5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Special

Date Posted: 26/06/2018 11:01:10 PM
Posted By: Roselen Fernandez

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Everyone wants to be remembered for their stellar wedding reception and at Laissez-faire Catering, we agree - and then we set the bar higher than that. The small details really are what makes a wedding reception go from average to extraordinary. With over 20 years providing catering services in Sydney, we know what the current trends are that will make your event stand out and keep your wedding remembered in a timeless manner. Keep reading to find out what we have identified as the key five factors that make a modern wedding reception be remembered for all time.

Multiple Food Stations at Your Reception


Food stations add a whole new element to a wedding reception. The guests don't have to wait to be served at a table. They feel encouraged to get up and move around. You can also avoid the long wait in a line of one station that is basically a buffet style of serving. Food stations offer several visual points throughout the reception area and plenty of opportunity for your guests to mingle with each other. Not to mention that an elegant food station can be the key to starting off a great conversation among the guests.

Food stations offer your guests plenty of options to snack on whatever they feel like, as well as luscious visuals that really make the wedding reception pop with beautiful colors, flavors, and scents. Your guests will feel more like moving around instead of staying seated in one spot all night.

Our chef's team will make sure that your food choices are not only delicious but also look like works of art. Each food station is carefully thought out with everything from the best farm to table options to a beautiful display of seasonal foods to set the mood. Here are a few examples of food stations that we've done in the past.

  • Cognac and Chocolate
  • Cheese, Meat and Seasonal Fruit
  • Carving station of your choice of meats accompanied with Southern sides like a smoky pimento cheese
  • Crudites bars
  • Charcuteries

There is no limit to our imagination and we are happy to help you create the ideal food stations for your wedding theme. The food station itself can offer some of the most beautiful centerpieces and points of conversation. Your wedding reception can be a place where family and friends make lifetime friendships just by adding a few different food stations!

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Popup Bar


Depending on your theme, this could include a full bar or a simple tea and coffee station. What we really like about the pop up bar station is that it allows you to present your ambiance and theme in a unique way. By adding lighting, plants and simple decor themes, you can tie the whole reception together with your theme at a pop up bar.

Reinvent the Canape Table


A canape table reinvented with garnishes from our talented garde mangers will give you an opportunity to highlight your wine or champagne offering with seasonal fruits and veggies. The really wonderful thing about sticking to seasonal fruits and veggies is not just the ambiance, but it helps you with your wedding budget, too. Technically, this would be another great option for a food station, but it also allows you to gracefully show off new culinary delights in traditional way.

Decor is Everything!


By taking the time to put a little extra flair and drama into things like food stations, pop up bars, and canape tables, you create several focal points that are great opportunities for photos of the wedding guests. You can tie your color themes into the whole area. Your guests will feel like they are all an important part to the wedding party when the decor ties the entire room together with several visual points for them to mingle or be drawn together.

Audio Visual Gear

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Audio visual gear is one of the most commonly overlooked elements by the wedding guests, but when you don't have it, everyone will notice. Do you plan on having videos playing, music, people making speeches? You'll need lighting and gear to make sure everyone can hear or see your speaker or videos. Most venues will have this available to your wedding reception, but it is important to make sure that you plan on it. No one wants to have a speech being talked over because some of the wedding guests didn't hear that the speech or the video start playing.

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