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Date Posted: 7/11/2016 1:40:54 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

8 Top Tips for a Successful Business Breakfast Event

It’s no secret that Australians love a good breakfast. In fact, Australian breakfast food is world famous. From the vegemite obsession to Melbourne’s world’s best croissant, Aussies love for the first meal of the day runs deep.

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Breakfast events are good for conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops or any event that can fit within that pre-work time slot when you want people to be fresh and ready to learn or digest anything that will be presented in the event.

 Business events held over breakfast work well for 2 important reasons:

  • Attendees are more likely to RSVP as they will not feel like you are interrupting their routine or taking them away from their personal time.
  • Studies suggest that early mornings are when the majority of people are most productive and alert.

In fact, most business events work pretty well over breakfast and events that include motivational speakers, business coaching or leadership training work well over the breakfast time slot.

But making the most of this opportunity will take some effective planning. You have to consider that not everyone is a morning person so making the most of your guest’s time is your goal.

Below are some very helpful tips to make your business breakfast event successful.

Serve Great Coffee

This is essential as some people will not function without a great cup of coffee. Making sure there is great coffee available upon arrival and throughout the event is a must. Coffee service doesn’t need to be available as soon as they walk in the door; let guests settle in first and mingle. When it is time for coffee, make sure the service is quick and do not skimp on quality. Coffee drinkers tend to know their stuff, so weak and tasteless coffee will not be tolerated. Make sure you also have a steaming hot selection of teas available for those who aren’t coffee people.


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A Balanced Breakfast is a Must

Your guests are more than likely to be hungry when they arrive so make sure to serve a balanced breakfast to kick-start their day. Food served on platters or a selection of grab-and-go items on arrival is a good idea to satisfy your hungry guests before the event starts. Pastries, muffins, yogurt pots, granola bars, fruit platters, muesli and a good selection of fresh fruit and smoothies are some of the great examples you can consider.

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Once your guests are seated and settled, a plated breakfast is usually recommended to be served on the table. The event can be started and the guest can be served discreetly without any interruption or hassle. A buffet breakfast would only be suitable if you have lots of time, otherwise it can take too long and can break people’s concentration during a speech or presentation.

Start the Day on a Positive Note

Your guest got out of bed early to attend your event, so make it worth their time. Your MCs and motivational speakers should be energetic, your presentations should be inspirational, trainings and workshops should be upbeat. People want to start their day on a positive note.

Provide an Easy and Relaxed Opportunity for Networking

Breakfast networking can done during the event or after, and it’s much more relaxed than networking at a big industry function with cocktails. Guests can mingle about the venue or office space with their coffee in hand, talking to colleagues, new faces or event guests.

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To facilitate networking, collect business cards from your guests and ask them if they want someone to meet. You can assign some staff members to arrange the introductions after the event. Your guests might meet someone they will do business with in the future.

Goodie Bags

No one will say no to a good goodie bag. Your guests are more likely go straight to the office after the breakfast event, so a nice gift or a giveaway will likely be brought to their desk and be a nice reminder of your event or brand.

Finish on Time

2 hours in the morning before work is more than enough time to have a successful business breakfast meeting or training event. Food shouldn’t be left out for too long, and you don’t want to distract guests from getting to work on time.

Use some of these tips when planning your business breakfast event and it will surely be a breakfast to remember.

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