9 Awesome Theme Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

Date Posted: 1/12/2014 2:55:33 PM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

Your next corporate event need not be boring. A couple of brilliant details can make it the special event you're hoping for.

There are three secrets to making an event memorable; the first is sumptuous food, second is great service and third is a good venue.

However, there are other elements of your event to focus on that are sure to keep your guests interested. To ensure your guests have a great time at your event, add an awesome theme. So, here's some great theme ideas we don't mind you stealing for inspiration:

#1 Masquerade

This is a famous theme for all kinds of events. You can arrange everything in your reception to resemble an en grande masquerade hall filled with elegant lighting and royal drapes. You can also ask your guests to bring a mask or two (minus the ballgowns). Be ready with extra masks at the door in case somebody forgets theirs. A masquerade theme can go a long way, you just need to make it work and make it fit the purpose of your event.

#2 Jack Daniels Theme

This one was a big hit!

This theme is good if you have a keen eye for small details and want to use props to really engage your guests. You can design the venue with bar signs, wooden tables, some wine barrels for chairs and bring in a great rock or blues band.

#3 Aviation Theme

Your guests don't really have to dress up as pilots for this one, although you can get the service crew to wear steward and stewardess outfits. Your event will soar high (sorry!) with this theme! Here's the theme in action (Insta photo below), with Laissez Fair spoiling guests in a venue with a Helicopter background. For your event, you can include some even more innovative details. The first secret is to look for a venue that can provide an authentic aviation atmosphere (eg such as the Elston Rooms).

#4 Acrobat Theme

The circus theme is one way to introduce a bit of fun to a formal event. No, it doesn't mean that you'll need to have clowns and jugglers (although you can if it suits your event) but consider hiring an aerial hoop performer. After all, it's not all the time that your guests get see some talented acrobats while sipping on wine.

#5 Party and DJs

If the purpose of your event is more social gathering than corporate meeting, you can opt for the party and DJ theme. Complete this theme with lights, good music and party food. To maintain interest among your guests, ask them beforehand to list down their favourite party songs. They can do this in their RSVP cards or alternatively by having them add to a song list at the door. You can also opt to include some cool strobe lights for that disco feel.

#6 Spanish Theme

Hola! Why not try serving themed food at your next event? Serve Spanish food and prepare the venue as a fiesta with music and somewhere for your guests to socialise. Include some Spanish dance entertainment. This Paella station cooked right on the spot is a perfect addition for this themed event:

#7 Barbecue Theme

Barbecues are an all time favourite for everyone. It's a reminder of weekends, family time and tasty grilled foods. So why not bring the laid back feel and the fun of a barbecue to your corporate event? Let the photos below be an inspiration!

#8 Quay/Seafood Theme

If you can't bring your guests to a tropical getaway for your event, why not choose a venue overlooking the sea. A boat or river cruise venue is even better if you want to give your guests that vacation feeling. Top it off by serving seafoods and tropical drinks.

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#9 Workshop Theme

The workshop theme is tough, brooding and atmospheric. So, if your event or company goal is along the same lines as this, the workshop theme might be your best option. Below is our Blacksmith Workshop event perfected with rustic details and an industrial setting. The dimmed lights add a certain charm to the ambience.

These themes could be perfect for your next corporate party or event. Just make sure you're choosing the right caterer and planner to make sure everything is flawless. After that you can sit back, relax and wait for your perfect party to unfold. Good luck!

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