Vikings - Beyond the legend - Exhibition Opened on the 19th of September

Date Posted: 20/09/2013 3:46:16 PM
Posted By: Ian-Michael Farkas

Last night we had the Grand opening of the Vikings - Beyond the legend exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum. With over 500 VIP guests the museum put on a show with dozens of people dressed in authentic Viking costumes recreating a traditional medieval battle to launch the new exhibition.

Dont miss it! and when you come stop by the Yots Cafe to try our special Viking Menu. 

More info below on this link about the exhibition: Vikings - Beyond the Legend

Hundreds of treasures reveal how they really lived.

Warriors, invaders and plunderers or explorers, traders and farmers? Beyond the myths and legends, what do we really know about the people we call Vikings?

The fascinating world of Vikings is revealed in the international blockbuster Vikings - Beyond the legend - open for a limited season.

This must-see exhibition draws on recent archaeological discoveries and nearly 500 rare artefacts to shed new light on the Viking way of life while challenging stereotypes of Vikings as ferocious, plundering pagans in horned helmets.

Many of the artefacts have never been seen in Australia such as the oldest known Scandinavian crucifix, finely crafted bronze and silver jewellery, exquisite gold and silver pendants, small statuettes of Norse gods, and Viking swords dating from 700-1100AD.

Visitors can also see an eight metre replica of the Viking boat Krampmacken, and step on board the Jorgen Jorgenson - a newly restored reconstruction of the late 9th century Gokstad ship