Fashion Event Planning

Date Posted: 28/10/2016 9:24:33 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

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Planning a fashion event is a uniquely difficult task. Hosts must balance putting on an extravagant gala with decadent food and highlighting the fashion that is the reason d'etre of the event.

To aid in planning, below are the key steps in preparing for and hosting a successful fashion event.

Secure Your Venue

Before any further preparations can be made, the first step in planning any successful event is choosing the proper venue.


If you are a store owner, you may decide to adapt your existing space for the event; once you have narrowed down your guest list, depending on the size of your event, you may have to secure other accommodations.

The nature of your event must drive your venue selection. Are you hosting an event to promote a line of bathing suits and beach wear? The venue should feel relaxed and casual. On the other hand, an event featuring evening gowns or formal attire should utilise a venue equal in formality to the gowns being feature.

Hosting an event in-store  makes for a  holistic brand experience, where guests can fully  appreciate the styles you are showcasing and the effort that went into bringing the event together in a truly unique space.

Create Atmosphere Through Your Decor

Deciding on your fashion event's theme is the first step to building the proper atmosphere for your guests. Popular event planner Ron Wendt of Ron Wendt Design, which specialises in high-end fashion events, recommends choosing a point of inspiration, such as a featured line of jewelry, and using that as the basis for "telling the story" of your event.



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Wendt also emphasises the importance of figuring out what you want your guests to "walk away from [the] evening remembering" as well as focusing on your guest's "tactile experience" in order to create an unforgettable setting.

Picking a Caterer and Choosing Your Refreshments

Making the right choices about refreshments is critical in shaping your fashion event. To do so, you must choose both the right caterer and the right theme for the food.



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Famed event planner Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution recalls an event for Agent Provocateur at which she served sweet treats with black frosting. The stains that the black frosting left on her guests' teeth clearly illustrate the importance of choosing the proper caterer who can foresee such issues. An experienced caterer will suggest a menu of light, easy-to-eat snacks and drinks rather than heavy, overextravagant and messy refreshments.

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Marketing and Promoting Your Event

Whether you choose to make your fashion event invitation-only or open it to any who wish to attend, the decisions you make in promoting your event are key to its success.

Done and Dusted president Ian Stewart, the event planner behind the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, recommends taking advantage of social media to provide "teasers" for your event, thereby engaging your attendees and "mak[ing] them integral to the event."

By keeping the above factors in mind, you can create a memorable fashion event that tickles your guests visually as your food pleases their taste buds.