How to Organise Sydney CBD Office Catering

Date Posted: 5/12/2018 10:20:41 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

 How to Organise Sydney CBD Office Catering

How to Organise Sydney CBD Office Catering

Few things can test your office organisational skills as much as a party or event! Catering is what brings many office events to life -- and it's why a lot of employees attend office-related events to begin with. Sydney CBD is one of the busiest cities for corporates and  that means we see a lot of  corporate breakfasts, lunches and  conferences in the city.   Yet with so many factors to account for, where do you even get started?

Here are our tips to organise office catering in Sydney CBD.

Planning Your Sydney CBD Office Catering for Corporate Breakfasts, Lunches and Conferences

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner catering will all be handled differently. During breakfasts and lunches, a larger variety of lighter fare is often provided. During a dinner, it's more likely you'll be planning a few heavier meals.

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Being in Sydney CBD, it's important that you find a local caterer who can deliver on the day or set up at your office of venue in the city.

Before you make any decisions, consider the following:

  • Is the office event going to have any type of theme? If you already have an idea in mind, your catering company can work with you to plan the perfect menu.
  • What dietary restrictions do you need to plan for? Consider the fact that you don't necessarily know whether some employees may have restrictive diets or need specific types of food. Make sure you ask people to let you know of any restrictions when they RSVP.
  • What type of food does your office generally like? Every office is different. Some Sydney offices are more modern and contemporary while others want comfort foods. A wide selection of food may be called for if you aren't sure.
  • Which beverages will you serve? Beverages are often an important factor when it comes to an event. Coffee, tea, and other beverages will complement your food.

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Once you have a preliminary idea of what you want, you can begin organizing the event itself -- including figuring out how many people will attend and contacting a professional caterer. That's where we come in!

Organize Your Guests for the Office Event

How many people are going to be coming to your catered event? Before you contact a caterer, you'll need to know roughly how many heads are going to be served. It will also be useful for your caterer to know where your office or venue is located in Sydney CBD so they can estimate travel time and whether they can deliver or set up at your office.

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Add the event to the office calendar, email or otherwise contact those involved, and make sure you have a reliable head count for the event. Keep in mind that you'll need a buffer to allow for a certain number of additional people to come.

Contacting Your Sydney CBD Caterer

Once you have your basic information in place -- the type of food you're interested in, the date, and the head count -- it's time to call the caterer. Many caterers are booked months in advance in Sydney, especially during busy holiday periods. Your caterer will be able to tell you what food they'll have available (including fresh, seasonal produce), and make suggestions as to your corporate breakfast, lunch or conference menu.

Contacting your caterer fairly early on in the process is usually advised, as they'll be able to direct you to the appropriate types of food for your service, as well as making suggestions for desserts and drinks that the staff may like. In addition to this, you may need to make provisions for things such as chairs, tables, and serving tables -- many caterers are able to help with this, as well.

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If the event is a complex one, such as an awards ceremony or a banquet that requires catering in Sydney CBD, your caterer will also schedule themselves in a way that will be non-disruptive to the event itself, while helping to plan floor space so that the food is featured but not in the way.

With a little work, you can create an office event in Sydney that the employees will talk about for months to come... as well as ensuring that the office event is as effective as it is memorable. 

What's Next?

For more information about planning the perfect office event in Sydney CBD, contact the experts at Laissez-Faire Catering today. Make an enquiry  or give us a call on (02) 9209 4810.   We can't wait to hear from you!

5 Tips to Make Office Event Planning Easy

Date Posted: 8/08/2018 5:05:02 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

The responsibility of organising training days, office events, drink nights, and meetings can be incredibly difficult, especially when it's left in the hands of a single person. Organising and planning any type of event requires a lot of preparation, effort, and time, all of which become maximised when planning for a large company. Fortunately, there are several tips you can follow to make office event planning easy. 

Create a Google Calendar to Coordinate Events

 Planning an Event

With so much going on, it can be difficult to keep up with everything. From board meetings to budget planning to finishing your daily duties, planning an event requires much organisation, and this organisation runs even deeper when planning multiple events. 

To help ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the events, you can use Google Calendars. Not only does it allow you to share event dates with everyone involved in the event, but it also automatically updates changes across everyone's calendars when you have to alter a date for a meeting or activity. Since changes are very common when planning an event, you will want to send a memo to everyone to check their Google Calendar daily for changes. This enables you to rest assured everyone is made aware of the changes without you having to send out individual updates. 

Create and Use Checklists for Each Event

To say you're going to plan an event without the use of a checklist is, by far, the biggest mistake you can make. Having a checklist on you at all times will not only allow you to check off things you have accomplished but it keeps your memory fresh regarding the things you still need to do. And since no two events are exactly the same, you will need to customise a checklist for each event you are preparing. If you have previous experience with a certain type of event, use your checklist from that event to plan any future ones; this will ensure you don't overlook anything. You can also use a checklist you find online. Ideally, a general checklist will look something as follows, but remember, it needs to be tailored to the exact event you are preparing:

  • Determine goals and objectives for the event
  • Choose a date
  • Check out various venues and choose one
  • Create a master plan, including cost estimates
  • Build an event committee
  • Secure sponsors
  • Send out invitations requesting an RSVP
  • Continue preparing for the event, such as selecting speakers
  • Promote the event using various platforms like social media
  • Contact caterers and video/audio service providers
  • Set up for the event
  • Host the event
  • Send out thank you notes to those who attended, and ask for feedback

Start Planning Early


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It's never too early to start planning for an event. Once it is confirmed the event is going to be hosted, you need to start planning.  The larger the event, the more time it is going to take to properly plan for it. Even small events can take months. Large ones tend to take 12-18 months, with some taking multiple years to plan for. One of the most important parts of planning early is to secure vendor contracts and stay in contact with the vendors to ensure they are up to date with the latest event information. Also, when planning, it's good to look back over your past events and pinpoint the vendors and caterers you were pleased with. You can reach out to these companies again and ask for their services. 

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

You can never have too many helping for an event. The more people you have to help you, the easier it is to keep everything organised. And while you may find you have to pay some people for their assistance in helping plan the event, such as a professional event planner, you will also find there are plenty of people who are willing to pitch in and volunteer their time to help. You can be the best office manager or assistant, but planning an event requires multiple people, and most importantly, it requires clear communication between everyone involved. Establishing clear lines of communication from the get-go is one of the smartest moves you can make when it comes to event planning. In the least, you will want the following lines of communication to be open between everyone:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Postal address so mail communication can take place
  • Video conferencing


From early planning to using checklists to using Google Calendars, all of the tips mentioned above are great starting points for making sure your next big event is a success. 

For more information on planning your menu for your next office event,   contact the expert chefs at Laissez-faire.

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Fashion Event Planning

Date Posted: 28/10/2016 9:24:33 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Where Fashion Meets Food in Style

Planning a fashion event is a uniquely difficult task. Hosts must balance putting on an extravagant gala with decadent food and highlighting the fashion that is the reason d'etre of the event.

To aid in planning, below are the key steps in preparing for and hosting a successful fashion event.

Secure Your Venue

Before any further preparations can be made, the first step in planning any successful event is choosing the proper venue.


If you are a store owner, you may decide to adapt your existing space for the event; once you have narrowed down your guest list, depending on the size of your event, you may have to secure other accommodations.

The nature of your event must drive your venue selection. Are you hosting an event to promote a line of bathing suits and beach wear? The venue should feel relaxed and casual. On the other hand, an event featuring evening gowns or formal attire should utilise a venue equal in formality to the gowns being feature.

Hosting an event in-store  makes for a  holistic brand experience, where guests can fully  appreciate the styles you are showcasing and the effort that went into bringing the event together in a truly unique space.

Create Atmosphere Through Your Decor

Deciding on your fashion event's theme is the first step to building the proper atmosphere for your guests. Popular event planner Ron Wendt of Ron Wendt Design, which specialises in high-end fashion events, recommends choosing a point of inspiration, such as a featured line of jewelry, and using that as the basis for "telling the story" of your event.



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Wendt also emphasises the importance of figuring out what you want your guests to "walk away from [the] evening remembering" as well as focusing on your guest's "tactile experience" in order to create an unforgettable setting.

Picking a Caterer and Choosing Your Refreshments

Making the right choices about refreshments is critical in shaping your fashion event. To do so, you must choose both the right caterer and the right theme for the food.



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Famed event planner Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution recalls an event for Agent Provocateur at which she served sweet treats with black frosting. The stains that the black frosting left on her guests' teeth clearly illustrate the importance of choosing the proper caterer who can foresee such issues. An experienced caterer will suggest a menu of light, easy-to-eat snacks and drinks rather than heavy, overextravagant and messy refreshments.

Click on the  image below and enter your details to access our popular canapes menu. 


Marketing and Promoting Your Event

Whether you choose to make your fashion event invitation-only or open it to any who wish to attend, the decisions you make in promoting your event are key to its success.

Done and Dusted president Ian Stewart, the event planner behind the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, recommends taking advantage of social media to provide "teasers" for your event, thereby engaging your attendees and "mak[ing] them integral to the event."

By keeping the above factors in mind, you can create a memorable fashion event that tickles your guests visually as your food pleases their taste buds.

6 Tech Trends for your next Corporate Event

Date Posted: 17/05/2016 9:15:33 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Outstanding Tech Ideas for your next Corporate Event

Technology is behind the running of businesses across many industries today. Unfortunately technology is often underused in the events industry. If you’re someone who doesn’t utilise tech so well, this post is for you. Here’s 6 tech trends that will make your next corporate event, meeting or cocktail event instagrammable and worth remembering.


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#1 Venue Hunting

Venue hunting was digitised a long time ago. But some more recent apps filter these venues by city, price, capacity and other considerations.

You can also find the perfect venue by asking your caterer! Check out some of our eye-catching venues here.


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#2 Social Ambassadors

If you want to start some social interaction and increase the number of viewers on your site, get a social ambassador. Social media presence equals exposure, brand recognition and advertising.

Remember the campaign needs to be before, during and after the event. Show the purpose of the event as well as the fun side of it all and don’t forget some behind-the-scenes photos. What better way to get people talking about your event than posting mouth-watering food photos?


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#3 Live Streaming

Live streaming is in. Twitter has Periscope while Facebook has their new live video feature. Update your fans and followers with what’s happening as it happens. This would work well for corporate meetings announcing a new product release. Viewers will feel like they are part of the event and it’s a great way to stay relevant in the overcrowded social world. 

ATP Atrium Atug

#4 Event Apps

Event planning apps can compliment your own event planning style if used correctly. These apps make it easy to record what you need, when you need it, budget and time management. After the event it can also act as an evaluation of every aspect of your event.

Feedback is also made easier with the use of apps. Remember when event organisers used to hand out printed evaluation surveys? Event planning apps make this process convenient and more enjoyable.

LF Maritime museumyots set up

#5 iBeacon

iBeacon is a new Apple technology (although we’re not here to promote Apple) that is expected to trend this year. In the events industry, this technology is one easy way to connect a roomful of people. One of its major benefit is its networking capabilities. Attendees can easily foster new business connections with other guests.


#6 Digital Souvenirs

Although guests appreciate a physical souvenir and really awesome gift bags from time to time, a good way to stay up-to-date in event planning and technology is to use digital souvenirs. It’s trendy, new and it frees up some time during planning.

You can give out online coupons or set up a discount code which guests can use at your store of choice. This means less clutter, an environmentally friendly gift and less budget spent on party favours.

Tuna canape

What other tech trends have influenced your event planning? Will you use any of these ideas at your next corporate event? Leave us know!

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Planning your 2016 Office Christmas Party

Date Posted: 12/02/2016 8:59:00 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

'Tis the Season to be Prepared

 Maritime Museum event 2

If you think it’s too early to be planning your end-of-year office Christmas party then you’re wrong! The holidays may be 10 months away but now is the best time to start thinking about it and booking everything in. But be warned: other companies are doing the same thing, so book your catering and venues as soon as possible! The earlier you start to plan for your corporate Christmas party, the more options will be available to you.

Plan now and you’ll avoid these mini-disasters:

  • Last-minute preparations
  • Holding the party at the office, where there might not be enough room
  • Bad entertainment
  • Inadequate food 

It’s all about the feeling!

Ask your coworkers what they thought about 2015’s Christmas party. Chances are there were some things they loved and some things they think could be changed. Use their feedback as a jumping off point for planning the 2016 party.

What makes your Christmas party different from all other parties your employees have attended? Keep in mind no amount of good music or skilled acrobatic entertainment can hide bad food or a wrong choice of venue. Everything needs to be up to standard to create an overall successful feeling.

This feeling can be achieved by forging connections that speak to the culture of your company and employees. For example, a geeky theme for an IT or web company could be a huge hit. If the entertainment and service reflect the desires of the company and workers, you can expect good feedback after the event.


Fast-forward to December - do you see yourself stress free and already enjoying the party or running around at the last minute to pull everything together? If it’s the former, well done! That means you’ve decided to start planning now. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling:

1. Choose the date

Choose a date that won’t interfere with family celebrations or vacations. The date is perhaps the most important thing to get right, as you’ll want as many employees as possible to make it to the event.You’ll also be making plenty of calls too to the venue provider, the caterer, the entertainer and to other miscellaneous event providers. You’ll need to give these contacts a date for your party so they can plan accordingly.

2. Get out of the office, book the venue

The office is first and foremost a working environment. If possible, book a trendy venue for the party. Your workers should feel like they are part of something special, not just having drinks at the office. Remember that venues book fast, so decide now and have it marked for your event. Choose one that is accessible, big enough to accommodate all of you and one that suits your party of choice.Since you’re booking early, there is a chance you will be getting a discount on your venue and the facilities it offers.

3. Choose an impressive menu

Impressive does not mean expensive. Your caterer can still create interesting food without you going over the budget.

You can design your menu based on the party theme. Other guests would appreciate different food stations while food trucks can also be a hit. Of course take into consideration dietary and health requirements of your guests. Most caterers will adjust to these requirements.

Download examples from our extensive range of menu options.

4. Don’t forget the drinks

It’s a Christmas party; people will be hoping to unwind and have fun. Diversify your bar offerings or choose one signature cocktail to stay within budget. Check out our cocktail and refreshments menus for some thirst-quenching ideas.

5. Set the mood 

Make it festive with a hint of professionalism. Use lighting to create the kind of mood you want. Your playlist could be a mix of traditional holiday songs and popular music. You can opt for a live band or use the sound system.

Of course no event is easy to put together and it will probably take you more than 5 steps. That’s why now is the best time to start if you are hoping for a memorable corporate Christmas party in 2016.

The Perfect Venue

The venue is one of the most important aspects of your Christmas party and your choice will depend on how many guests are attending your event and what kind of event it will be.

Maritime Museum event 3

If your Christmas do is going to be a cocktail event where guests can stand up and mingle, these venues might suit (follow links for more info):

If you have any enquiries about our menus, venues or planning your 2016 Christmas party, contact us here.

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