Organising the Greatest End of Financial Year Celebration: Our Top Tips

Date Posted: 11/04/2019 8:45:08 AM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

How does your organisation celebrate its End of Financial Year? An EOFY celebration is the perfect time to treat your staff, celebrate their milestones and keep them motivated. It's important that an EOFY remain on target and not to dry, while making it clear that the employees are the focus. At Laissez-Faire Catering, we understand the need to make your corporate events spectacular and memorable. Here are some tips for making it a party you can truly celebrate.

Take It Out of the Office

Most employees don't want to celebrate financial goals in the same place that they met those financial goals. Book a spectacular venue and you'll be on your way to a spectacular party. Some of the best venues at the moment are the Urban Winery Sydney and The Venue Alexandria, but at Laissez-faire Catering we're constantly exploring the best options for our customers

Consider matching your catering to your office culture. If you have an active, outdoorsy office, consider an outdoor park or other scenic venue. If you have a high class, sophisticated office, it may be time to visit a lounge or contemporary restaurant. Booking a venue cuts down on the amount of decoration and planning you need to do on your own.

Create a Bespoke Canape and Drinks Menu

It's the food that most people are going to remember. You can take to the Laissez-faire Catering team about creating a bespoke canape and drinks menu, focused on celebrating your team and its accomplishments. Canapes are a great solution for EOFY celebrations, because they let employees get a little of everything rather than focusing on a few large meals. Canapes allow employees time to socialise and celebrate while also snacking in between.

Drinks are also a large part of the celebration, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, and they shouldn't be forgotten! A good cocktail can be a memorable event in and of itself, especially if it's done with style. 


Choose a Unique Theme for Your EOFY Party

A unique theme is beneficial for nearly every corporate celebration, because it gives you a fun and entertaining starting point. A theme will guide you while you make decisions about food and drink, while also informing your decoration and color decisions. Further, a theme gives employees something to expect and get excited for: they can even consider dressing up to a theme.

For an EOFY party, you can consider something fun and frivolous (to ease any stress and tension) or something sophisticated and dashing (to celebrate financial success). Choose a theme that aligns well with the values and the mission statement of your company culture, and you'll make it easier for your employees to look forward to the celebration. 

Balance Your Celebration and Your Socialisation

An EOFY event often needs to give out awards, discuss company milestones and tackle the future of the company. But between these important, critical events, it's also important to let employees relax and socialise. An EOFY should have some brief speeches, awards and other events, while also having entertainment and leisure activities available.

It's important to give employees free time, so they can talk, eat and drink. If employees don't have this time, it'll just feel like another company-focused seminar, rather than a real reward and celebration. At the same time, taking some time to acknowledge individual employees, give out awards and celebrate the company's success will show the employees that they are valued. 

Combine It With Some Time Off

The end of the financial year is often a stressful time, with many departments struggling to meet milestones or wrapping things up. It can be a good idea to balance an EOFY celebration with time off: schedule it just before a long weekend, or schedule it as part of a larger corporate retreat. That means employees are already going to be in a great mood, and they're either going to be looking forward to their time off or already enjoying it.

Larger, corporate retreats also give you the chance to integrate your EOFY celebration with a specific, company-building venue, and team-building exercises. If your company has a strong, focused culture and you want to build upon it, a corporate retreat can be a good way to do so. In a corporate retreat, you can control all the elements of your EOFY celebration, while making it part of a bigger journey.

Laissez-faire Catering's Exclusive EOFY Offer

Working with a caterer can help you bring your EOFY celebration from concept to creation.   From organising your venue to creating a complete catering menu, we'll be able to create an event to remember.

We currently have an EOFY exclusive offer. If you are planning an EOFY event, we'd love to help.   Contact Laissez-faire Catering today  to find out more about our bespoke catering options.