Corporate Events in Sydney: How to find a venue and a caterer

Date Posted: 11/06/2019 6:00:00 AM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

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What is an event without the right venue and caterer? In many cases, your venue and caterer will go hand-in-hand: they need to be able to work well together. Here are some tips for finding a caterer and a venue for your next corporate event.

Should You Find a Caterer or a Venue First?

Unless you're interested in a specific type of venue, it's better to find a caterer first. Many caterers have a list of venues that they prefer. Caterers need specific setups to be able to perform their best, and they'll know which venue is best-suited to their work. A Sydney caterer will have experience with Sydney venues, as well, and be able to tell you whether your corporate event would be better in a specific location.

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How can you find catering options in Sydney?

  • Word-of-mouth. Asking around can help you find a caterer that your colleagues have had good experiences with. Many people remember particularly memorable food and service, especially at larger events.
  • Online reviews and presence. Online reviews and social media can direct you to the caterers in your area. Search for caterers that have posted food and services that look good for your event.
  • Venues themselves. If there is a specific venue that you're interested in, you can always ask them who they often use for catering. They'll be used to using this vendor, and will be knowledgeable about their general capabilities.
  • Once you've found a caterer, you can begin actually planning your event. Often, a caterer will help you plan out many aspects of the event, and will be able to advise you on their needs from you as well.

Of course, once you've connected to caterers in your area, you can interview with them and get quotes from them to find out whether they're right for your next corporate event.

Looking for Corporate Event Venues in Sydney

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If you're looking for a corporate event venue on your own, you can look online first. As with caterers, you can look through online reviews to determine whether their reputation is good. 

Google Map search will help you find venues that are near your office, but you still need to check the ratings of the venue to make sure they're up to your standards. Pages on social media will also host reviews, telling you what you can expect from the venue — and, of course, you should always do a walkthrough first.

Before choosing a venue, consider:

  • The type of event you're having. Do you need a sitting, dining, or standing room? Are you looking for a more formal or casual atmosphere?
  • The amount of people coming. Make sure you know exactly how many individuals are arriving, and make sure that you leave some wiggle room.
  • Whether you can host it in-office. If it suits your event, your caterer may be able to help you host your event in-office, to save on money.

Once you've chosen both a venue and a caterer, you will begin working with them to determine the theme and the design of your new corporate event. Your venue and caterer will help you shape this event, because they'll tell you what their capabilities are, and what they advise. 

General Tips for Finding a Caterer or Venue in Sydney

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There are a few questions in particular that you should ask when you're interviewing a caterer or a venue:

  • How long have you been in business? The longer a caterer or venue has been in business, the more competent and experienced they will be. A caterer who has been in business for a long time is likely to be able to adapt very easily to new situations, and will be more capable if unexpected events occur.
  • Have you done this type of event before? Some caterers or venues specialise in specific types of events. Some do mostly corporate events, others do mostly private events. Make sure that you find a caterer and venue that has completed a significant amount of corporate projects before.
  • Do you have a portfolio of your work? A portfolio will be an excellent way to determine whether the caterer or the venue produces the food and services that you're interested in. 
  • Can you give me a quote for this event? Often, you may want to get a quote from several vendors. But don't just go with the cheapest one: you'll need to investigate what you're getting for the cost.
  • Where do you source your food from? Today, many people are looking for caterers that have sustainable, green food sourcing methods. Fresher, local foods are often more impressive.

When answered, these questions will give you more of an insight into whether a caterer or venue is right for you.  Need help finding the right venue for your next corporate event?  Laissez-faire Catering can help - contact us today for expert advise.