Three Top Tips for a Fantastic Party in Sydney

Date Posted: 22/02/2019 7:00:00 AM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

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I’ve been to lots and lots of parties. Upwards of 100 a year for twenty or more years. And I reckon these three things are the difference between a good party and a smashing one to remember!

I know there is the catering and the grog (Leave that to us!) and the invitations and everything else that goes on, but these three things I have noticed over and over again.

Turn the lights down...

We’re not at the shops. The aim of the game is to have relaxed guests in an intimate setting regardless of the size of your party. Dimmed lighting allows your guests to let their hair out and not feel like a rabbits trapped in the headlights. People feel sexier and are more likely to dance in dimmed lighting. Lower the lights, turn on your lamps or use everyone’s favourite beauty makeover – candles.

Using Candles in Private Party

Add some spin...

The hands down easiest thing you can do to help you organize and execute a rocking party is using a theme. Whilst elaborate themes are great fun, simple inspiration like a colour, glitter or something significant to you really helps give your planning some focus. A theme ties together your decisions on decorations, food, drink and outfits. Ultimately the party starts way before the event.

Party Theme

Play some tunes…

Six Pink songs in a row is not a playlist! You might love her, I might even like her, but there is an art to making a playlist. It is one of the first things to start when planning, not one of the last. And you’ll need two lists – one for the beginning of the party as people arrive and whilst they are eating, and one to get your dance floor rolling. Start by collecting songs on Spotify or iTunes or whatever you’re going to use. Whenever you hear a song that you love or know is great dance floor hit, add it to the list (shazam is great for this). Once you start it gets easier and easier, and as your list grows you’ll be able to sort the songs into ‘get the party started’ and ‘rock out the dance floor’. 


And one last thing...

RELAX! I know it’s easier said than done, but your people are coming to celebrate with you, not torture you. They love you and are excited to be invited. It can be stressful being in the spotlight, so I suggest spreading the load. We love awesome parties and would love to help.

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We have loads of ideas that will compliment yours a bunch of wonderful professionals that will serve the most amazing cocktails and delicious food and will even take the rubbish out at the end of the night.