Date Posted: 19/08/2011 12:00:00 AM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering



City 2 Surf is over and it was a long day for us.....we catered for 3 marquees and sponsored the Children's Hospital. While the rain and weather detracted some runners and there was too much food, we did our best to reduce the waste and we are very happy to share the email we just received from the council: 

" Thank you for all your hard work to recycle at City to Surf. 

Waste report from the marquee skips: 

5 tonnes of general waste went land fill 
2.08 tonnes of paper was recycled!!! 
2.56 tonnes of plastic and glass was recycled!!! 
1.5 tonnes of food was collected by OzHarvest which was delivered to 3 large agencies in Sydney feeding approximately 500 – 600!!!!! 

This means that you guys stopped 6+ tonnes of waste going to land fill, not only that you feed a lot of hungry people!