Breakfast Catering Made Easy

Date Posted: 26/04/2017 4:22:46 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Breakfast Catering Made Easy With Our Top 3 Most Requested Dishes

Breakfast events seem to be the new trend in the business and corporate world. Whether it’s for a client meeting, a board meeting or just a company catch up, the most important meal of the day is increasingly becoming a popular choice among corporate companies and even private organisations. So why choose a breakfast event for your office?



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Reasons why many are turning to breakfast catering

There are two important reasons why events held during breakfast are refreshing and psychologically stimulating. One, people are most alert, awake and productive early in the morning; two, holding an event for people during this time will be a good idea since you will not be interrupting their work during the day.

As it soars in popularity, many are now preferring breakfast meetings over lunches in the business world. In a survey conducted by OnePoll, it was found that meetings hosted in the mornings have more positive outcomes since people pay more attention to the agenda at this time. Plus, any corporate or even private event hosted during the morning is more cost-effective than lunch.

The idea of mornings also expresses informality and a more relaxed style which at some point can set an easy tone and help establish business relationships fast.

You may need to hurdle another problem though, not all of your workers are morning people. Carefully planning this to your advantage will make a great start for everybody’s day.



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Breakfast menus you can try

The idea of starting the day with good breakfast can fuel people up especially those who will be facing a long day. You can check your caterer’s menu in advance and make reservations. And of course understanding your guests food preferences will help in making the event a success. Will it be simplified? Caffeine fueled? Gluten free? With lots of add-ons? A brunch?

Here at Laissez-faire, one of our top favourites from the breakfast menu is the acai smoothie. As an all organic breakfast boost, customers find it refreshing and energy giving choice in one go. This goes together with other choices of our clients like the crisp bacon and egg pies which are paired with Heinz ketchup - an easy to eat option for those on the run. Other breakfast option that are topping our bill include the three below:

  • Croque monsieur of honey glazed ham, béchamel, gruyere cheese and a fried egg with a tomato chilli jam
  • Corn fritters with crispy bacon, roasted roma tomatoes, smashed avocado, and sour cream
  • Mango smoothies with banana and acai

Now, try considering these in your options and give your breakfast meetings an instant boost. Or you may opt for other breakfast choices like themed breakfasts or ethnic breakfast dishes. And if you are enjoying this too much and you want breakfast menus any time of the day, brinner (breakfast dinner), can be an option too.

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