In-Store Company Events

Date Posted: 1/11/2016 3:22:44 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Easy & Fun Catering For Retailers

Creating a positive work environment, thanking key sponsors, and bringing together customers are all very good reasons to host a catered event in-store. Retailers can easily and effectively create a catered event that makes people feel appreciated and thankful to be in business with you. When choosing a catering company and planning the event, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure it is a true success.

Marquee Dinner

Establish a Goal for the Event

Prior to booking catering services or establishing a menu, determine what the event’s goals are first. You may wish to:

  • Thank customers, employees, partners, or management
  • Reward staff for key accomplishments
  • Inspire and motivate customers to embrace your brand
  • Launch a service or product
  • Improve company morale.

Once you have an idea of what your goals are, you can create a menu and catered event around it.


Every element of your event should convey your very specific message. For example, to boost employee morale after a long day, a menu of fun foods can inspire and show appreciation. If you wish to reward key players, creating a luxurious sit-down meal with fine dining may be more appropriate.

Creating an Effective Menu

A catering company will work closely with you to create a menu appropriate for your guests and goals.

Some key areas to consider include:

  • Set a budget first. Plan your menu around your budget.
  • Offer foods most people will appreciate. While you do not have to cater to everyone’s tastes, you should offer options that fit most people’s ways of eating (vegetarian, vegan) and allergen concerns.
  • Offer alcoholic beverages if appropriate. Additionally, ensure visitors have access to transport to find their way home without concern after alcoholic consumption.
  • Consider a VIP pre-event. This event can offer specific individuals more attention and recognise their efforts with a select menu.
  • Presentation matters. Creating an elaborate, well-organised event with beautifully decorated tables, carefully placed napkins and fine china can really impress those in attendance to a formal event.
  • Add a “wow” factor. This may include a signature drink, a special dish to honour your guests or a company logo added to decorations.
  • Offer something unexpected whenever possible. Work with your catering company, for example, to create a menu with fun foods your guests may not normally get or create an “energy station” with a table full of candy and childhood favourites.

Laissez Faire BBQ set up

When selecting a catering company for such events, pay attention to their suggestions for your special evening or corporate luncheon. Whether you plan to host an in-store promotion or simply a team building exercise for your staff, you’ll want to ensure the catering company has the tools, resources, and the creativity to make this event truly unique and memorable for all who are in attendance.

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