Wedding Trends: Sit Down Dining Vs Food Stations

Date Posted: 24/10/2018 6:00:00 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

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Wedding Trends: Sit Down Dining Vs Food Stations

We all know what a "traditional wedding" entails. Flowers, round tables, a  small dance floor, table settings, wine and a sit down 3 course meal.

While this sounds fantastic, it might not be for everyone. At Laissez-faire we are always meeting couples who just aren't sure about having a traditional wedding. We brainstorm ideas, come up with a menu and talk about different ways that menu can be served.

We also meet many couples who are sold on the traditional wedding idea straight away - which is fine!

No matter what option you go with, it's still your special day. You should feel comfortable whether you decide to stray away from the norm or stick to the traditional style of wedding we all know and love.

We don't have a preference - we just love weddings :)

Food Stations at a Wedding?

You heard right! Food stations are probably the most casual way to dine, but that doesn't mean they don't have a place at your wedding.

Food stations allow guests to get on their feet and mingle. It also provides the power of choice which we are finding is becoming very important in catering today.   Everyone has different tastes; why force them to sit down and eat a 3 course meal with ingredients they may not like? 

It's also good to keep in mind dietary restrictions and any allergies your guests may have. You don't want anyone going home sick because they ate something they weren't supposed to.   With food stations at your wedding you are allowing your friends and family to choose whatever they want. Importantly, they can avoid foods they don't like or are allergic to.

Picky eaters will find something they like and stick to it. More adventurous guests will go on a flavour journey, trying everything from each food station.   They can go back for seconds, thirds, fourths!

If you're after a more casual and relaxed environment for your wedding with ample choice and delightful decorations, food stations might be the way to go. But what kind of food stations would you have at your wedding? Here's some ideas.

Food Station Ideas for Your Wedding

  • The Classic Spread: cheese selection, cured meat shaved at the station,  olives,  bread, baguettes and crackers
  • Fruit & Nut Station: dried and fresh fruits, including grapes, apricots, strawberries,  figs,  banana chips,  nuts of all kinds
  • Healthy Station: smoked salmon slices to put on bread, lime and lemon to squeeze, carrot, cucumber and celery sticks, hummus,  crab dip,  beautifully ripe cherry tomatoes, pickles
  • Substantial Station: bread rolls, butter to spread, oysters for the adventurous
  • Grazing Station: selection of  breads, oils and  dukkah for dipping
  • Carving Station: flame roasted chicken, pork, duck carved at the station, wraps, hoisin and other sauces and healthy greens

If that sounds good to you then it's time to seriously consider food stations for your wedding!

Don't forget each food station should be stocked with plenty of plates, bowls, napkins and cutlery, as well as utensils to pick up food from the station.

 Sit Down Dining is Still an Option

On the other hand, sit down dining brings its own benefits and charm to a wedding.

This is what we think of when we imagine a traditional wedding. Friends and family have an assigned table (they are welcome to move around if they wish), the menu has been tailored for the wedding and  everything is by design.

While we love food stations for a wedding, we also think sit down dining is pretty spectacular.

One of the key benefits this style has over food stations is that your catering team (us) has almost no limits on creativity and taste. We design a bespoke menu catering to all kinds of taste buds  and we indulge in seasonal flavours and cutting edge catering trends to serve dishes your friends and family have never seen before. This can be hard to achieve with a food station, where the goal is simplicity and  offering something that will please everyone.

If you want your guests to experience not only your special day, but also a culinary experience they'll never forget, then a sit down dining experience is what you want for your wedding.


Laissez-faire  Catering   have access to Sydney's  most  fabulous venues and can provide you with superb wedding catering service   - whether it's for    sit down or food station dining .  Call us on  (02) 9209 4810 for more info.