Easy Wedding Catering Ideas

Date Posted: 25/05/2017 2:17:30 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Casual Wedding Catering

Weddings may stay the same, but catering trends are always changing. Shared banquets and platters are becoming more popular at our events compared to serving one or two main dishes to guests at their tables. This casual dinner trend is also perfect for corporate events.

Sharing Plates and Platters

Large sharing plates and platters have been the trend lately. Especially at a wedding reception, the hosts want to make the night a celebration of food as well as a marriage.

Sharing big platters provides guests a gastronomic experience - it allows them to taste a range of food choices in small amounts rather than the usual two-dish servings. This way, everyone can cater to their own tastes and try some new things!

For weddings, the idea of sharing platters may benefit you in the following ways: It makes your function feel relaxed. Menus can provide a great conversation starter. It gives you time to really enjoy the food with family and friends. Guests can remain seated the entire meal, perfect for a venue that does not hold extra space.


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Making your shared platter event successful

Aside from the value of the event itself, the food choices and food presentation matter. The secret lies in choosing and designing a platter with the right food and right flavour that will work well for your event.

What to include:

  • Add protein items but spice up with adventurous dipping sauces.
  • Try themed platters.
  • Include hand-held and easy to eat appetizers.
  • Include options for those who are vegetarians or have a gluten free diet.
  • Go local - include local produce and flavours in the menu.



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Aside from this, you can ask your caterer for the best possible shared platter menus that can be served for the event you have in mind.

Grazing Stations

Moving on, the next trend in casual dinners is grazing stations. Grazing stations are usually set up in a room where guests are convening before the proper dinner begins. What is usually served is a variety of snacks, nibbles and drinks.

One can opt to include light bites from breads, dips, cheeses to deli meats. Grazing stations can balance cuisines that represents the culture of the wedding families or an organisation. This is a hit at any event since it mirrors the wonderful diversity of Sydney.

Prior to the main event, grazing stations can provide an engaging way for guests to start the party. It can also help entertain guests in case some delays are happening. Plus grazing stations are flexible. You can include a few of your choices as well as incorporate recommendations from your caterer.



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Options for grazing stations

You can easily go casual or gourmet with grazing stations.

Here are some ideas:

  • Champagne and oyster bar.
  • Donut deli.
  • Charcuterie.
  • Mexican (taco, quesadillas, nachos).
  • Asian (sushi and sashimi).
  • Fruits.
  • Italian (antipasto).
  • Sweet treats.

And many others. Grazing stations let you get really creative.



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Now, the point of events is not only to provide the best food there is. The social side of gatherings is now put into focus. So make sure that you provide the best food and provide the best experience for your guests too.