How Catering is Changing

Date Posted: 5/03/2019 11:05:29 PM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

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The world of catering and food is constantly evolving and adapting in a variety of dramatic and exciting ways. 2019 brings with it some surprising new trends, which can be used to make your next event truly stand out. Here are a few of the trends that we've found most interesting, both in food itself and in the presentation of it. 

Use Unique and Inspired Plating Techniques

From sauces on painter's palettes to literal buckets of fresh treats, plating techniques are becoming whimsical and dramatic. Rather than using traditional plates and platters, you can think about the types of plating that would best match your cuisine.

If you're going for a luxe look, consider marble slabs. If you're trying to make your event reminiscent of a tropical getaway, serve appetizers in seashells. You can get truly creative about your presentation depending on the theme you're using for your event. With food, presentation is often just as important as the actual ingredients. 

Pair Savory Foods With Fresh, Bright Flavors

2019 is all about mixing comforting standards with bright pops of flavor, such as adding a zest of citrus to a creamy pasta, or pairing fresh fruits with dark, bitter chocolates. For added effect, seasonal produce and more exotic flavors can be used, differentiating foods season by season.

Farm-to-table remains exceptionally popular, which both continually refreshes menus while supporting the local community. If you want to explore new flavors for your next catering event, consider checking with your caterer regarding the items that are presently available in your area.

Create Complete Tablescapes  Rather Than Place Settings

  Rather than thinking of each meal or course as something individual, instead consider the entire service as a single entity. Creative tablescapes  bring together meals, especially when they're shared plates like charcuterie. You can dress up the entire table in an organic, themed design, to really make every element of the service pull together. 

When you create a complete tablescape  rather than individual place settings, you can create larger, more dramatic staging. Not only do you free yourself to be more creative, but you also create something that's an interactive, whole table experience for your guests.

Add Shared Dining to the Menu

Family-style, shared dining platters are intimate, exciting, and fun. And they don't have to be relegated to wine-and-cheese plates. Shared appetizers and even main courses van encourage people to interact with each other, especially at friendly, social events. Not only does this provide some entertainment for them, but they can discuss as well as enjoy the food.

Small plate, tapas experiences are perfect for shared dining. Everyone can enjoy a little bit of everything, rather than having to commit to a single meal. This also means they'll experience more of the delicious food options... and they're more likely to find something they like, if they have a picky palette.

Get  Into the Materials When Building Your Design

Wood, marble, slate, and other brilliant materials  can be used to make a meal really pop. Using different materials for utensils, platters, and plates is a great way to offset the design of your food and really elevate it to another level. Unique types of material are a topic of discussion, and can draw your guest's eye to the decor.

Apart from that, different materials really impart different experiences when it comes to food. Wooden serving boards are often paired with cheese, meats, and earthy flavors, letting everyone take their food from a communal platter. Meanwhile, cold marble is often used to accent desserts, ice creams, and other cold foods, as they keep the food chilled. 

Put  an Emphasis on the Sweet

Finally, every meal should have a sweet surprise at the end. Classic desserts are coming back, but with modern plating and techniques. The last course of the meal is absolutely going to be the thing that they remember most. And since not everyone likes sweets, some more savory desserts can be tested out.

Dessert platters and chocolate plates are becoming an interesting and often discussed replacement for wine and cheese plates. An assortment of chocolates gives everyone the option of choosing the type of chocolate they like most. Pair it with a lovely chocolate fondue and you'll have a menu that is as delicious and fulfilling as it is interactive.

At Laissez-faire Catering, we're not only at the forefront of these trends—we're creating new ones all the time.  Laissez-faire Catering, based in Alexandria Sydney, is right in the middle of it all: events, food, experiences. If you're looking for a caterer in Sydney dedicated to trying new things, bringing that WOW factor, and introducing your taste buds to something new, give us a call about your next event:  (02) 9209 4810.