Trends: August 2013

Everything old is brand new again with classic familiar meats are making their big comeback! In fact, a really popular way of presenting these classic courses is through a delectable menu with several smaller courses to give a leaner, cleaner look, paired with wines appropriate for the course. We also welcome back to the table mini desserts and bite-sized canapés. 

Ethnic foods such as Dim Sum and East Indian are becoming more and more traditional, shifting from the fusion creations and are slowly incorporating themselves into trendy-themed catering. We're also seeing weddings menus with cross-culture inspirations on the rise, blending two types of cuisines featuring elements of two destinations with a spectacular effect. This has been so much fun for our team.

Long live the martini – it simply refuses to die! In fact, it even reinvented itself with different ingredients such as Champagne, Saki, flavored Vodkas, and a lot more. The mini-bottle of Champagne sipped with a straw is definitely still in, and better paired wines to suit the menu is definitely 'in vogue'. 

International beers are still on the menu with becks, stella, corona and heinekin continuing to please crowds time and time again.

We're holding out to see what irresistible blends summer has to offer in the cocktail department. Talk to us about pairing your menu with a signature cocktail for your event. We'd love to thrill your tastebuds.

Trend: Monochrome

Stemming from the world of high fashion and after coming out of a season where it’s all about colour we are soon to delve into a style of dramatic lines, geometric shapes and masculine angles in a colour palette of Black and White. Think lounges with piping and button detailing, geometric furniture and contrasting yet coordinating graphic patterns in stripes, check or zig zag. To soften the look we recommend adding a pop of colour with various accent pieces such as vases, storm shades or cushions or incorporating natural materials into the room in the way of side tables, natural rugs or organic lighting.

Source: Decorative Events 

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Trend: Should you eat while you negotiate?

There is a Harvard Business Review - Blog Network: Across cultures, dining together is a common part of the process of reaching negotiated agreements. In Russia and Japan, important business dealings are conducted almost exclusively while dining and drinking and in the U.S., many negotiations begin with "Let's do lunch." But are business deals actually improved when people discuss important matters over a meal?

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Trend: Mobile apps

With new event apps being created regularly these days, it has become survival of the fittest as far as technology is concerned. Only the smartest, most user-friendly, multifunction apps, such as ones that offer registration, post-event analytics etc. in one low-cost product will rise to the top of this crowded field.

Source: Forum Group Events 

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Trend: Tropical

Lately companies have been looking at tropical locations for VIP events and incentives. Not only has this been a trend for businesses but also for couples looking to have destination weddings too

Source: Forum Group Events 

Trend: Photobooth

If you want a sure-fire way for your guests of all ages to have fun and take away a momentum from your event, then hiring our photo booths is perfect for 2013! Great looking photo booths out for just about any type of event you are holding. Perfect for weddings, parties, corporate events, etc.

Source: Musiq Entertainment

Photo Trend

Trend: Conversation starters 

Finger food with innovative containers or serving utensils alway do the trick....some of our current canapes which include conversation starters include the Seared blackened Atlantic salmon cube or Deconstructed Lemon Pie Push-Pops. 

Food Stations have also become very strong conversation starters, all it takes is for the guests to be serve a paella by one of our chef or have a Western Australian Scampi being peeled right in front of you to make an event in 2013 super trendy!   

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