Working with Aunty Beryl from Yaama Dhiyaan

The Yaama Dhiyaan Training Centre specialises in training unemployed Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who want a career in the hospitality industry.

Laissez faire makes significant efforts to become a valuable member of the community. As part of our local strategy we have engaged for many years with Aunty Beryl and her team, not just by offering catering to our existing government and corporate clients,  with authentic touches of aboriginal inspired menus, by working in collaboration with the catering of Yaama Dhiyaan we offer their genuine inspirations within our full catering package to ensure the success and professional delivery. 

We have been providing apprenticeships to some of the local indigenous kids ready to have a go inside a professional kitchen and open our doors to offer full access to our training sessions to some of Yaama Dhiyaan trainees so they can experience for themselves what a real operation is like. 

We have several upcoming events where we will be working in collaboration with Aunty Beryl and her team and are very proud to be up skilling some of our local community members while encouraging the government and corporate clientele to experience authentic aboriginal menus in their events. 

Aboriginal Cooperation, Laissez-faire

Australian Technology Park

The Australian Technology Park Conference Centre is the most original conference and exhibition venue in Sydney. Its dynamic atmosphere is reflected in the living heritage precinct in which the centre’s state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff reside. The comprehensive and convenient surrounds include wireless electronic and video conferencing equipment, contemporary landscaped grounds, security, parking and the convenience of a location within 4km from Sydney’s CBD.

Purpose-built to attract discerning clients, the ATP Conference and Exhibition Centre has quickly gained a reputation for being a venue of distinction. Whether you are holding a conference, AGM, exhibition, gala event, award ceremony, product launch, video or press conference, you should visit the ATP Conference Centre for a guided tour of the facilities.

Sample Native Bushfood
Cocktail Menu

Rice paper rolls of Crisp Asian vegetables flavoured with lemon myrtle
Wattleseed spiralled poached chicken topped with lemon aspen dressing and micro coriander
Lemon myrtle ocean trout on blini topped with citrus crème fraiche
Blackened barrelled  topped tuna with akudjura scented remoulade daikon and black roe

Religieuse a la tomate (savoury choux puff filled with ricotta cheese, native finger lime glazed with tomato)
Sydney rock oysters in the shell topped with seaweed salad, salmon roe and lemon myrtle jelly

Drunken roo pies topped with mashed potatoes and mushy peas
Paper bark smoked salmon and aniseed myrtle arancini
Macadamia nut crusted chicken goujon with mango, coriander and chilli dips
Mountain pepper marinated lamb skewers with riberry confit dip
Warm tarts of alpine pepper scented ratatouille topped with crisp basil flakes 
Lemon myrtle, ginger and ricotta crispy bonbon with lemongrass coulis

Mini Pavlova with wattleseed cream and riberry compote
Lemon aspen curd tarts

Laissez-faire Catering