Is there an app for that?

Applications are already everywhere we look, on the Internet, on your mobile, tablet or any device for that matter. Specifically to our industry, we've seen digital menus, online ordering, group discount coupons, real time marketing, fan bases, blogs, image galleries, feedback forms, etc....

Laissez-faire is no stranger to any of this, we have in fact develop most of the above and we have an app under construction, which is planned to be launched in the coming months. WATCH THIS SPACE. 

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Fast food goes upscale

So we love burgers, adore pies and walk miles for a good fish & chips.  I ADMIT IT! we crave fast food but sometime we think is not so nice to eat it from the corner shop. Well if you are one of us, you are lucky because we can upscaling fastfood and bringing it to you in 2012. The options you love the most can be part of your corporate menu. 

This year Laissez-faire will offer a range of finger food and substantial options for your cocktail such as: 

- Tuna with wasabi mayonnaise burger
- Waygu beef with red onion jam.
- Arancini with preserved lemon and roasted capsicum
- Our new range of sustainable fish & chips.  

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Let's be social

"The more the world changes, the more we need to feel that we have roots, history and context; that the small things we do count for something. City dwellers, in particular, want the food and wine choices they make to help them feel part of a wider community; connecting to how food is grown, meat is raised, beer is brewed and fruit is turned into jam. We want to feel like parts of a whole, rather than mere users and consumers. And if that requires eating more bacon and drinking more craft beer, then damn it, we'll have to do it." 

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Food for the soul 

So what happen to the summer this year? Oh that's right climate change..... 

"The culinary aspiration of 2012 are to continue to be environmentally and socially conscious..."

Laissez-faire acknowledges the adverse impacts that human activity can impose when producing catering for events, therefore we have put systems into place to take effective action to reduce our footprint and sourcing the freshest, local and seasonal produce we can get our hand on. We invest and aspire to continue being a valuable member of our community. Some of our initiatives include i.e: waste management (partnering with organizations such as Oz Harvest), encouraging waste reduction (use of reusable cups), recycling and, where possible, composting by the separation of compostable catering waste. 

At Laissez-faire we are committed to sourcing the best single ingredients available at the right time from the right supplier, and maximise our purpose-build kitchens and team of chefs to best utilise each of those raw ingredients.
We work with premium and local seafood and beef suppliers, artisan cheese producers and quality local fruit and vegetable growers to develop inspiring, seasonal driven menus that will bring the best produce to your table.