EOFY Planning Guide

Date Posted: 10/03/2016 3:19:25 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Guide to EOFY Party Planning for Event Coordinators

End of financial year (EOFY) celebrations are a great way to offer a huge thank you to your shareholders and your staff. And what better way to show gratitude than organising an enjoyable event where everyone can celebrate the achievements of the company?


As an event coordinator, there are several things that you should focus on to make your guests happy and ensure the EOFY party is a memorable event. During the planning stages, it’s important to take into account:

  • Jovial and exciting atmosphere
  • Delicious drinks
  • Tasty morsels of food
  • Celebratory music or entertainment

These factors will make for an amazing celebration of the many professional accomplishments your company has achieved in the financial year.

EOFY Event Planning: a Guide for Event Coordinators



            Key elements:

  • Start early - You will save  money
  • Find a venue -  You won't miss out on your  preferred choice
  • Choose your style -  This will help determine budget
  • Engage with the team -  Ensure everyone is on board and happy



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    Some of our  top featured venues could be perfect for your EOFY event:


    1. Plan and book ahead

    Booking a venue is one of the most important yet challenging aspects of an event coordinator’s job. Chances are, other companies are also starting to think about planning their EOFY events. If you leave the booking too late you’ll be fighting with other companies for your preferred date and venue. Don’t let it come to this! The best day to plan and book everything is right now. Decide on the date and find the venue. Once you’ve done that you can figure out the other details.

    2. Determine the budget

    Everything will depend on the budget. However, don’t let the budget affect the fun. You can still manage to keep it memorable and creative by choosing the right providers and booking early.

    3. Attend to details

    This includes the entertainment, menu, the flow of the program and the party theme. The details will make your guests feel like the event has been thought out and planned so they can have a good time. Make them feel special and your event feedback will be off the charts.

    4. Invite guests

    Send out your invites (digital is the  way to go) and have your guests look forward to the event!

    Choosing your menu


    Your menu should depend on the event theme and the type of event. Popular choices include sit down dinner, buffet and cocktail. It would also depend on the type of atmosphere you want for the whole event.

    Food and drinks may not be the highlight of the night but it certainly make or break the whole event. You don’t want guests going home hungry and unsatisfied. This makes food a vital part of the event organising with menu planning being one aspect that can occupy a huge chunk of your time.

    No matter what, make it fun!

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    Despite the fact that an EOFY event will be work-driven, don’t make it all about work! Give employees and their managers something to celebrate. It’s a day to talk business while having fun. At the end of the day, they’ll go home looking forward to next year’s EOFY event designed by a great event coordinator.

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