Have You Found The Right Venue For Your December Christmas Party?

Date Posted: 13/06/2018 1:57:07 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Although December is still half a year away, if you’re a personal assistant working in any Sydney company or office, your boss may have already asked you to work out plans for the company Christmas Party.

If your boss has asked you to manage the event as early as today, you’re in luck because you have so much time to prepare and iron things out before the event!

One of the most important things that you need to do is find the best venue for your company Christmas party. There are many event venues in Sydney that you could consider. Before you choose a venue, consider the following:

1. Get The Employees’ Feedback

This is one sure way of choosing the right venue for your party. Ask them through email or a poll or survey what kind of venue they’d prefer. Have a few venues in mind and come up with some words to describe each of them and what kind of event would be held there. This will make it easy for employees to say “this one sounds great!”

Ask them about any past venues they’ve been to for work functions that have been a blast. Ask them what they like or dislike about a Christmas party venue. You will get a general idea of how you will plan your Christmas party, how to promote it and get the best venue that people will be excited to arrive at.

2. The Theme and The Venue Should Match

RedHill EducationChristmas Party 20162 

Will you be having a theme at your Christmas party, and will there be a dress code for the venue? Will the venue provide the catering services or will you prefer to choose your own caterer? Will there be enough parking for everyone? If not, is it easy to get to the venue via public transport?

Everything should be ironed out with the venue including the little details just to prevent any misunderstanding before and during the event. Themes are mostly perfect for small parties in small or averaged-sized venues because they add value and excitement, but don’t let this stop you from being creative if the chosen venue is large enough for a grand idea. The important thing here is that everyone should have fun and the event should be one to remember.

3. Budget

The venue will depend on how much budget you will get or what you can ask from your higher ups. Once you have gotten all the feedback of your office mates, and have chosen one top venue, present all the information to your boss and get their approval. A large chunk of the budget will go the venue, food and drinks so have everything presented to get the budget right.

4. Make The Reservations

Once everything has been approved, book your venue and your caterer as early as possible. The earlier the better because you will be able to choose the day and time for the event. Christmas is a busy time, and that’s why we’re giving you all of this info now! Get to it!

Planning everything now means you won’t feel rushed or stressed.

Below are some of our favourite Christmas party venues in Sydney:

State Library of New South Wales

State Library of New South Wales 

Features the historic Mitchell Building and the modern features of the Macquarie Street building, the State Library of New South Wales can accommodate formal and casual Christmas parties for your company. It can accommodate up to 200 guests in the Dixson room.

The building is situated between the Royal Botanic Gardens and Parliament House on Macquarie Street. The closest train stations are Martin Place and St James. Circular Quay is only a short walk away. The Sydney Explorer bus stops outside the Library on Macquarie Street.

This is a great venue if you want to be in the thick of it in Sydney and treat the employees to a fancy night in the city. It’ll be impossible to forget this venue!

Roundhouse at UNSW

Roundhouse at UNSW 

Another fine venue for a Christmas party. The Roundhouse has been a venue of choice for concerts for many years and has now undergone extensive changes to deliver top notch venue services.

If you’re looking for something more casual than the State Library, this might be your venue.

The venue can accommodate up to 2,200 guests with 14 function rooms to choose from. The Roundhouse offers cutting edge audio-visual systems, a modular stage and a flown PA system if you decide to have a live band playing at your party. If you get employee feedback saying live music really makes a corporate event fun, Roundhouse is the one!

Harbour 220

Harbour 220 

If everyone in the office is sick of being surrounded by office buildings every day, Harbour 220 will provide stunning views of Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Botanical Gardens. It has 3 function rooms that can accommodate up to 150 guests and is available for night events; perfect for a Christmas party night out with cocktails and canapes.

Harbor 220 is located on the 15th floor of the Hudson Building on Macquarie Street. Hire a photographer for the night because you won’t want anyone to forget these views.

The Cell Block at The National Art School

The Cell Block at The National Art School 

The Cell Block is an old prison block that was renovated into a dramatic theatrical venue, perfect for something different and interesting. The wooden floors and stone walls keeps the simplicity of the space while keeping its history intact, thus making it a unique venue for a Sydney Christmas party.

Make things more modern with a DJ in one corner and serve cocktails and food while dancing and mingling with your office mates and other guests in the middle of the space. Cell Block can house up to 300 guests and is located in Darlinghurst.

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