Fire Up Your Next Corporate Event With These 9 Party Theme Ideas

Date Posted: 29/05/2018 10:53:16 AM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

Corporate events have always been a part of business. Events build solid relationships between clients and employees. It’s also a time to “roll up the sleeves”, have fun and party the night away. 

There are some parties that you may have attended that really tanked, and you don’t want to have that mistake if you’re organising one. Follow our tips and gone are the days of boring corporate parties!

If you want to truly show your appreciation for your clients, employees and colleagues, you have to make your event as memorable and as fun as possible by having these 3 elements:

  1. Delicious and exciting food
  2. Top notch service 
  3. A fitting venue

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 And to spice things up further, add an awesome party theme to make sure your guest will have a great time and not think about work for a few hours. 

Below are some great party theme ideas that you can use in your next corporate event.

1. Masquerade

This is one of the most famous party themes for many parties and corporate events. You can wear your best tuxedo and flowy, fancy dresses for the night while sporting an elegant mask that adds mystery and excitement. Convert the venue into a grand masquerade ball with royal drapes, elegant lighting and classy table arrangements. A masquerade party theme is a fun and classy take on parties, just make sure that it fits the purpose of your event.

2. Whisky and Wood Theme

Whisky, rustic decor and live music = party! Invite live bands to perform at a venue with gorgeous wooden pillars and other rustic decor, provide a good sound system, set ip wooden tables, use wine barrels as chairs, set up a bar with the best drinks and chow you can offer and dance and sing the night away. This is one night to remember!

3. Aviation Theme

“I feel the need… the need for speed!” as Maverick said in the movie “Top Gun”. You can have an aviation theme and dress up as commercial or fighter pilots. Dress up as any character in Top Gun, and experimental pilot, a flight stewardess and party in a hangar-like venue to make it feel more authentic. If there are planes or helicopters parked in the hangar, it’s an added bonus and will make more authentic! If a hangar is not possible, look for a venue that recreates an aviation atmosphere. Cue Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone”.

4. Acrobat Theme

If you want some heart-stopping excitement, you can have an acrobat theme for your next corporate party. Think of Cirque Du Soleil with some aerial hoop performers and acrobats providing a grand show while guest look on with awe at the same time while sipping their favorite cocktail and having some great canapes.

5. Party and DJs

Party and DJs 

If your next corporate event is more of a social gathering than a formal corporate meeting, have a DJ party theme. Your clients and employees can dance the night away with heart thumping beats provided by your guest DJs. Party lights, party drinks, party food and a party atmosphere will surely be a hit. 

6. Spanish Theme


A Spanish theme is always a relaxing atmosphere centered on good food, sangrias and good bottles of wine. You can ask your caterer to serve some Spanish tapas and other Spanish treats that can entice their taste buds. Complete the atmosphere with some flamenco music and flamenco dancers for entertainment while your guest socialize and enjoy the hot and perfectly cooked paella and tapas. 

7. Barbecue Theme

Who would say no to a barbecue? This is an all-time favorite and will never go out of style. A barbecue theme will remind you of weekends with your family and friends having a barby at your backyard or at the beach. Nothing beats the smell of grilled goodies wafting in the air and  a relaxed atmosphere with cold beers, sodas, juices and cocktails in hand while enjoying some great music in the background. 

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8. Seafood Theme


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Just like a barbecue theme, this is one relaxed and fun party to have. You can have it at the beach or a venue overlooking the sea. You can also opt for a river cruise while enjoying the sights and being served with the best seafood dishes and having cold tropical drinks. 

9. Workshop Theme

A tough and brooding atmosphere that offers a rustic and industrial setting is a good corporate theme if your next company event goes in line with this theme. Use dimmed and warm lights to provide a cozy and charming atmosphere.  

These 9 top corporate party themes will be perfect for your next event. Choose the right caterer and party planner to make things as smooth as possible. 

Theme Ideas for your next Corporate Party

Date Posted: 26/07/2017 3:26:47 PM
Posted By: Tara Connolly

Corporate Party Theme Ideas for 2017

Whether it’s an end-of-year celebration for your company, getting together at the office to celebrate a milestone or a newly confirmed deal, it’s important to acknowledge the efforts of all company members and employees with an exclusive corporate event.

Let your team enjoy the perks of the job by organising an incredible event they’ll never forget.

Company event organisers are always looking for new ways to get guests interested in attending company events. At Laissez-faire, we think there’s no better way than to have a themed corporate party! We’ve put together a few tips to help you organise your next corporate party.

Choose a theme

This is going to be the most creative part of the process - choosing a theme for your corporate party!  In the past, Laissez-faire has had the honour of catering for some amazing themed parties: 007, Masquerade, Circus, Rustic/Workshop, and more!

Check out our Instagram account to see some more images from these events.

Check out these other great theme ideas:

Movie or TV show theme - asks guests to choose their favourite movie/TV show from a survey list, or their favourite recent release. Whichever has the most votes is your corporate party theme! This is a great type of theme to work with because you will be able to check out the original source material when making props, designing the decor and directing the overall atmosphere of the event. Guests should be encouraged to dress up according to the movie or TV show for some great photo ops!

Music theme - choose a genre and base your theme around this! Guests can dress up as the artists of that genre or just enjoy a perfectly tailored playlist. If it’s rock, consider a live band with cocktails and a light show. If it’s pop, consider a DJ and a dancefloor with canapes galore and flashy decor.

Era theme - This one is a definite crowd-pleaser. Choose a fashionable era (the 20s, 60s, 70s, etc) and design the decor around that. Guests can dress up in costumes from that era and dance to the music. This is a great opportunity to go all out! Your catering team could also be dressed up while they serve your guests delicious canapes and drinks from the era.



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Choose a venue to suit the theme

You could set up the party in your company offices if the guest list isn’t large, however, this doesn’t feel very special. The process of getting ready for a company party, going to a dedicated venue space where your employees have never been before, is kind of magical and will really make them feel special.

If you’re having a movie/TV themed party, lay down a red carpet at the entrance to the venue. If your theme is rustic/chic find an open venue like an old barn or stable house to really compete the atmosphere. If you’re having a nautical themed event, consider the Australian National Maritime Museum, or something else near the water with a beautiful view of ships.

Finding the perfect venue for your theme will take some research and shopping around, so start early and stay organised!



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Serve a menu inspired by your theme

A theme brings together all aspects of an event, and it’s no different for food. This can be hard to do, and you might find it difficult to create an entire menu based on your theme. We suggest a few key aspects that guests will know and recognise as part of the overall theme of the event.

For example, a 007 themed event could feature a signature martini cocktail handed to the guests as they walk into the venue. This will make them feel engaged in the event as soon as they walk in the door! Similarly, you could create a signature canape spread to fit your theme. A nautical themed party could serve delicious sashimi canapes.



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Take photos to remember!

Encourage your guests to post images from the event on their social media channels using a specific hashtag. You could feature the hashtag on a sign as guests enter the venue. If the theme is rustic and chic, use a chalkboard and get someone with swirly handwriting to write your special tag on the board.

This is a great way to get your guests involved in the event and to ensure they have fond memories of the night later on. Print the best photos and display them somewhere in the office where everyone can pass by and point out the funny memories.

We hope these tips will help you organise your next corporate party. It will be one to remember!


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