A Case for Vegan Catering in Sydney

Date Posted: 12/02/2020 10:00:00 AM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering



Vegan catering is becoming more in-demand than ever before, and when it comes to catering Sydney is where it's at. With all the corporate events and other large gatherings taking place there, organising something and making sure people are fed well and ethically during that time can be a real challenge. But catering for corporate events doesn't have to be this way. It's possible to provide great Sydney catering at the corporate level and still choose a vegan menu. Veganism is a growing market in Australia, and the demand for food that is sustainable and ethically sourced gets bigger every day.

Venues and companies should both be allowing for vegan options in their catering demands. Whether they want to have a complete Sydney corporate catering event that is vegan, or only want to provide a dish or two to choose from, making these ethical changes is important. Vegan foods don't require as much land for production, and that means a lower level of deforestation in countries where land is used for agriculture. Choosing vegan options reduces the demand for cash crops, too, helping more impoverished communities grow what they need to survive. In short, it's easier on the planet as a whole.

Vegan Options are Planet-Saving (and Money-Saving) Options

It really is possible to have great-tasting food and still protect the planet. When you choose vegan options for catering Sydney events, you help the planet by reducing CO2, using less water, and relying less on transportation that can contribute to pollution. In many cases, vegan dishes also cost less than those that contain meat, so you can save on your Sydney corporate catering needs and still have an excellent and flavourful menu. Whether you're considering a sit-down dinner or you want something much more buffet-style, there are excellent ways to make vegan food the right choice.

Flavourful and Elegant Vegan Dishes are Plentiful

If you're worried about a lack of meat in your dishes, you don't need to let that concern you. At Laissez-faire Catering Sydney, we can make your vegan dishes exciting and high-quality. Catering for corporate events is easier and healthier when you use plant-based choices. Your guests might not even notice there isn't any meat, because everything tastes so good. For people with mixed dietary needs, vegan options are also good choices. Those who are sensitive to dairy, for example, can enjoy everything at the table without fear that they may end up ill.

More Non-Vegans are Choosing Vegan Foods

Whether it's a concern about the ethical treatment of the animals, a desire to shed weight, worries about the impact of red meat on long-term health, or other considerations, more people who aren't actually vegan as a lifestyle are choosing plant-based and vegan food options. There are dietary, religious, ethical, and many other types of implications for those who choose vegan foods, and accommodating those people when catering for corporate events shows an interest in allowing people to be themselves and valuing their choices.

Consider also the scenario of catering for a group. If one or a few are vegan, than the whole group will likely veto any venue that does not accommodate for vegan diets. Searching for menus with vegan options is thus a sure way to accommodate for a range of dietary needs when it comes to corporate event catering.

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