Sydney rock oysters in the shell topped with seaweed salad, salmon roe and champagne jelly


4 doz Sydney rock oysters
50gms Japanese seaweed salad
1 jar salmon roe
250mls champagne
50gms caster sugar
4 gelatine sheets
Rock salt to serve


 Place champagne and sugar in sauce pan and bring to the boil and dissolve sugar
At the same time place gelatine in cold water till soft, squeeze off excess water and whisk through champagne.
Pour mixture onto flat tray and refrigerate till set. When ready run a knife through the jelly to create a small dice. Should look like little diamonds
To serve place rock salt on platter placing oysters into it so as not to move. Top each oyster with small amount of seaweed salad, fish roe and champagne jelly


You can use the granita technique on the cocktail recipe and  instead of watermelon change it to use lemons. You could use lemon granita to use it instead of the champagne jelly and the seaweed. Yummy!  

Watermelon and Vodka granita with peach syrup


½ seedless watermelon
100mls vodka
6 ripe peaches

150gms caster sugar


Juice watermelon, stir in 100gms caster sugar and vodka. Pour into flat
bottomed container and freeze.
Take the seed from the peaches and with 4 cut into ¼s place in saucepan with
remaining sugar, on medium heat. Cook till sugar dissolves and fruit soft, place
fruit in blender and blitz. Now pass through fine sieve and reserve to fridge.
To serve using a table spoon, drag it across the frozen watermelon and place shaved

ice in presentation glass. Pour your peach liquid over.


Making granita ice can be done by following the below recipe which require a bit of labour when you begin shaving the icem however if you have access to a slurpee machine you can have fun as well and it becomes a lot easier..... : )