Planning the Perfect Spring Cocktail Function - Corporate and Private Events

Date Posted: 24/08/2017 8:29:08 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

As September slowly approaches we can take off our jumpers and welcome the Spring sunshine into our lives. Whether you're thinking about planning a corporate or private event to celebrate the changing seasons, now is the time to begin preparations.

Corporate Spring Cocktail Functions

For a corporate Spring cocktail event,  start collecting RSVPs now to save the date. The first weekend of September is a great time to welcome Spring and celebrate some company milestones.

It's the perfect time to remind staff how much they mean to the team. We're on the home stretch to the end of 2017, and employees can start to feel stressed out and burnt out. Give them something fun and exciting to look forward to.

Book a venue away from the company office - it's not the same if you just bring food and drinks into the office space. Let guests get dressed up (casual business attire) to travel somewhere in the Sydney CBD where they can chat with their friends from work in a different setting. Try to book a venue with plenty of outdoor space and some undercover area. If you want a completely outdoor venue so your staff can get some sun, a great idea is to provide parasols so guests can get some shade if they desire.


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Check out our listing of venues perfect for cocktail functions.

Corporate cocktail functions should be relaxed, easy and perfect for mingling and nibbles. 

Private Spring Cocktail Functions

For a private Spring cocktail event,  you have heaps of options! If your guest list is small, you could even hold the event in one of Sydney CBD's public parks. If your guest list is larger, opt for a spacious venue with indoor and outdoor seating. Some guests would rather stand and mingle or move around the food and drink stations.

Cocktail functions are great for celebrating any event: an engagement, a graduation, a wedding reception or just getting a group of friends together to catch up over good food and drinks.

Check out our drinks menu and our canapes menu to get some ideas about what to serve your guests.


 Spring Cocktail Decorations

Get into the spirit of things for your Spring cocktail event by including some decorations at your venue. 

Hang some decorative flowers from the roof of an outdoor canopy. The smells will be divine and it will add a rustic beauty to the event.


Spring Cocktails

Don't skimp on the drinks for this event. Think about creating a signature cocktail with delicious Spring flavours. Think grapefruit, lemon and lime, and strawberries galore.

Punch bowls are perfect for this type of event. As well as this, have a drinks station set up with a couple of bar staff so guests can choose their own drinks.


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Spring Cocktail Canapes and Nibbles

Serve food that is easy to pick up and eat while guests are mingling and also holding a drink in their other hand. Canapes are perfect for Spring: not too heavy but just the right amount of food to stay full during the event. Sushi is usually a great canape option, but we'd advise against it if your venue is out in the open where food can get ruined by the heat. 

Instead, think small bites of cured meats, vegetable creations, cheeses, breads and oils. 


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Don't forget dessert!

Treat your guests to some sweet palate cleansers after they've had their fill of food and drink. Keep them canape size so guests can hold them in one hand and eat them in a quick bite.


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Another great option is to serve fresh fruits and nuts for dessert. Keep these refrigerated until they are needed. Dried fruits are also just as tasty and easy to serve in the heat.


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Hopefully, these ideas will give you some inspiration to start planning your corporate or private Spring cocktail event.