Heart Warming And Comforting Recipes For The Cold Months

Date Posted: 23/05/2018 4:31:43 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Winter is coming… in Australia that is. What better way to spend it than to have heartwarming comfort food and drinks that you can cook whenever you feel like it or serve to your family and friends for a quick get together.

Below are some of the best winter recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus warm drinks that will taste like a lovely warm hug from a big teddy bear.

The recipes that we have gathered are from different food sites that are known to provide easy to prepare and cook recipes for all. Enjoy!

Winter Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast doesn’t always have to be eggs, bacon, bagels, cereal or coffee. The recipes below are great for waking you up in the cold winter months.

Cheesy Potato Casserole by Culinary Hill

Cheesy Potato Casserole

This potluck dish can be prepared in minutes. Potatoes are very versatile and this dish is perfect for breakfast or brunch.

Quiche With Leeks, Thyme and Goat Cheese by Evergreen Kitchen

The recipe name may be a mouthful, but quiche works well with different types of sides. You can have it as a breakfast with juice, coffee, bacon, eggs, potato wedges or salad.

Banana Nut Oatmeal by Girl Gone Gourmet

One of the easiest, most nutritious, tasty and filling breakfast that you can have to power and energize you during the winter months.

Garlicky Oats with Masala Fried Eggs by My Food Story

Another tasty oatmeal breakfast recipe for you. Oatmeal breakfasts don’t have to be boring and with this recipe, it will surely bring oatmeal to a new level. Spices and fried egg, oatmeal. It’s a breakfast of champions.

Easy Spiced Hot Fruit Bake by Cotter Crunch

An energizing fruits bake breakfast that can be served hot or cold. You can so top this spiced fruit bake to your waffles and pancakes.

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls with Salted caramel Glaze by Fit Mitten Kitchen

Nothing beats the smell of a freshly-baked batch of cinnamon rolls wafting in the morning air. This recipe is also made healthier by using whole flour, coconut oil and coconut sugar. And instead of a cream cheese glaze, it’s highlighted by a salted caramel glaze that will add deliciousness to this recipe.

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Winter Lunch Recipes

These recipes can be served during brunch or lunch with friends or to an office lunch potluck. Lunch doesn’t have to be cafeteria fare only or some microwave nuke ‘em grocery bought food. Have some tasty lunch by trying out these recipes.

Italian Meatball Minestrone Soup by The Cozy Apron

Italian Meatball Minestrone Soup

Soups and stews are perfect during the cold months. It’s hearty, warm and delicious that can be paired with some crusty garlic bread or creamy mashed potatoes plus red wine to wash it all down.

Mushroom Barley Soup By Alisa Cooks

This is a simple winter comfort food perfect for vegetarians if you use vegetable stock or go for the regular recipe and enjoy eating it on a cold lunch day. It’s a light lunch that can make full for the day and be hungry enough before a hearty dinner at home.

Shrimp Summer Roles with Peanut Hoisin Sauce by Skinny Taste

This Vietnamese-inspired spring roll is light and fresh. If you’ve been gone to many Vietnamese restaurants, you will be familiar with this recipe and can pair with a bowl of pho or the soup recipes mentioned above. The tricky part here is how you wrap everything using the rice paper wrap, but once you get the hang of it, everything will be a breeze.

Creamed Spinach With fried Cheese Curds by Food and Wine

A decadent spinach dish that you can eat as it is or pair it with some meat. The fried cheese curds are the crown of this dish and who doesn’t love cheese curds?

Winter Dinner Recipes

After the day’s activities, either work or at school, it’s always nice to go home and eat a hearty home cooked dinner that will fill you up with happiness and content.

Chicken Marsala by The Food Network

Chicken Marsala

A chicken recipe by celebrity chef Tyler Florence with mushrooms and prosciutto.

Chicken with Brussel Sprouts and Apple Cider Sauce by Food Network

Another simple and delicious roast chicken recipe using chicken breast and with apple cider sauce that will add another level of flavor to the dish.

Asian Marinated Pork Chops by Food Network

A recipe by food presenter Melissa D’Arabian having a different twist to the good ol’ pork chops. Pan roasted chops with orange glaze can be cooked and served in a few minutes.

Braised Short Rib and Sweet Potato Chili by Delish

Nobody can say no to a hot bowl of chili. Instead of using ground beef or pork, tender short ribs will give it body and flavor. You can top it with cheddar cheese, cilantro or sour cream. The sweet potatoes and jalapeno will round up this hearty meal.

Beef Stew with Winter Vegetables by Martha Stewart

A hearty beef stew is a winter food staple and comfort food. This recipe can be prepared during weekend since it takes 4 total hours for it to be perfectly cooked. Still, no can argue and dismiss a good beef stew over the table.

Winter Dessert Recipes

After a hearty and warm dinner, definitely, you still have some space for dessert. We all need it.

Maple-Walnut Apple Cobbler by Midwest Living

Apples, cinnamon, crunchy walnuts and sweet maple syrup. You can also top it with a scoop of ice cream to make it even better. Who could say no to this?

Caramel Pecan Skillet Brownie by Midwest Living

An iron skillet is a versatile cooking appliance. You can fry and bake with it and make a delicious brownie dessert with it. It’s a rich, moist and gooey dessert that everyone will love.

Chocolate and Olive Oil Fig Cakes by the Food Network

Chocolate is love. Period. This chocolate cake can be served in just 45 minutes.

Affogato by the Food Network

Affogato - Food Network

This is an Italian classic which can make up awake for longer conversations after dinner. The ice cream and espresso combination will hug your mouth with love and affection.

Chocolate Mason Jars by the Food Network

A recipe by TV food presenter Damaris Phillips and her version of a pot de crème. Who would have thought that you could use mayonnaise in a chocolate dessert, but it works perfectly. Dark chocolate and coffee….nice.

Enjoy and winter months with good food and love for your friends and family. Enjoy and share the recipes.