The 15th National Steadfast Convention

Client: All Occasions Management; Steadfast 
Venue: Australian Technology Park, Sydney 
Date: 7th and 9th of April, 2013
Audience: 1700

All Occasions Management wanted create two different experiences at the same venue for the Broker group Steadfast. This was to be done though catering and entertainment.

Laissez faire was responsible for the following; menu and beverage design, table layout, colour of linen, centrepiece design and staff. On our first night we delivered a three course family style meal, lots of sharing of delicious food. We used rectangular tables and dressed the tables using white and natural colours. The second night was a complete change; we used oval tables, black linen and delivered an exclusive 3 course alternate serve gala dinner. Each night the wines matched the food served and on the first night we had staff wear all black and on the second night black and whites. 
We also created within the venue two very different entry points to match the style of evening ahead.

Ensuring all catering set ups met with tight turnarounds. Change room set up between dinners.

The event was a complete success. The client pointed out the lengths that we went into to create two very different evenings and how successfully it was delivered. 

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New South Wales Premier's Literary Award

Samantha Will SS 2013 Collection launch

Fashion Palette Spring 2013 

VMware Partner Exchange 2013

Council's awards dinner - circus style 


Joel Madden's Housewarming Party

Client: MCM Media, Vodafone   
Venue: Private home, Point Piper   
Date: 11TH of May 2013
Audience: 300

Work with MCM media and assist to create an amazing night that no one would forget. Good American style food and drinks …

All food and beverage, chef designed a menu to cater to just over 300 guest over 4 hours. Cocktails designed to meet Joel’s brief.

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The event was a complete success. Joel and all his house guest had an amazing time.

Videos and photos from 3 points of view: Clients, Photographer and Venue/Caterer