Why Choose Food Platters For Your Next Event or Party?

Date Posted: 7/05/2018 12:28:34 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Fancy dinner parties are quite an experience but they can quickly get too pricey. For your next party, why not plan a cozy and relaxed atmosphere that you can really enjoy with your bosses and co-workers or friends and family without the hassle of preparing a fancy dinner. For a more casual experience that still offers amazing food, why not opt for a food platter event.

Food platters are easy to set up at any venue and the best part is they offer so much variety. Guests will have more time to mingle, it’ll be easy for them to pick up any food they enjoy and the clean-up after the party is a breeze.


One practical advantage of opting for a party platter is offering a bit of everything and not just one big dish. Having a food platter is also a great way for people to talk and bond over delicious food. You can immediately offer some bubbly, sangria jugs, beer and other cocktails that can pair with the different artisanal cheeses, delicious cold cuts, fruits and other mixed plate affairs that you have served.

Depending on the theme of your next corporate event, you can have multiple food platters strategically placed around the venue.

Below are some tips you can consider to have the best food platter for your next corporate or private event.

#1 Quality Is A Must

Your caterer will take care of sourcing the food for your platters. Laissez-faire catering ensures the produce we use is farm fresh, sustainable and in season for the best possible taste. Your guests will appreciate the fresh taste!


#2 Colours Attract

A colourful food platter can entice people to check out what is being served and try every bit of what is on the platter. This goes especially well if there are kids included in the event. Food platters should be a visual and gastronomical treat.


#3 Balance

For a more visual treat, there should be symmetry when serving food platters. For example Groups of three types of cheeses, three types of fruits, three types of meats and so on. Balance is another key to a visual food treat. Also keep the food choices bite-sized. Guests can try a little bit of everything and will not be too full.


#4 Cheese and Meat

Cheese and meat should be the centerpiece of your food platters. Some of our favourite cheeses to serve on a platter include:

  • Brie
  • Camembert
  • Blue cheese
  • Goat cheese
  • Edam
  • Smoked cheese
  • Cheddar.

For sliced meats, we recommend:

  • Chorizo
  • Prosciutto
  • Pancetta
  • Ham.

If hot food will be served, it’s better to have these served separately from the chilled food items.


Below are some examples of food platters that we can serve at your next corporate or private party:

  1. AUSTRALIAN CHEESE PLATTER - Selection of soft and hard cheeses served with quince, fresh & dried fruits, nuts, crispbreads
  2. SUSHI PLATE - California rolls, inside out rolls, sashimi salmon, soy, wasabi and pickled ginger
  3. SPANISH TASTING PLATE - Chorizo, roasted peppers, garlic mushrooms, polenta chips with sea salt, Jamon, tomato rubbed bruschetta
  4. RICE PAPER ROLLS - Selection with nuoc cham dipping sauces
  5. MIXED DIPS PLATE - Assorted dips, crisp pita chips and vegetable crudités
  6. CHARCUTERIE PLATE - Cured and roasted meats, cornichons, olives, chutneys and focaccia
  7. PEKING DUCK - Pancakes, with hoi sin and shallots
  8. VEGETARIAN ANTIPASTI - Grilled vegetables, feta, mushrooms, artichokes and crusty baguettes.

For more information on planning your platter menu for your next party or event,   contact the expert chefs at Laissez-faire.

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