Food Trends: 2017 Weddings

Date Posted: 16/02/2017 3:56:00 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Wedding Food Trends in 2017, as Predicted by the Experts (us!)

Food is always a big part of any wedding, and this is what our brides want:

1. Seasonal Food

 Seasonal food, served family-style. As we all know, people are much more conscious about what they’re eating these days, so serving a good range of food (seasonal sides, salads, meats, crispy potatoes…) on big platters allow people to customise what ends up on their plate. It’s also a very social way to share and enjoy food.

2. Farm-to-table

Farm-to-table isn’t just the biggest trend in restaurants right now; it’s also the hottest thing in weddings. Nowadays, brides aren’t just asking for organic greens – they are asking for the exact farm that their greens came from. We are working with local farms to create the best menu and experience for the new-age bride.

3. Fancy Comfort Foods 

Who doesn’t love a delicious burger or some French fries? It doesn’t mean that you have to risk your wedding becoming more of a party than an elegant affair. Couples are loving comfort foods that are presented in innovative and elegant ways.

4. Bread and Butter

A selection of breads and flavored butters. We all love homemade butter and fresh-from-the-oven loaves of bread. This adds a special touch to any event.


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