Machine Hall Precinct

Machine Hall Precinct: Sydney’s spectacular new cultural home, purpose-built as a stage for the future of arts and innovation.

Steeped in over a century of historical significance, we are proud to offer Machine Hall Precinct as your next, premier destination venue in Sydney. 

Including four distinct spaces; Machine Hall, Clarence Vault, Third Space and Fusebox, this new venue offers a unique opportunity for a diverse range of events. A premium and adaptable space featuring a carefully-preserved industrial heritage aesthetic, 1,000 square metres, 12.5m ceilings, a wraparound mezzanine, a commercial kitchen, and flexible production capabilities. 

Whether it be a large-scale event or a boutique occasion, Machine Hall Precinct can accommodate to whatever suits your incomparable event.

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Machine Hall Precinct


Location Cocktail  Seated
Machine Hall 400  240
Clarence Vault 120 N/A
Third Space  100 N/A
Fusebox  N/A 8


Machine Hall Precinct

183 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia