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For over 20 years now Laissez-faire has sourced almost all our produce from small to medium-sized NSW produces.  These suppliers are now part of the family and we know they will deliver of freshness and quality as they understand the Laissez-faire brand. 
All Laissez-faire suppliers adhere to OH&S and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification. Laissez-faire is currently a holder of NSW Caterers Liquor Licence and complies with all provisions of the Liquor Act 1982.

Our Coffee blend



We love the art of blending and have produced our signature Laissez-faire coffee blend, a mild yet smooth, this espresso gives you a definite kick

The most delicate of blends combines the highest quality, this world-class coffee demands the attention of the finest Baristas in Italy and around the world. Laissez-faire Catering uses the most prized Arabica from high altitude equatorial regions. The beans are selected using an optical-electronic system, which discards unripe or defective beans.  Just a few of these beans would be enough to alter the taste of the final blend.
The beans are roasted with a combination of artisan ways and modern technology using "The Separated Roasting" method based on the fact that any single coffee sort requires different temperatures and times of roasting because of the different weather and soil it is grown under.

We do not stock pile its roasted bean. Beans are turned over to ensure the customer receives their coffee at its optimum.


Sustainability Policy