Ocean salmon terrine with aerated Girgar butter, Neufchatel cheese, dill, blue swimmer crab and nori


1kg x sliced smoked salmon
125gms x unsalted butter
1 x packet Nori sheets
250gms crab meat
125gms Neufchatel cheese or Philly cream cheese
1 x punnet micro coriander for garnish

Blend butter in food processor till whipped and easily spreadable set aside
Blend cheese in food processor till easily spreadable
Using terrine dish or high sided baking tray line with cling wrap and place a single layer of smoked salmon. Spread butter lightly over salmon place a single layer of nori over butter cutting it to ensure that full coverage of butter. Place another layer of salmon then spread lightly and evenly the cheese, rub ½ the crab evenly into this layer. Top with another layer of salmon cover with cling and press with heavy weight overnight.
To serve pop terrine out remove cling and slice use remaining crab to garnish plate and cut micro coriander to garnish as well

Apple Martini

Here is my apple martini recipe, make sure you use freshly pressed apple juice or else it wont come out green.

45ml vodka or gin
40ml freshly pressed apple juice
10ml lemon juice
10ml vanilla & cinnamon syrup*

Method: shake &strain
Glass: martini
Garnish: apple fan

Vanilla & Cinnamon Syrup 

2 vanilla pods
500g caster sugar
250ml water
2 cinnamon sticks

Scrape vanilla pods and break cinnamon sticks. make sugar syrup, then add remaining ingredients into a cryvac bag. Seal with pressure around 12-15 depending on volume inside each bag. If unsure seek the help of the Chef’s. Cook on medium heat for 1 hour, ensure there is a cloth on the bottom of the pot so the cryvac bag does not stick or burst. Allow to cool, then place in a covered container in refrigerator. Do not strain as flavours will intensify.