End of Financial Year Catering: Four Ways to WOW

Date Posted: 6/05/2019 12:54:23 PM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

EOFY Sydney Catering

At Laissez-faire Catering, many event planners, executive assistants and organisations, whether large or small, come to us for their end of the financial year (EOFY) party. Many are seeking solutions and advice to help make this event seamless. You can make your event successful with the professional help of our corporate caterers. We will help you truly reflect what your company's culture is while providing a memorable event where you can relax assured everything is taken care of. 

Your options are plentiful, but in this blog piece we have tried to show you four different ways that you can make your event fit your company's needs through different ideas of serving your employees. We have some of the finest venues open to our company or we can host in-house.

Mingle and Graze: Food and Beverage Stations

Our food and beverage stations work great for large or small venues. If you want to keep things light and fun with no formal seating, this option works great. You can make each station compact or make a large display around the venue depending on the space. Don't be afraid to mix and match, too. This option is not as steeped in tradition as some options because it is meant to be fun and allow your guests freedom to mingle. This keeps the gathering lively and spontaneous no matter what time of day you decide to throw your EOFY party. 

You can get as creative as you want with these. If you want to try some of our signature cocktails, we can set up a station for that. We also offer specialty wines and beers. If you prefer to go non-alcoholic for your event, we have options that will satisfy your crowd, as well. Food options are boundless. You might want a dessert table, seafood table, breakfast table, BBQ table, loaded hot dogs, or even a donut station. Choose any combination of these. Talk to us, so we can help you create the perfect vision for your party. 

Let the Party Come to You: Cocktails and Canapes

This is another option where you can mingle and enjoy yourself with the whole crowd. Whatever activities you decide to do, our impeccable and friendly servers will be there to serve you food and beverage options to fit your theme or company's culture. Cocktails and canapes offers samples of some of our greatest foods that really pack a lot of flavour into one bite. 

We have a few different ways that we can offer the canapes. You may just want to have our servers walk around serving you light finger foods while you enjoy signature cocktails and beverages. Or you can choose from a more substantial canape menu that has a rice bowl included so that none of your guests walk away hungry. Some companies choose to go with a canape-style appetizer menu and then have a seated dinner. 

We offer stunning canapes. Here are just a few examples of some of our most popular canapes:

Cold Canapes

  • Peking duck pancakes served with hoison sauce and scallions
  • Vegetarian rice paper rolls (Nahm Jim), bonus is that it is vegan and gluten-free
  • Sesame seed tuna, soy ginger broth and wasabi aioli

Warm Canapes

  • Lamb shoulder croquettes, sumac, chervil, and black garlic (another great gluten-free canape option, too)
  • Wagu beef, carmelised onions, tomato, lettuce served on a milk bun
  • Tea-smoked chicken skewers, spiced popcorn crumb, and chipotle aioli
  • Loaded baby baked potato, sour cream, crispy bacon and paprika dust

We have only just begun to show you the multitude of canapes that we would love to introduce to you!

Sitdown Shared Banquet: Eat a Gourmet Meal in a Relaxed Family-like Environment

Your guests will sit down at the table while we present large dishes that are meant to be passed around the table as desired. This is a very popular option for clients that want to have an intimate sit down dinner and get to know each other a little better. We serve all options with sourdough rolls and fresh butter or olive oil. You can choose between items that include canapes, appetisers, main entrees, sides, and desserts. After everyone is sated, we will finish the night with our fine chocolates and sustainable coffees or fine teas. 

The Full Experience: Sit Down Courses

With the sit down course option, everyone has their own individual meal with main course and dessert as the base option and you can build your menu from there. Laissez-faire is known for delivering seasonal, local NSW menu that is easily one of the best catering options in Sydney. With our sit down courses, you have a lot of choices. We even have add-ons of palette cleansers, cheese plates, nespresso bar and highlighted shared plates for everyone at the table. Be sure to check out our latest winter menu! 

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We can't wait to help you at your next EOFY party. We have a multitude of options which will ensure that your event will be unique and memorable to your company. For a limited time, we are offering an EOFY special that can be found here