Farm to Table: Sustainable and Seasonal Wedding Catering

Date Posted: 27/06/2018 9:03:55 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

As you begin the process of planning your wedding, you have quite a few things to consider with catering options in Sydney. It can be a bit overwhelming, but Laissez-faire Catering is here to support you in this journey. We've been doing this for over 20 years, and know how to cater a wedding without any hangups. We also know that times are changing regarding what people expect at their wedding reception. How you cater your wedding is a personal statement. Laissez-faire can help you create a wedding that does not seem over-indulgent or too expensive all while keeping your event current with the season and sustainable.


In fact, Laissez-faire has their own seal of approval called Foodified™. When you see our Foodified™ Seal of Approval, you can expect fresh, local and seasonal food. At Laissez-faire, we believe that fresh, local, and seasonal food should also be affordable.

Can Your Wedding Budget Support a Farm to Table Theme?

We believe that the answer is, "Of course!" Don't let a wedding caterer ever tell you that you are going to go over your budget if you want a sustainable and seasonal wedding. It's a fallacy that this should cost you more when you have chosen a menu that includes local and seasonal fruits, vegetables, meat and cheeses. These things don't have to be synonymous with expensive. By catering your wedding menu to what is available locally and seasonally, you should have a more affordable wedding budget.


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Laissez-faire has found that working with our Foodified™ system, you actually save money on ingredients. Sydney has a wide array of fruits that grow in our climate. If you are having a winter wedding, we would help you choose ingredients that are available locally in Sydney.

For example, winter in Sydney means that you will find citrus fruits widely available maybe even some pears and persimmons. We would choose to work with these items instead of something like apricots, peaches, or melons which tend to be summer fruits. If you have something like apricots on your menu during a winter wedding, they will need to be imported from another region. This makes your menu both more expensive and not sustainable or farm to table. We have found that by going with fresh local ingredients, we are also able to create an ambient menu that naturally compliments the time of the year and the wedding that you have planned at an affordable price.

Sustainable Food Service Means Affordable Food Service

Your caterer should be able to tailor a seasonal wedding menu using local and fresh ingredients and save you money because you aren't trying to buy fruits and other ingredients that are out of season. Wedding trends in Sydney no longer point to over-indulgent and too expensive. We find that more of a minimalist approach is what is popular in today's weddings. Using our locally grown fruits and vegetables, we can create various food stations at your reception that bring simple elegance to your wedding and also make your colors pop even more. Bonus: your wedding pictures will be gorgeous!

Pair Your Farm to Table Menu with a Farm to Table Theme


Farm to table catering brings to mind rustic and artisan decor. Picture stained wood tables and chairs with lots of plants and flowers at every table. Tie these elements together with a pop up bar and rustic lighting. You have now created a very beautiful yet simple aesthetic that won't easily be forgotten. Your wedding guests will love seeing the local faire at your wedding. Expect to have very many instagrammable moments in addition to any planned photography that you may have.

Contact Experts in Farm to Table Wedding Catering

At Laissez-faire, we have worked on creating sustainable and local menus for decades. We can provide several examples of menus that we have done in the past. From there, you can customize your wedding menu to your needs. We have also serviced some of the most memorable venues in Sydney for wedding receptions and can help you plan for an event at one of these spaces. If you have something else in mind, we will be able to provide a menu and ambiance that matches your chosen location. We have over 20 years of experience in making wedding packages customized to fit your needs.

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