The Bar That Jack Built

Date Posted: 30/09/2014 9:07:00 PM
Posted By: Craig B

Jack Daniels Birthday 

The brief was simple…Southern style cooking showcasing the Jack Daniels range of whiskeys and we did just that!

The event was to celebrate Jack Daniel’s birthday. Since there is no record of JD’s actual date of birth, we were celebrating the whole fabulous month of September!

The event celebrated the world’s first crowd sourced bar, built entirely by JD’s Australian friends in return for a bottle of Jack and an invite to the party. 

The event wasn’t for the feint-hearted, with a Tennessee Fix cocktail in one hand and a Cajun Dog in the other, it was all about giving back to the fans. 

The Bar that Jack Built was the centrepiece in the newly re-opened Blacksmith Workshop at the ATP a fitting partner for this event. 

Our chefs had a chance to experiment with flavours and ingredients to truly compliment the JD on show.  

See the Jack Daniel’s infused menu below:

Pulled pork sliders, with coleslaw and a Smokey Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce
Southern Fried Chicken with a side of sweet potato mash and ranch dip
Texan braised beef pies
Whisky and honey glazed ham rolls with a spiced apple chutney
Read bean empanada with Jack Daniel’s and chipotle aioli 
Cheesy bacon potato skins
Cajun Dog – mini hot dog with Texas steak chilli, smokey cheddar, Jalapenos
Chilli lime corn cobs

Resident mixologist was in his element blending, shaking and garnishing his way through the JD Approved cocktails:

Lynchburg Lemonade – showcasing JD Old No.7 with triple sec and lemon served shaken
Tennessee Fix – with JD Old No. 7 and apple shaken with spiced honey and apple syrup
Jack’s Mule – JD Tennessee Honey with lime, ginger beer and mint
Velvet Elvis – exhibiting Gentleman Jack with chamboard and lemon

This event brought to us by Red Agency 

The ATP captured the event well in their Jack Daniels Birthday Flickr photo stream.

Laissez-faire Welcome's George P. Johnson PEX

Date Posted: 2/05/2013 8:24:17 AM
Posted By: Ian-Michael Farkas

Partner Exchange 2013 at the Australian Technology Park produced by no other than George P. Johnson and caterer by Laissez-faire Catering. 

We are expecting some 700 delegates to attend this event and stay tuned for our post event wrap up. 



Two Gala Dinners with 1,400 guests each with just one day apart

Date Posted: 10/04/2013 3:44:11 PM
Posted By: Ian-Michael Farkas

Melbourne Cup @ ATP

Date Posted: 6/11/2012 2:46:38 PM
Posted By: Laissez-faire Catering

Melbourne Cup, Catering, food

Melbourne Cup, Food, Catering, ATP

Melbourne Cup, ATP, Food, Catering