Retail operation

Laissez-faire catering manages many centrally located Cafés in Sydney’s CBD. Our primary focus is on serving food that is fresh, seasonally appropriate and consistently amazing. Laissez-faire is synonymous with quality because we value fresh, healthy and seasonal food for our customers. With plenty of options at our cafés no matter the season, our a la carte savoury selections are complemented by mouth-watering desserts and our locally rostered coffee beans. 

Our staff is the building blocks of our future and an integral part of Laissez-faire catering. We are very focused on providing only the highest customer service to our clients, and hope friendly staff and service will lead you to come back again and again.  

Find us on the map


Over the years Laissez-faire has increased the number of retail operation and below are a list of our convenient and tasty cafes. 

Cafes Location
Yots Cafe Australian National Maritime Museum
Cafe Trim State Library of NSW
Bites Cafe Australian Technology Park
Bites Cafe St Vincent's Hospital