Improve your Annual Corporate Dinners

Date Posted: 27/03/2017 1:20:00 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Annual Corporate Dinner Themes 

Annual corporate dinners are regular features for most companies. It becomes a night for showcasing new products, networking, an opportunity to reward employees, celebrate a milestone, present new people or just a social event that can bring everybody together which is rare for larger companies.

Over the years, the idea of organising for events like this have changed. It has evolved into something more exciting and something that an organisation looks forward too. Companies try their best to experiment on entertainment options, catering, themes, and venues.

We think themes make corporate events even more special.

Why hold themed annual dinners?

Here are some reasons why you should organise an annual themed dinner:

#1 It creates buzz

It builds up excitement for everybody. That is if the theme is chosen well. The talk can spread and generate more audience and will assist in the marketing of that event later on. And you can create themes from anything you fancy.

#2 Use the theme to show the purpose of the event

Companies can use a theme to relate back to the reason for the dinner. It ties the whole event together. Whether it’s just the colour palette or the dress or the decoration, the theme can act as a unifier.

#3 It promotes social sharing

People will literally snap hundreds of photos at a fun and instagrammable event. So imagine the social media exposure you can get from this. Creating impact around your annual dinner can help it spread on social media.

Theme ideas for your next annual dinner

#1 Seasonal themed dinner

The idea of dressing up for each of the seasons is different and can be done any time of the year. Plus it can offer more ideas for decorating. And the food choices for this theme can be seasonal as well. Choose a venue that can showcase it well and you are good to go.


#2 Brand themed dinners

There’s no such thing as too extravagant if your aim is to revolve the party around your brand. Why not, right? Brand themed dinners creates the psychology of oneness. Incorporating your company logo and design to the decor, the food design and the entertainment can create one fun dinner party.

This helps you, as an organisation to stay focused on the objectives and on the idea of your company as a whole as well. Remember, brand identity sells and will make your guests happy they are part of something so great.


#3 Sustainable themed dinners

Have you ever been to a sustainable themed dinner? It adds to the value of the event. In the world where many businesses try to promote sustainability in the office and at home, a themed dinner like this can create a big impact not only on the organisation but on your social media followers as well. You can include this in your objective as well as a company. All decor must be central to sustainability. Recyclable utensils, no plastic and the idea of after party leftovers being composted is a good goal.



For food, including sustainable produce for catering is a great and delicious idea.

#4 Era themed dinners

Era themed dinners never seem to get old and still excite everybody. Plus, there are so many eras to choose from. You can go futuristic, 1950’s, or maybe 1970’s. You have lots of choices. For this, choose a venue that can be transformed to fit your theme as well.



#5 Entertainment themed dinners

Remember that James Bond themed dinner you saw on our Instagram? You can pull it off too for your event. It’s easy and a nice way to cater the event for everybody. Other choices include Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Academy Awards, Casablanca, old Hollywood, etc. It will create excitement and will give everybody something to talk about during the event and even after it happened.

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So, have you chosen your annual dinner theme?