given too much information too quickly. You may offer coffees and pick-me-up foods during this time or even simple biscuits, cheese and crackers. Don’t forget to consider dietary requirements.


#4 Headcount, budget

You can’t plan everything without knowing the number of guests and the budget. Also, guest counts are need for your venue. So finalise this first before making the big decisions for the event. And you can even ask your caterer to base the menu on the budget you have. But of course don’t let quality be sacrificed, there are plenty of menus that are budget friendly but still look and taste expensive.


“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.” – Oscar Wilde #dinner #greatevents #cateringsydney

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#5 Attendee engagement

Your corporate meeting should always zero down to this - attention to the agenda. You held the meeting for a purpose so you should provide an overall experience that can foster engagement and brainstorming. Use powerpoint slides, live feeds, video conferencing, workshops, event-specific apps and event hashtags to keep everyone interested and participating.

#6 Venue

You can give your usual conference room a remodel or you can opt for a venue outside the office. Check out these corporate venues for ideas:


These are just a few of our venues! Check out the rest  here.


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Are you ready to take your corporate meetings to a whole new level? Contact the laissez-faire team today to discuss your event.


Need some menu inspiration? Click on the banner below to access our  Conference menu  which has some great options for your next corporate  event.