Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Legal Services was complete success

Client Brief

  • 300 Guests 
  • 3 course sit down dinner
  • VIP guests
  • Indigenous theme
  • Bump in from 8am   

Challenge: Venue booked until 12:00pm - bump in only from 12:15pm. (watch video

Venue: Australian Technology Park

Room: Dining Room (maximum capacity 450 guest sit down)

Menu: Laissez faire makes significant efforts to become a valuable member of the community. As part of our local strategy we have engaged for many years with Aunty Beryl and her team at The Yaama Dhiyaan Training Centre, which specialises in training unemployed Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who want a career in the hospitality industry.

This collaboration and expertise allows us to provide authentic touches of aboriginal inspired menus, offering genuine inspirations within our full catering package to ensure the success and professional delivery of any event of this nature. 

If you would like to see the menu selection on the night, please download it from here: ALS Menu 2012 

Testimonial from the client 

How would you rate your overall experience with Laissez-faire Catering: Outstanding

"...... particularly helpful in the lead-up of this event and was very happy to tailor the menu to meet the needs of our client - to have an indigenous influence. The entire team at Laissez-faire bent over backwards to make sure our client, and us, were looked after on the night. They went above and beyond to deliver an outstanding event and the food was to die for. Couldn't be happier and hope to work with you again soon." 


Begin the process by defining the type of event you are planning. Is it a sophisticated cocktail party, a formal sit-down dinner, a dinner-and-dancing extravaganza? Or is it something more homey—a casual sing-along. Or is it your office party or an open house for clients? Think of what you’d like to do and how many guests you anticipate; then, establish a realistic budget.

A good caterer can do more than supply good food: we can turn your living room into a fantasy dining experience for eight or eighty.
Follow this simple steps when planning your next event. 

1. Define the type of event you want to host; set a realistic budget for catering and other expenses.
2. Select a date, avoiding obvious conflicts.
3. Contact Laissez-faire (admin@laissez.com.au) to source venue availability, menus and tailored proposals (websites are helpful - www.laissez.com.au).
4. Schedule a tasting. Have us visit your premises. 
6. Make arrangements for dietary requirements such as vegetarian or kosher meals.
7. Address special family requests.
8. Ask for photographs of previous events the caterer has managed.
9. Iron out details such as linens, flowers and tableware.
10. Discuss service and staffing options.
11. Discuss how alcoholic drinks will be handled.
12. Thoroughly review the caterer’s estimate, identify any missing expenses, get a contract and know your cancellation clauses.

You can create your own menu by clicking here

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Recipe: Wattleseed panna cotta with confit riberry jelly


  • 10 ltr Cream
  • 60 each Gelatine Leaves
  • 0.1 kg Wattleseed
  • 2.3 kg Sugar Caster
  • 1 kg Riberries
  • 0.6 kg Flour plain
  • 16 eggs
  • 1 Butter knub
  • 0.6 kg Almond meal
  • 20 biscuits

Cooking Instructions: For panna cotta bring cream, wattleseed and 1kg caster sugar to the boil. Soak 40 sheets of gelatine in cold water, squeeze off excess water and whisk into hot cream, lightly spray dariole moulds with canola spray and pour mixture into them to the top place in fridge to set.

For riberry jelly dissolve 300gms caster sugar and riberries together soak 20 gelatine leaves, squeeze off excess water and dissolve in riberries set on flat tray in fridge.

For tuille whisk together 1kg caster sugar, vanilla sugar, 600gms sifted flour, 16 eggs and pinch of slat, blend in 240 gms melted butter and 600gms almond meal. On slipmats place mould and spread batter with pallet knife bake 4 mins at 200 degrees when they come whilst hot lay lrg round tube to cool when cool gently place tray till service.

Blitz up biscuits to fine powder and store till service. 

For plating pop out panna cotta place top of plate dice jelly finely sprinkle around the bottom third of plate, also sprinkle biscuit crumbs and gently place tuille in panna cotta. 

Serve!  and in doubt email: catering@laissez.com.au 

Menu recipe

Australian Technology Park

The Australian Technology Park Conference Centre is the most original conference and exhibition venue in Sydney. Its dynamic atmosphere is reflected in the living heritage precinct in which the centre’s state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff reside. The comprehensive and convenient surrounds include wireless electronic and video conferencing equipment, contemporary landscaped grounds, security, parking and the convenience of a location within 4km from Sydney’s CBD.

Purpose-built to attract discerning clients, the ATP Conference and Exhibition Centre has quickly gained a reputation for being a venue of distinction. Whether you are holding a conference, AGM, exhibition, gala event, award ceremony, product launch, video or press conference, you should visit the ATP Conference Centre for a guided tour of the facilities.