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Planning an event - Checklist

Begin the process by defining the type of event you are planning. Is it a sophisticated cocktail party, a formal sit-down dinner, a dinner-and-dancing extravaganza? Or is it something more homey—a casual sing-along. Or is it your office party or an open house for clients? Think of what you’d like to do and how many guests you anticipate; then, establish a realistic budget.

A good caterer can do more than supply good food: we can turn your living room into a fantasy dining experience for eight or eighty.
Follow this simple steps when planning your next event. 

1. Define the type of event you want to host; set a realistic budget for catering and other expenses.
2. Select a date, avoiding obvious conflicts.
3. Contact Laissez-faire ( to source venue availability, menus and tailored proposals (websites are helpful -
4. Schedule a tasting. Have us visit your premises. 
6. Make arrangements for dietary requirements such as vegetarian or kosher meals.
7. Address special family requests.
8. Ask for photographs of previous events the caterer has managed.
9. Iron out details such as linens, flowers and tableware.
10. Discuss service and staffing options.
11. Discuss how alcoholic drinks will be handled.
12. Thoroughly review the caterer’s estimate, identify any missing expenses, get a contract and know your cancellation clauses.

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