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Human Resources

Laissez-faire has an outstanding record in managing human resources with comprehensive policies in place. These include an employee manual and guidelines, training matrix and ongoing training support.

Employment and staff retention are managed by the operations managers who employ, train, skill up and retain staff.

Laissez-faire enjoys high staff retention rates - above industry average levels - and this is testament to the high levels of job satisfaction of the company’s employees.

We also pay slightly above market rates in order to attract the best team members and provide salary packages to our retail venue managers which include profit-sharing arrangements. This encourages managers to “take ownership” of the service or outlet.

Ongoing communication with staff is an integral part of our human resources policy and staff meetings are held weekly across the company to ensure that everything is on schedule, ranging from daily operational needs to special issues such as expected spikes in visitor number or special interest groups attending the venue. Staff allocations are also set in the weekly meeting, staff are booked and rosters produced.

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Laissez-faire Catering
Suite 8002, 2 Locomotive Street
Eveleigh NSW 2015, Australia
(02) 9209 4810
Fax: (02) 9209 4816

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