6 Tech Trends for your next Corporate Event

Date Posted: 17/05/2016 9:15:33 AM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Outstanding Tech Ideas for your next Corporate Event

Technology is behind the running of businesses across many industries today. Unfortunately technology is often underused in the events industry. If you’re someone who doesn’t utilise tech so well, this post is for you. Here’s 6 tech trends that will make your next corporate event, meeting or cocktail event instagrammable and worth remembering.


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#1 Venue Hunting

Venue hunting was digitised a long time ago. But some more recent apps filter these venues by city, price, capacity and other considerations.

You can also find the perfect venue by asking your caterer! Check out some of our eye-catching venues here.


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#2 Social Ambassadors

If you want to start some social interaction and increase the number of viewers on your site, get a social ambassador. Social media presence equals exposure, brand recognition and advertising.

Remember the campaign needs to be before, during and after the event. Show the purpose of the event as well as the fun side of it all and don’t forget some behind-the-scenes photos. What better way to get people talking about your event than posting mouth-watering food photos?


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#3 Live Streaming

Live streaming is in. Twitter has Periscope while Facebook has their new live video feature. Update your fans and followers with what’s happening as it happens. This would work well for corporate meetings announcing a new product release. Viewers will feel like they are part of the event and it’s a great way to stay relevant in the overcrowded social world. 

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#4 Event Apps

Event planning apps can compliment your own event planning style if used correctly. These apps make it easy to record what you need, when you need it, budget and time management. After the event it can also act as an evaluation of every aspect of your event.

Feedback is also made easier with the use of apps. Remember when event organisers used to hand out printed evaluation surveys? Event planning apps make this process convenient and more enjoyable.

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#5 iBeacon

iBeacon is a new Apple technology (although we’re not here to promote Apple) that is expected to trend this year. In the events industry, this technology is one easy way to connect a roomful of people. One of its major benefit is its networking capabilities. Attendees can easily foster new business connections with other guests.


#6 Digital Souvenirs

Although guests appreciate a physical souvenir and really awesome gift bags from time to time, a good way to stay up-to-date in event planning and technology is to use digital souvenirs. It’s trendy, new and it frees up some time during planning.

You can give out online coupons or set up a discount code which guests can use at your store of choice. This means less clutter, an environmentally friendly gift and less budget spent on party favours.

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What other tech trends have influenced your event planning? Will you use any of these ideas at your next corporate event? Leave us know!

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